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  1. Hi. I'm one of the two leaders of Thas'dorei, a newly-founded guild hosted in Dungeon Blockout. It's one of Blizzard's old development maps. We have gone and created ourselves a new zone to roleplay in, and with that of course comes custom lore. To best appeal to all crowds, we've kept the lore as minimal as possible and additive only. I'll go further into these details down below. If you'd like to see the phase, I've added screenshots to the bottom section of this post (bare in mind, the zone is quite large so expect a decent amount of screenshots). so who are the thas'dorei exactly? The Thas'dorei are described in the lore as a name given exclusively to dryads and ancients of forests, we've extended that name to include a civilization of elves that branch from the ancient Valewalkers. The Thas'dorei were a part of these proto-druids and used a mixture of arcane and nature magic. For reference, the Valewalkers are ones to grew the mana tree that the Nightborne now gain sustenance from to feed their addiction. After the sundering however, the Thas'dorei split from the center group and made their home deep within the pockets of Val'sharah. Much akin to the Gilneans, sheltering themselves from the rest of the world. They slowly worked to build a society that is now known as the Thas'dorei, having evolved similarly to the Quel'dorei in both appearance and build considering the lacking of a particular fount of power to draw from. Instead, they constructed Kirendril. An ancient city with even larger outskirts that stretch far and wide within Val'sharah. From childbirth, Thas'dorei have an innate ability towards druidism. Shapeshifting is however a skill that has gone undocumented in Thas'dorei history. Rather than the typical druids, Thas'dorei are more inclined to be considered elementalists of nature than any other given name. Whether to foster growth or defend themselves with roots, they are inherent shapers of nature and children to the mother tree. Taking the latter into detail, the mother tree is a product of this elementalism back when the Thas'dorei were establishing their civilization. One of these proto-druids fused into the mother tree as a result of an attempt at ascendancy — however botching the spell in the process and becoming an immortal tree which retains the druid's mind and powers in a relatively new state. This mother tree is in control of the enchanted forest surrounding Kirendril, having provided protection to the city; whether by continually moving trees to have intruders get lost, or simply swallow them under the earth, impale them with roots, you name it. Whenever Thas'dorei reach the end of their lifespans, they have a way to return to the forest. Following a ritualistic ceremony, the Thas'dorei in question will wither until nothing is left but a seed that, when planted and fostered properly, grows to an enchanted tree, linked to the mother tree. It is for this reason that the forest is considered enchanted, most of these trees are past Thas'dorei that are connected to the mother tree and retain their druidic ability even in this form. alright. how do i get started? what do i need to consider when making a thas'dorei? For starters, you have two options to join the Thas'dorei. The first is to make a new Thas'dorei character or join the city of Kirendril with an existing character. After the events with the Sin'kal Covenant, it is now possible to join the phase as part of the Sin'kal. Future establishments with organizations is possible, but the Sin'kal are currently the only to traverse the woods of Kirendril without issue. If you have further enqueries about this, do ask either me or Elara and we might come up with a solution for your character. Considering that the Sin'kal had to take sides in a war in order to be trusted by the forest, it might be more complicated than you'd have hoped. Furthermore, what you should consider when making a Thas'dorei is mostly their inherent leaning towards druidism. As a baseline, Thas'dorei eyes are uncorrupted and as a result flare a shade of blue. However when going through enough druidic practice, eye colour can vary between amber and green, depending on the intensity of your character's rehearsement. They are a civilized people and have their varying wealths just like any culture. Those that live outside the city and in the surrounding villages are more inclined to a poor status than those that don't, for example. Take these logical assessments into consideration. is there something to work up to? how do the ranks work? Considering that these are a subtype of valewalkers, we've paid some respect to existing ranks in the making of the various ranks. The order goes as followed: Heir & Heiress: These ranks belong to Alran and E'lara respectively, the King and Queen are roleplayed out as individual NPC's. Forest's Hand: When you've given yourself a name amongst the Thas'dorei and are worthy of credit, you will be given this title. Naturia: A collective name for anyone that is neither Thas'dorei nor an outsider. Think dryads, animated trees and other creatures of nature. Gladewood: The elite of the guard. These are respectable members of the army. Artisan: Whether a cook or an alchemist, anyone that takes up a trade for the prosper of the city will take up this title. Wildwood: The main branch of Kirendril's army. Soldiers, rangers and mounted legionnaires alike share this title. Adherent: This rank is meant for outsiders that have taken up a name for themselves and are welcomed by the Thas'dorei community. Kirener: Civillians of any shape or size. Outsider: Outsiders that are yet to properly get themselves introduced into the civilization. is there anything else? For any questions, you can always reach me on Discord at dawi#1210 and reach Elara at humblebee#2819. We've created a Discord server for the guild as well, which you can join via clicking this link. If you'd like to join the Thas'dorei through the means of joining forces with the Sin'kal, reach Orochi at Orochi#2619. Oh, and screenshots. screenshots, screenshots. As I have mentioned before, the zone is largeous and the screenshots are numerous. For the sake of not flooding this guildpost, click the spoilers below to get bombarded.
  2. Try not to compare the two. See this as a new experience. Welcome boo.
  3. the long awaited, extracted from emotes.db2
  4. bien nuit works with any other game assets, just follow the same steps on preparing the mesh covers weightpainting, mesh editing and replacement of in-game items/collections
  5. Hey! Have you ever wanted to get into WoW modding but you haven't a clue how? Are you already a modder and you're looking for others to share content with? Aspiring modder but faced an obstacle you can't get past and need help with? I've gone ahead and started a modding server on Discord. You're welcome to join whether it's for instructing someone in the respective text/voice channel, reading up on existing methods (making HotS models work in-game, converting .sfm models), asking for help or simply sharing/showing off your work. There is also a seperate resources channel for people to post links to for known websites with models or model packs up for download. Ontop of that, a conversion channel for when you have a model from another patch that you want on retail and needs converting and vice versa. Someone will teach/help you out. If you don't look to become a modder at all and simply want to see content, there is a lobbyist role just for that. You can sit back and enjoy the show. There are a few simple rules I'd like you to give a quick read upon entering. That's all there is to it! https://discord.gg/e5dmjDA
  6. hello i make mods .lo it helm_cloth_b_05 .lo it helm_leather_panda_b_01 for troubleshooting please comment below and subscribe to my twitch channel
  7. .lo it polearm_2h_thunderlordclan_b_01_1b when is rp budget ummol (don't mind me, just small request) modder dump: item\objectcomponents\weapon polearm_2h_thunderlordclan_b_01_npc.m2 polearm_2h_thunderlordclan_b_02_npc.m2 polearm_2h_thunderlordclan_b_03_npc.m2 polearm_2h_thunderlordclan_b_04_npc.m2 world\expansion05\doodads\ogre\6oc_orcclans_weapons01.blp (thank you you know who you are ♥)
  8. listen to this nerd. she speaks volumes. :ok-hand: (like 10% volume her mic is really shitty)
  9. Thanks you three! Y'all already added me on Discord so we good. It looks very complicated, yeah. Once people have a grip on it, it's as simple as a 1 2 3. Fair play, though!
  10. hello? Hey. I'm part of Bracket. It's a small group of friends that I roleplay with and invented a combat RP style for. It's a guild making use of a Frankenstein system derived from many peoples' own creations that I've taken bits from that I like. A few of these bracketed people I've known for a long time and have had similar issues with others peoples' systems. Dull roleplaying methods, too much dependancy on RNG and too little freedom in character creation and moderation. That's why we've slowly been working on our own little thing to play with every once in a while. I'm here now to bring this system to the public and see if it's to the interest of anybody. If there's anything to improve or if you have suggestions (criticism too), please let me know. so what is this about, exactly? Alright. The guild concept. Since we've mostly created this combat system for going on adventures and killing things, our guild concept department is lacking a little. Struggling to come up with a suitable idea to implement this combat system into, we've decided to go with a garrison-like theme. Having made an attempt at making this system work before, we've looked in hindsight and found that most people simply idle around online in the roster and do their own thing if the guild has no base and is completely based on people coming together by themselves to conduct RP. As a result, we've decided to create a central hub where the participants will live and/or hang out at. This allows the members to have social RP between one another when they don't feel like fighting bosses with the combat system the guild is based around. From there, the characters will either be given a bounty board or are assigned to adventurous tasks instead, which leads to the main idea of the guild. A central hub where players can hang out and go on "garrison missions". This also allows us to publicly host should we want to at any given time. yeah, not convinced yet. isn't this every guild ever? there's like 3 of these atm I feel you. I'm well aware that there are similar guilds that have decided to adapt to a D&D inspired system. We have some building talents among us, but we mostly pride ourselves on the combat system. We'd like to say that it's different from the rest, but you can make that judgment for yourself. Let me explain. The first issue we found with most combat systems is that RNG plays a large role in the form of rolls where it doesn't quite make sense to be. As a result, we've completely scrapped rolls from the combat system and reserved it for niche moments only that are truly random in an IC sense. Next, a lot of stats make for a lot of confusion. At the same time, having too little stats makes a combat system feel simplified. To solve this, we've decided to go with HP and Stamina only as attributes. In this sense, Stamina refers to general resource. This means energy, mana, rage and of course stamina. Aside from that, you have three basic stats. Defense, Intuition and Wisdom. To explain those stats, let's dive into the main idea behind the combat system. If you are familiar with Final Fantasy or other turn-based RPG games, you will find one red lining throughout the combat. Your character has four main abilities, and one trait that he/she can respectively use once per fight. There are no default abilities such as a whack or a bolt of magic. If your character is unable to cast spells or has everything on cooldown, it can hit an enemy in melee range for each point of Intuition he/she has. Defense reduces the amount of damage taken by 1 per point, Intuition increases your stamina regeneration by 2 and Wisdom reduces the amount of stamina required to perform spells by 1. You have your status ailments too, but you can read that up at the intro of Bracket's spreadsheet; as well as the XP system. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hGarAzxW5jfEp1K5skvX73tVAnGFuWq23Pr4MMz1K-I/edit?usp=sharing (Take a quick peek at the archives tabs if you need some inspiration for your own character/item/boss profiles!) i'm waiting for the part where you tell me something new Chill. The reason why this system may be different from others is, as you might have noticed from the spreadsheet, the freedom of creativity of completely up to the participant rather than the DM. When playing different systems, we've felt like we simply dumped our characters into a template created by the DMer rather than fleshing out our characters how we want to. Whether it be stronger than most, friendly-fire inducing or weaker than others. You have the freedom to design your own spells whether passive, channeled or cast. You also forge your own ultimate ability (trait) and, when you feel like it, you can also create new loot to the already existing loot table and looting system. If you want to host an adventure or "garrison mission" for yourself or your select friends, you can create and design your own bosses as well. The only thing the DMer does is double-check that everyone keeps their power level at an acceptable medium when it comes to designing spells. Do pay mind that the bosses are designed to be HARD. There is no main storyline and there is no main DMer that people need to depend on. Every storyline that goes on is started by the members themselves or timely by the staff. Players have as much freedom in this system as its creators; because of its simplicity once understood, perhaps this could draw in some people that haven't given DMing a chance yet and are looking for a way to do so. This is that platform. The way the RP is played out isn't as simple as "Bart'ho casts Spiked Shield on the enraged worg, dealing 4 damage." Every time you cast an ability, you have the freedom to use it how you like. Let's say your character has a slashing ability, and you're fighting a gnome. You're allowed to strike down using your superior height for increased damage, or you can redirect your fireball on a boulder above your target to smash them for more damage. This is all up to the player. Since the bosses are scaled to be very difficult, you will need this kind of creativity to beat them. Environmental attacks are a thing. alright. how do i get started? Since this is only an interest check, there is no direct way to join us right now. This section completely depends on the crowd reaction. If there is a small interest, we will likely host a Discord server for getting together. If there is a medium interest, we will most likely make an official forum post. The idea of building a guild around this combat system was puzzling from the start, so we're only investing as much as there is interest. For that same reason, the base mentioned earlier in this thread is still a work in progress considering we personally have no need for it right now, but will need it if we attract more attention. Typically, you'd start with approaching one of us on Discord or giving anyone in the guild < > a poke for an instant OOC invite. From there, we'll give a little chatter with you about your character and go on to lead you into the spreadsheet. You'll have 25 total points to distribute between health and stamina, and you have an additional 1 point to spend in either of the three main stats. From there, it's all up to you when it comes to designing your profile, bringing your character out in full colours and doing it justice by creating your own design. is there anything else? Since I'm making this post at 8:11am without having slept, I doubt I've mentioned everything I should have in this thread. I'll add a few examples of profiles below and my own personal Discord. Thanks for giving this heavy read a chance! It's a bit of a wall of text, but that's because it's just lacking fancy pictures to fill the space. Trust me. dawi#9476
  11. HAHHAH, those dwarf beards are gold. Great to hear they've helped someone out. I'll slowly start working on bringing content here, but unblocking the 7.3 restriction has to happen first.
  12. Hello Epsilon, This is a blatant repost from my model editing tutorial on the other forums. I hope this helps some of you, I re-uploaded some bits and changed others. I'll always be ready to help more on discord, dawi#9476. Want to do what I'm doing yourself? Follow these guides. The Tools The Basics How do I edit Sound? How do I edit Textures? How do I edit Hairstyles? How do I edit Models? (WIP) Do you have an online archive with all the 7.2 models pre-converted, all the bones, animations and textures neatly ordered in seperate folders with one .blp of each pre-converted to .png of every race and gender for me? I'll be adding ontop of this thread from hereon, explaining different advanced stuff like making your own cloak patch, pulling meshes/models from other games and using them, as well as how to give a hairstyle two different colours like Jaina and so on.
  13. Hey, Vael1337 here. Yeah, they don't belong to me — mentioned that in the original post. Would've let you keep this thread anyway, important thing is that it's on this forum. Thanks for the upload.