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  1. Granted, however, all cats in the world bark incessantly now. I wish I had a beautiful singing voice...
  2. anyone wanna netflix and chill?

    1. Highlander


      *Whistles at.* ay bby

    2. Graxton


      back off ?????????

  3. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy! My boy Rhukz up in here!
  4. Classic


    shalom, charlie
  5. Hello, beautiful people. My name is Derick and I go by a bunch of dumb names over the internet, most recent of which is Classically Handsome/Olyn, most popular and well-known of which is probably Sprockamite. I've been around the block and back. Lately, I've been on a night elf/highborn stint but my traditional favored flavors of RP include orcs, gnomes and wizards-- But I'll do a lil' bit of everything, since I tend to enjoy most of what is offered. I like playing video games and stuff, if anyone ever feels like playing a vibeo game feel free to ask about it or something. Uh. Send me a message if you'd like a compliment. That's it, I guess. Hope to see you folks aR OUN D. ............... . . . . . . . . .
  6. shutting this thread down asap