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  1. Good luck brother even if you don't get a lot of folks at first don't let that break you down, it's a small community and word needs time to spread.
  2. The problem with showing population in a phase is that people will always gravitate to the most populated one. This makes it harder for Phase Owners to really make their phase thrive based on quality rather than quantity. Which means most RP spots will end up being barely moderated, lifeless tavern hubs. Though, we should fix the phase listing bug where it doesn't delist once the phase is empty. I sometimes forget to delist my phase after a host and then it'll stay up for 24 hours or so with no one to RP with.
  3. In this example, Fenric (the wolf) is shown as unknown while Douglas works fine, it seemingly happens at random and it can vary per character. Initially I thought this was a thing that gets resolved after restarts but it doesn't, it's happening to characters that were spawned before restarts, and sometimes the names resolve and show as they're supposed to and sometimes characters that were otherwise fine become listed as unknown. Side-note, when characters are triggered to speak with .npc say their names do show.
  4. Miles

    Eye Glow Removal

    ayy mav did the work. Eye Glow Removal by Mom.rar No credit goes to me, I just uploaded it. It's modular so if you don't want to remove certain eye-glows just don't extract certain character's folders.
  5. Additionally, there's Kori's map patch that'll let you play around with the old Tirisfal Glades, which with the right skybox can already lay a fairly decent template imo
  6. When you remove the doodads from Tirisfal and you have a bit of dedication I feel like you could potentially make something fairly amazing.
  7. This would be incredibly useful for generic soldier NPCs. This could extend beyond just the gender as well but for this i have something additional in mind. Because some of the later ids tend to be less conventional or outright dont work on the opposite gender, I suggest something that allows to randomize between a certain number of ids. Example below: .ph forge npc outfit skin 1 5 (Which would randomize between skin 1 and skin 5) Alternatively we could have something like the displays and just input 4 numbers from which it could choose .ph forge npc outfit hair 0 4 3 5
  8. I appear to have previously posted this in the wrong forum.. twice.. Idk what's wrong with my brain. 1 - .ph play loop It's as the command says, I feel like the ph music thing will be used a lot more if there's the ability to loop ambient music. I think it could be fairly useful if there's some additional work done on this command.Right now it plays a music ID from start to finish, what I'm suggesting are the following extra parameters. I don't know how difficult it would be to add this, but I assume it can be done similar to how TRP handles themes, but instead of a left and right click on an icon it's instead the following commands..ph play (ID) loop - Loops the music, good for ambient stuff..ph play (ID) stop - Uh oh I've played the wrong ID. Also stops the loop. 2. - .npc emote delay Add a delay to the npc emote command so they repeat it after a certain amount of time. Would make it easier than to use an elaborate waypoint system to achieve this. 3 - .npc target [targetname] NPCs will /target whatever's in the box and if applicable, turn their head accordingly. Perhaps if no target name is given, it'll target the nearest targettable target. Turning it off could be done by doing .npc targetreset or something.
  9. Does this hide the eye-glow or is that a separate patch?
  10. True but I feel like I can't go asking people to download a patch just for for a public phase.
  11. I'd like to see how much interest this would garner, with the new classic client I feel like it might be within the realm of possibilities but it might also be useful to see how much this would be desired by the community. I think it would open up incredible possibilities for building phases set in certain time periods as well as maybe getting a 'spare' map for custom locations where you can remove the doodads. Hopefully this gets some support, because for me personally this is something I really want and I hope a lot of you eel the same way.
  12. With the phase listing not being tied to whether a character is online or offline, and my tendency to forget to de-list it. It would be incredibly useful for me if my more attentive friends could do so instead since they often notice it before I do. Also it'd be useful for me to list and delist on alt accounts.
  13. I'm also not a fan of this. It just makes it easier for people to get population for boring lifeless phases.