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  1. This beautiful mount was put in during 8.2.0, but sadly didn't make it into Epsilon. I'd love it see it here. ;u;.
  2. Excision

    mass sizing

    Currently, on crashes, sometimes things spawned and sized from macros will reset themselves. A .gob mass size would be seriously useful in these times, such as whenever you're trying to scale things to .01 or .1 and they all go back to 1, but you can't find them all as they're just too big.
  3. Unfortunately those don't have the same sweet effect that I'm looking for ;( The furniture would be pretty nice though.
  4. The original Gilneas objects being retextured to what the "garrison gilneas" objects are like now would be cool. they just don't match right now, the garrison objects are much cleaner whereas the gilneas objects look permanently dirty and old. ref:
  5. Excision

    Gob Undo

    Well, thanks to Azar, all gobjects are immediately selected upon placement. On RPH, it was a nice thing that I believe everyone got used to, but honestly it's just a command that there's already something for
  6. Excision

    Gob Undo

    Do you mean deleting the object as a whole or undoing the last command you put on the object?
  7. Excision

    Gob multiple

    .gob multiple [ID] Basically, it is a command that allows you to create a gobject out of a certain number of objects you placed, molding them into one name! Reasoning: Some gobjects, like fountains, come without water. With this, you could add the last gobjects you spawned (however many you wanted) to one template and create the same fountain with water automatically added under a completely new ID! Anybody can use the new ID as well. It would save the place you're standing when you create it as the spawn point for the object. It could also save scales, rotations, and any other command that could've been used on it. This has the potential to help builders with faster building or using an idea over again without the hassle. Example: 3 bookshelf gobs and 2 gem gobs, under a new name to spawn all of them as 1 single gob, already placed and positioned as the builder in question wishes for them to be.
  8. Excision

    music loop

    What could happen is that we could do .ph playsound id {starttime} {endtime} loop to use it that way too~
  9. As far as I've seen, a lot of gobjects used in common builds are now clickable. Some tend to stray away from those types of gobjects (guilty as charged) and only use them if they have no other option. What I'm proposing is not a removal of the entire gobject, but a removal of it being clickable. Additionally, what would be nice is a forge to make things activate when you make a custom gobject out of them, such as a door.
  10. Once targetted, other players can turn on/off your .cheat fly, as well as they can morph you.
  11. Perhaps the idea could be changed to a gobject list that you can quicksearch and scroll through, if not the objects shown itself.
  12. Excision

    music loop

    .ph playsound loop Basically does what the command says. Useful for whenever someone wants to play music in their phase but doesn't want to keep restarting it every minute or so.
  13. Having an ingame gobject model viewer would be nice. I can get WMV to work, but it refuses to show and legion gobs when I click on it.
  14. The grand Boof, with the forums giving me shitty quality.