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  1. Upgrade! Maldraxxus buildings added in topic. I replace wmos without textures/models like this. If you don't have patch - all of them look like that cube. Enjoy Scourge minions!
  2. Little upgrade: I also add patch on Blood Elves Polearm from 9.2.5
  3. Thanks! I really hope what replace items which not often use by players.
  4. Heyo! As promised a few days ago, I post it to the public. The patch below replaces two items with weapons from the Shadowlands: To install a patches: Just drop it into your client--->_retail--->Pathes folder and activate it in the launcher. No other manipulations are required. The patches has been tested and is working. In case you still have problems, contact me on the discord X'un#7294 If you like what I create and want it more - support me on Boosty (URL). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New patch: Blood Elf Polearms And it's me again guys. When I saw the blood elf halberds from patch 9.2.5, I decided to create a patch. Below you can see a screenshot, as well as how to search for the desired item. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New patch: Maldraxxus Buildings