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  1. Yeah, it is. It's more about the phase itself now instead of guild-oriented RP. See: This thread
  2. Small addendum. I'm suggesting a separate custom item, not a replacement.
  3. http://www.wowhead.com/item=147129/demonbane-gauntlets&bonus=1517:3563 If possible, removing the spiked armor would make this item way better for RP. It'd be perfect with just the armwraps/claws as a separate item.
  4. No one could have a better vision for what Quel'thalas should look like at its maximum aesthetic potential. The phase is a striking beauty and I'm excited to see everyone interested so we can get RP going.
  5. Updated for prettiness. Thanks a ton Rowan. Also we're still recruiting, JOIN US!
  6. Hey guys, we'll be launching really soon. All that's left is a few significant roles to be filled by interested players. Once that's done, we'll get to the meeting and greeting with the prologue. We still need some people for the squads/infantry forces so if you know anyone that might be interested, send them our way.
  7. “You are assembled before me today because crimson courage beats within each of your hearts, the same courage that led us through the long night of our resurgence. Even with the restored radiance of our invigorated Sunwell, all should know that its bright rays once again bring shadows drawn to our light. We stand teetering on the brink of a war of many fronts; the undead still reave and rampage to the south, our enmity boils with the Amani to the east, demonspawn and their servants of succor lurk about every shaded corner in our great city. You are here because valor demands your strength and the great Sin’dorei race must face these threats with extermination or risk annihilation of all we’ve built, and all we love. With the blessing and sanction of our great Lord Theron, I present to you The Bloodwatch - an opportunity for all those of Silvermoon’s finery to join their banners under the sacrifice and vigilance of our people. I call upon the valiant Blood Knights, the iron vanguard against the coming dark. I call upon the cunning Farstriders, the eyes and teeth against all our foes. I call upon the brilliance of the Magisters and all those who aspire to it, the mind and will of our powerful bloodline. Together we will unite as one thundering force in reclamation and restoration of Quel’thalas’ majesty. We will put an end to the creeping infection that worms through our lands, through fire and blood only for the ashes of these parasites to be left in our wake.” - Maltharesh Rahn’dorel, Commander of the Bloodwatch, 26 ADP. The Bloodwatch features a guild-driven, semi-custom story-line following the events of the Sunwell’s restoration at the hands of Azeroth’s adventurers as well as a rebuilt Silvermoon and Eversong for regional Blood Elf RP. The story will involve a joint operation between all branches of Silvermoon military under the sanctioned special forces unit known as the Bloodwatch. The phase works under a strict timeline with RP events and guild progression leading to the current expansion. However, the phase itself doubles as a hub for RP in Quel’thalas as well with the possibility for other guilds and characters not involved to enjoy Sin’dorei/Horde RP without needing to join Bloodwatch. Opportunities for other stories and non-Bloodwatch content will always be welcome with the caveat that anything concerning the overall stability of the setting be passed through Scrivenaut or Natty and other officers when they are chosen. The RP will be focused around Quel’thalas with possible ventures into foreign lands as well and not all content from every expansion will be part of the guild’s story. Once a chapter in the campaign ends, time will pass within a rest period where members can pursue their own adventures while the guild plot awaits its next beginning. Event Plan: The rules of the phase expand on those already present on Epsilon, with a few restrictions unique to the phase. -The Timeline policy is strictly enforced. All characters involved must be made to fit into the post-TBC era, either by retroactive conversion of an existing character or a new character created for the phase. (Characters converted to the timeline are not bound to the phase by any means and can freely RP whatever they’d like elsewhere. The same goes for all other characters.) -Characters of high rank/high influence or power need to be passed through either myself (Maltharesh) or Natty (Nora) with a brief explanation/summary of what the character is. This is a simple and necessary form of quality control, to ensure those with roles of command or leadership have characters that actually make sense and fit the setting. This includes but isn’t limited to the triumvirate of representatives that command each military branch within the Bloodwatch. -The Bloodwatch is a paramilitary organization, which means military RP. I’m not a military man myself and suggestions are welcome, but this is a serious phase and serious RP should be the consistent norm. Lol RP and an over-abundance of memes won’t be tolerated beyond a warning while IC. OOC chat is expected to be at a minimum. -Story events will usually be DMd by Scrivenaut or Natty. Other events are up to anyone who wants to start them, so long as either or both of us are briefly informed of what the event involves. Public RP in Silvermoon and abroad is also encouraged for guild-members and those not involved with the guild who simply seek a phase with a story that evolves around them as their own RP is pursued. -No Alliance allowed unless a collaboration has been planned or justified by phase events. This could include but isn’t limited to crossing lines of fire in a mutual conflict or actual conflict with Alliance forces. -No powergaming, godmodding, metagaming. Zero tolerance. Bannable offense. -Do not emote for guards or official NPCs unless you’ve been cleared as a DM. -Dragons, Demon Hunters, and anything that would put the fear of God into common folk need to have good reason for existing within the phase’s setting. If the RP of any character falling into the category of excessive fantasy is found jarring or disruptive, it will be resolved and dealt with on a case-by-case basis. -Antagonistic characters and factions are welcomed and encouraged with the caveat and reminder that the overall purpose of the phase and the Bloodwatch is to overcome the threats they face while still under the shadow of a true challenge for survival. -Do Not Bully. The Bloodwatch operates under the command of a high council composed of representative tacticians from each of the three branches of Silvermoon military. Maltharesh Rahn’dorel stands at the head of the order, overseeing the overall activity of their forces. Other agents and essential personnel have also been brought into the fold for the greater good of Silvermoon’s defense. The significant roles of the guild are as follows. Bloodwatch Commander: Maltharesh Rahn’dorel Blood Knight Champion: Azaerel Flamevale Farstrider Ranger-Captain: Kaylestra Willowfeather Magister Liaison: Vaelryin Sin'diel Reliquary Officer: Open Council Advisors(3): Open Field Overseer: Open Squad Leaders: Open