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  1. Actually, from my testing. It only brings up the names of those who are members/officers. It doesn't show non-members/officers on the list, which is a bit of a pain, because if you got a griefer in the phase, how are you gonna find their name? Unless you do /who, but meh.
  2. 1.5 has been released! This one has focused on adding: Storm Tarecgosa models, alongside Storm Ysera models. Each for their respective Storm color. Also comes with lil' Tarecgosa colors as well! Winged Dragonspawns - Red, Bronze, Green have been added. Alongside a Bronze Female Dragonspawn (which was never made into an NPC, yet appeared in the game files). Netherwing models have received an armored version of themselves! Comes with an array of Corrupted/Non-corrupted Ysera and Tarecgosa models each with varying colors of the Netherwing flight. (Veridian, azure, purple, orcish, violet and onyx). Few Albino models have also been added. Alexstrasza alibno, Nozdormu albino (with armor). Darker colors for Blue Nozdormu, Green Nozdormu and Onyxian. (Featuring armored versions!) Enjoy! <3 Patchers did an amazing job, as always!
  3. Update 1.4 has been released! More models galore!
  4. Our newest update, version 1.3 is released! More morphs, more armored versions! Enjoy!
  5. Hey everyone! We've just released a new update for the patch, now featuring more reskins for the Netherwings and a few patch ups on few other models! Hope you enjoy it! <3
  6. I'll be sure to let the patchers know. ^-^ Thanks for the recommendation!
  7. We all very much appreciate the feedback given! ^^
  8. Thanks for the recommendation! It'll be quickly fixed up. ^-^
  9. It would appear you mispelt your title, lemme fix it for you. Dorgn Patch. <3
  10. Made a few tweaks here and there to the profile. ^^
  11. Sounds like a wonderful idea! Hope to see this become a popular phase! ^^
  12. Gotta store up for the winter in that Bear form.