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  1. As far as i saw it, Nortwin continues shitting on RPH but ehm helps that your server? I would say not, you are he is destroying your REP even more and more. And tell me, what is your goal? Tell me Epsilon, tell me. You praise with your big incoming patch but you know what? Other patches will take it, and make it working for RPH and then? Well i would say you achive nothing here, only people sitting in your start zone, private phases, nothing going on your server, and you tell us that RPH is dying? Are you serious Nortwin? Ban me if you want just that you know what your wonderful preacher is doing. By this posts you do all day on RPH you just show how much of a loser you are wasting your life sitting on your PC writing like a little kid shitpost you keyboard warrior. Get a life.
  2. i dont find it, it said incorrect item value