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  1. So to keep it short, whenever I use .gob tele remove on one of the teleport locations linked to a gobject, it automatically removes all of the teleport locations on that gobject, despite me picking out the one specific one that I wanted to delete, as well as basically making the Gob-now-Epsilon teleporter non-functioning so I am forced to delete the gob and make the other teleport locations all over
  2. WTH, don't project your apparent dislike at everybody else. Edit: I don't get your dislike with me, completely clueless regarding that, don't recall having a meaningful convo with you ever
  3. Hm..Ash gave you the ownership of their patch Heartwing and the permission to change its name, I see? Cute
  4. Az, you told me to file this just in case, so you don't forget: I was moving a gob in a phase while spawning was disabled, but after the restart happened that made spawning be enabled again, the gob was deleted
  5. Please make it possible to make .ph forge NPCs innkeepers that let you bind the place where they are to your hearthstone (so for example letting u bypass a phase start spawn and making the phase your char's home that way 2) And also, a feature to make NPCs be actual vendors, and have them sell whatever you tell them to sell (from already existing items maybe) so that when you have a shop in a phase with an NPC as the shopkeeper, a DM doesn't have to DM the convo between the player and NPC for trading, NOR does the player just have to "RP alone" with the NPC and buy something by emoting for both characters, which isn't exactly fun. Reason for this: Immersion. Az can't argue with that, and told me to put it here on forums, so here it is.
  6. I got something neutral, but does it have to be a functioning town, or a town at all?
  7. You forgot to add 7ne_nightelf_ruinbase04.wmo - small gazebo not at all ruined as the name implies. Also, some of the pristine objects could use repairing, because for example a pristine 7ne_nightelf_buildingmedium still has a broken pillar to the left of the door, so it still doesn't look the pristine-est. And another couple of objects would be: 7ne_nightelf_druidcat_statue03_normalcollision.m2 - Ashamane stone statue from Val'sharah - with base 7ne_nightelf_druidcat_statue01.m2 - Ashamane stone statue from Val'sharah - baseless 7ne_nightelf_statue02.m2 - Kaldorei kneeling ranger with a bow 7du_tombofsargeras_azsharastatue01.m2 - self-explanatory 7ne_nightelf_vignettechest01.m2 7ne_nightelf_vignettechest02.m2 7ne_nightelf_vignettechest03.m2 7ne_nightelf_rotundaarch01.m2 7ne_nightelf_planter01.m2 7ne_nightelf_hangingplanter01.m2 7ne_nightelf_fountain01.m2 7ne_nightelf_facadedoor01.m2
  8. I really like the rustic feel of The Ragged Stallion
  9. I already made a similar topic on making Pristine M2s and some WMOs that were not made
  10. Anubis

    .Cheat Duration

  11. We have tents already, for pretty much most of the races
  12. I wanted this for a loong time: weapons, versions of existing ones, maybe new ones, but where for example on the sword the blade is broken in two, Like this for example, or DH glaives that have one or two tips chipped, or maybe staves, those more fancier ones from these last expansions, their handle cut through, maybe because of the result of a battle, somebody went with a sword at then, and they used staff for defence and it split, leaving you with only the long handle (of the fancy staff, because it has to be fancy otherwise it would look like any of those wooden sticks), but the head of the staff missing.
  13. I'd be happy to join on one of my not-so-active belves And I am not just saying it and then not feeling like doing so, I genuinely would like to do this. I think I heard of this Reliquary guild on Paragon, have you been there, too?
  14. By the way, you also missed out some WMO's, I don't know if deliberately or not, but so far, the WMO's that have no pristine versions that -I- know of are: 7bs_nightelf_moonwell_complete.wmo 7vs_templeofelune.wmo 7sr_gatearch01.wmo 7sr_gatearch02.wmo 7ne_pristine_nightelf_buildingmedium01.wmo (just shows up as a big pink box for me)