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  1. A BRIEF HISTORY The small, NEUTRAL island dubbed 'All-Corners Cove' was discovered by fleeing goblins, during the volcanic eruption that destroyed their home island of Kezan (Cataclysm). It's located as far west as one can travel from Ratchet upon the sea, without getting pulled into the Maelstrom. The island itself is speculated to be a dead volcano, with a tropical climate, fertile soil and a vast underground maze of tunnels extending far past the islands above-ground boarders. It's main exports are rare ores and beautiful gems, rumored to be plentiful with-in the islands mine-maze, for those brave enough to traverse it. While exports are the islands main business, that doesn't stop the locals from setting up shop just outside the town's perimeter to try and sell any and all merchandise they believe will turn a profit. An interesting curiosity: Due to its dangerously close proximity to the Maelstrom, portals to and from the island are impossible to keep up, and some note that their are 'dead zones' for magic where spells fizzle and magically powered items cease to work. With all this in mind, All-Corners has invested a small fortune in creating durrable-enough ships to voyage from both Horde and Alliance Capitol Cities, to the island. The voyage is said to be dangerous but with high risk, comes the promise of greater reward... ALL-CORNERS CRUISE LINER 3.0 The most current transport (and durrable-enough) ship to and from the island is called the 'SS Sangri', Captained by the jolly dwarf 'Sangri' and his 'all-business' goblin Advisor, 'Momma Kroo'. Together, they barely keep their operation 'afloat'. It's Main Hull holds a bar, dubbed 'THE WALL OF ALCOHOL' where the Captain has spent many a voyage, entertaining travelers... If you'd ever like to kill Captain Sangri's jolly mood, just ask him about what happened with Ships 1 and 2... All door (gobs) on the ship work, all you need to do is open them and walk through (walk at the center of them to be teleported through). If they don't open (teleporter is turned off); they can be considered 'locked'. The door to the top deck is normally locked during a storm (event). Ship 3.0 below-deck includes: A stable, for holding mounts and pets. A Cabin, for sleeping and storing traveler belongings while on voyage. Undead are prohibited from this area since undead don't require sleep. This includes death knights. There are some coffins in the lower hull for those who want to 'rest their bones'. A Medic Bay, because sea sickness is a thing. A stage for musical entertainment, just outside the WALL OF ALCOHOL area, where deckhands and travelers sing songs, play instruments, and dance. A brig, for those who act out of line. A kitchen, because you gotta eat... A lower Hull, for more storage of larger, personal belongings, and a couple of coffins for undead. And a captains quarters, for all course plotting and sailor shenaginz. This area isn't easy to find but if you stumble upon it, grats- now get out. Crew members only! MURDEROUS MINE MAZE WITH MANY MONSTERS & A BIT OF OOC HISTORY: All-Corners 'bread and butter' are our mines. They began just after Elisram and have been an ever evolving project based on multiple events and the dedicated building of several Dms. While we've nerfed some traps and added others... The mines are still dark, disorienting, and down-right difficult. Events into the mines range from 3-6 players, because any group less than 3 players WILL RESULT IN CHARACTER DEATHS and any more than 6 players will result in several situations where characters become bottlenecked in tight spaces, often resulting in infirmary trips and / or DEATH. Characters can gain certain 'hints' from npcs / quest givers to make their mine events run smoother, however DMs take VERY good notes an if we catch meta in action... Dont meta. Just don't. It's not worth it. Trust us. If you learn something on one character, and it perma-dies, that knowledge is lost, so pray to the dice gods, pay attention to clues, grab your friends and try not to die! If a character dies in the mines, it's not always perma-death, however any alternative options given all depend on the characters progression in the mine and how good of a sport the player is about the whole thing, as this is purely up to the DM doing the event. It also depends HEAVILY on what your party members decide to do with the characters corpse. Any 'alternative options' will be offered AFTER the event, if any exist depending on progression and the DMs call. There is also no guarantee you will always run into the same monsters, traps, or even have the same layout. Depending on characters actions (progression), the mines evolve and unfold like expansions. Examples: You can pass the same area over and over and miss something that opens up a secret passage, sets off a deadly trap, or even miss a monster lurking in the shadows, just beyond the light of your torch... Be cautious and use your brain, with the dice gods favor, you should be fine but most importantly: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Right before any event, you will enter an area where a wall of rules (NPC signs) will be available for your viewing/reading pleasure. If you decide at that point that this isn't for you, please let a DM AND YOUR PARTY MEMBERS know so they can scale the event ahead, accordingly - otherwise your making it HARDER for your party members and the DM. In most cases, DEADLY for your party members. The scale of the events difficulty has been set at point of event area entry and will NOT BE CHANGED. Those who enter and suddenly lol-port out at the first sign of danger, are essentially leaving their group members to die. If no reason is given, their accounts will be black listed and they will be forbidden to re-enter the phase without appeal. Dms will note black listed characters and reasons in our shared chat so be honest with us if trying to appeal. And don't forget to apologise for your group members for making it HELLA HARDER for them. 'You d*ck.' One last thing of note, if you were banned in Elsiram, you are banned in this phase. OOC ABOUT ALL-CORNERS: All-Corners is a small group of DMs who emphasize adventure and ic progression above the normal type of peaceful and safe (tavern) rp (because while we know some prefer it, and do have a tavern like 'quest hall' area, we simply find it INCREDIBLY boring). Our leader is a DM with over 10 years of providing memorable adventures for players via his D&D style-simple /roll 3 and ongoing plot that evolves based on character progression. That said: We worship the 'dice gods' and live by their /rolls. This dedication is sometimes a blessing, other times we fail so horribly its laughable, but its always a good time! All-Corners; in a nut-shell, is our dedication to 'just /rolling with it' with adventure around 'every corner'. Yes, we are also a phase, a guild, and an inside joke, but when it comes down to it, we allow a lot of shenaginz as long as you use common sense, /roll 3 and stay true to your characters rp. Hope to see you soon! ~Team <All-Corners>
  2. TL;DR VERSION: .PH E 13000 .PH TELE OOC Purpose: All Tree Objects spawned by object (leaf) color in one area. All pictures: https://imgur.com/a/jBVxRXv Longer version WITH PICTURES: PH E 13000 Is a small hub for characters looking for bar-hopping RP https://imgur.com/jpWdAAr If you take the 1st door to the left and up the stairs it will lead you to the OOC Area with all tree's I have spawned thus far. More to come - WIP! https://imgur.com/58xluz1 https://imgur.com/yHSURbx https://imgur.com/u3lafya Happy Spawning!
  3. Welcome!!!! Happy RP!
  4. I'd make a character for this. You have any preference for char races? I have a dwarf and an elf in stock with blacksmithing / armor crafting rp history I could use for this but I'm not opposed to making something new. I have a bit of silly RL Knight experience from the SCA so I comprehend what it takes to squire IRL. This sounds right up my alley if you don't already have a good squire or feel your char could use a second. Discord: RoboDuck#2846
  5. Salutations! Been on Ep-Silly-On for two days now, and figured I'd say hi on forums. o/ *wave* Some of you may have seen me on my EXTREMELY UN-op 'courier' character; Sylviette. That's her below... I've had a TON of fun thus far (just wandering around Light's Harbor delivering packages IC) and am very grateful for those I've met thus far ingame / those who've allowed my simple courier to progress along on their journeys. I am also incredibly grateful to those who assisted in showing me the ropes of how the .commands work and the helpful communuty who's always kind enough to answer my questions in .ann chat. Many thanks! I hope to continue here and RP with you all soon! May all your hits be crits, spells go swell, and if you see the opposite faction; Give 'em Bloody Hell! ~Roboduck