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  1. Er, the Icon patch states TRP3 compatibility but does it not work with No new icons show up in the icon browser while they do show up in the macro list. EDIT: Actually, it doesn't seem to work for macros either. They'll show up in the list but trying to select one scrambles the order of all macros so it appears completely blank.
  2. Storm dragons I don't see a need to really ... use the aspects or default dragon models for them? They're wildly different and do not share the same origins of the other dragonflights, perhaps ripping the textures from the gladiator mounts to use on the wild models would be a distinctive idea for them instead. It comes across as a bit tacky to slap on this violet color and lightning patterns and call it a day.
  3. im just gonna poke this up back to the first page since its literally one of the most popular patches here ya did good work man