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  1. True but I feel like I can't go asking people to download a patch just for for a public phase.
  2. I'd like to see how much interest this would garner, with the new classic client I feel like it might be within the realm of possibilities but it might also be useful to see how much this would be desired by the community. I think it would open up incredible possibilities for building phases set in certain time periods as well as maybe getting a 'spare' map for custom locations where you can remove the doodads. Hopefully this gets some support, because for me personally this is something I really want and I hope a lot of you eel the same way.
  3. With the phase listing not being tied to whether a character is online or offline, and my tendency to forget to de-list it. It would be incredibly useful for me if my more attentive friends could do so instead since they often notice it before I do. Also it'd be useful for me to list and delist on alt accounts.
  4. I'm also not a fan of this. It just makes it easier for people to get population for boring lifeless phases.
  5. Currently, ".mod stand (ID)" applies the emote but refreshes it once any other emote is played. Including turning. ".npc emote (ID) r" does not do this, allowing for the idle pose to return to the emote ID you listed for as long as it isn't set back to 0 r For RP, this would be highly useful as it would diminish the need to reset your stand state every single time you make any movement including just chat.
  6. I can confirm that skyboxes are extremely buggy.
  7. It works until the character in the guild it's copied from logs off.
  8. Sometimes it tends to fail to properly whitelist folks.
  9. I think this would be widely used if it were worked into their textures.
  10. https://discord.gg/tgnf86H Phases 14399 & 22121 - Azeroth is set in, well, Azeroth. It's a thing I started a while ago with the first location being a spot in Uldum if folks remember Mar'at. The goal is to create a phase with a consistent yet true-to-franchise experience set in different areas across all of Azeroth. Featuring colourful characters both canon and custom, I'm hoping to reinvent the way RP is run in phases with a ton of fresh new ideas such as being less afraid to have some interaction with characters that exist in the plot. This doesn't mean we are going to meet Jaina every other weekend for tea and biscuits (Kalrihk insisted it should be toast instead) but focus more on the smaller quirks of WoW gaining inspiration from some of the older quest lines from Vanilla and elements from Warcraft 3's atmosphere. This translates into both visiting spots like Darkshire and Stranglethorn as well as completely custom locations, like the small dwarven stardew-valley-meets-warcraft town of Fernstone and the Warcraft 3 inspired orcish base in the Badlands, Morathar's Hold. The locations cycle regularly and we usually have a small plot happening in each one that resolves over the course of a few sessions, do keep in mind that it helps to have a diverse cast of characters at your disposal as on occasion these locations might limit who can realistically show up although I try to accommodate where possible. What should you expect when you join? I try to give as many characters as possible a chance to stake their claim to a spot in the plot line if I can and in doing so allowing them to have their moments of glory not only through combat but through meaningful character interactions as well such as meeting powerful figures like dragons, dreadlords, warchiefs and pirate kings. The secret ingredient to all of this is personal touch. I don't abstain from it completely, but I usually avoid making generic guard NPCs, in most of my custom towns especially you'll find that all NPCs are named and even have a little bit of backstory to them. The goal is to stuff as much character into not only the plot but the locations you find yourself in as well. In turn you get almost complete creative control without worrying that you might be threading on anyone's toes by playing a death knight, demon hunter, man'ari or naga. While this doesn't mean we're looking for villains, I do like to be open to the idea of a character that's actively shunned. This as in shunned IC-wise, rather than denying you at the door. Though, the more outlandish, the more you might need to give me a heads up, Naga and such are fairly common but rarer, more fantastical or highly custom-lore creatures may need to poke me first so I know what's going on. Additionally if you want a character to join in that's otherwise not considered neutral by most phases for obvious reasons, chances are we can make it work with a little bit of prior communication. What do I expect from you when you join? I expect a respectful person that can separate IC from OOC, and a person that actively seeks to contribute and gives the others something to bounce off on. People that constantly just smile and nod and contribute nothing other than blank acknowledgement probably won't do to well. Not because of any bias against thiem but because it is very hard to write about a character that doesn't actively move forward in their lives. That's all for the most part, though I would like to say that creative freedom should be exercised in a way that benefits the plot as a whole, not just make your own character get a ton of undeserved advantages or power. For example, Archmages can be cool, especially if they largely aim to teach people, learn about the world and strive to discover more knowledge, whereas on the other hand, an Archmage that just wants to flex their magical muscles every time there's combat might not be as successful in the long term. Note on Timeline The timeline will in most cases take place in the modern day. Whatever latest patch that might be. However for the sake of making the writing of plot less restrictive, Azeroth is officially considered a divergence from the main timeline, though we try to stay as true to it as possible, meaning you can probably still keep most of the things you do in these phases canonical to whatever you do in others. With the divergences most of the time just being the interactions characters might have with lore characters. Closing Statemtent All I want to say is come visit and come chat to us on the discord. Characters that have a lot of character are perfect for this universe.
  11. If ever there needs to be a reason for player-generated custom content it's stuff like this, well done. That hair would look great on Douglas.