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  1. Heya Epsi Staff, This has probably been suggested already but one more time can't hurt ❤️ Can we get an option to promote someone in your phase so they can work on existing NPC's that were phase forged by someone else, without having the ability to do anything with building? Or perhaps some sort of system in which we can switch permissions for our phase staff... Say, this player can adjust exisitng phase forged NPC's and place new buildings but not delete existing buildings... If such a thing is even possible o.o Although, being able to give people a rank in which they can interact with your phase to a certain limit would be pretty cool... Inculding kicking/banning people. Lemme know what's possible, or if something like this is already being worked on. :3 Have a good one. Turkish Dad
  2. The command is available, my stinky head didn't look hard enough. how do I delete this?
  3. Hi Epsi Staff, I've looked around a lil bit at the available commands but if I'm correct, there does not seem to be a command giving you a list of your phase members / phase officers. Can we get a command that displays current active members and officers in a phase? perhaps .ph member/officer list. Thanks 😄 Yours Poopfully, x_XKebabloverboyX_x
  4. I like this idea @Arcuslux It'd be awesome to display hosted phases in the phases tab of the Epsi application and set favourites. Not gonna lie das pretty good... 😏
  5. I have macro's set to turn off all Epsilon chats. .toggle announce for .ann chat .toggle guild for guild adverts .toggle event for phase events Usually when going to work I just hit the macro for each of these and I can work more easily. Give it a shot!
  6. @Falarson I see what you mean. Although if you know the NPC commands well enough you can make those quest lines quite easily. It will take some work learning the commands but it is very much possible to make custom quests and NPC scrips as well. It just takes some shifting with the commands and using them in creative ways. If you want me to show you what I know then please don't hesitate from dming me through discord @Turkish Dad#1453
  8. Hello lovely Staff, Sometimes entering a phase makes your pc go BBBBRRRRRR 😠 Is it possible to add a command that sets the players visibility upon entering a phase? That would be awesome! 😄 Thank you in advance and have a nice day ❤️
  9. Hello Everyone! I’m going to host an NPC creating contest for the Epsilon community! 😄 Together with the staff members of Light’s Harbour (Phase 240), we want to challenge the Epsilon community into putting their creative minds on making an NPC that they'd want to see in the public phase of Light's Harbour! The NPC creating contest starts on Monday the 28th of September and lasts till Sunday the 4th of October 9:30 PM CEST (Amsterdam) / 2:30PM EDT (New York) Everyone will get one week to create their NPC! On Sunday we will gather at the Inn of Light’s Harbour, have a good time and view the creative work of everyone that has attended and of course pick our winners! Please read through the rules and the rewards! Hit me up if you have any questions! 😄 ⭐Contest Rules!⭐ 1. If you’re making a reference/meme NPC then please keep the references indirect. 2. No racist, sexist, NSFW, LGBT unfriendly or generally unpleasant designs. 3. Light’s Harbour is a cold environment, so your NPC should not be wearing highly revealing clothes. 4. Please keep your NPC lore friendly/canon! Custom lore is not allowed! 5. Due to the phase being used for public RP I’d ask of anyone wanting to use an exotic design (Exotic: A creature/race that you can’t select from the “New Character menu”.) to DM me with details. 6. Representing hostile factions such as the Burning Legion, Cult of the Damned, ect… Are not allowed. 7. Your NPC must have at least 3 dialogue lines. (each not longer than one paragraph) You can submit these together with your NPC. 8. Spells are allowed within reasonable parameters. No extreme flashy spell casting or spell effects that overpower the presentation of your NPC. 9. The Light's Harbour staff will spawn your NPC at the Inn on Sunday along with its active spells, emotes and lines! Submit everything, including NPC ID to Turkish Dad#1453 after you finish your NPC design! 👍Your NPC will gain points on the following aspects 👍 - Creativity of your design - Outfitting of your NPC - Spoken lines your NPC will say/emote (At least 3) - A short lore friendly backstory of your NPC After each submitted NPC has been viewed the scores will be given by the Light’s Harbour staff team. Out of the competition we will pick three winners, thus there are three rewards! 🎊Rewards!🎊 🏆First place reward: 30 Euro together with a character art portrait made by Kitty. 🥈Second place reward: 20 Euro together with a line art character portrait made by Kitty. 🥉Third place reward: 10 Euro together with a character portrait sketch made by Kitty. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you have any questions! Thank you for reading and hope to see you Sunday! 😁 Kind regards, Turkish Dad#1453 & Light's Harbour Staff Team!
  10. That would be amazing for people who DM! Awesome suggestion!
  11. Hey Staff my suggestion is pretty simple; A command that randomizes the general look on your NPC's such as; hair/facial hair colour, skin colour and face. See it as a faster / more efficient way of making your NPC's look different from one and other.
  12. Hello, The command .ph forge npc display allows your NPC to have multiple display ID's. Useful but sadly it does not work anymore. I have used this command in the past by placing a comma after typing each display ID I want registered on my NPC. I could then go around spawning the NPC in its available display ID's... Now if you try to apply this command on your NPC the NPC simply morphs into the blue/white box and you lose the NPC. Even if you want to morph your NPC back to its original display ID it will still remain a blue/white box. Can this please be fixed? If there is anything required from me hit me up on Discord @Turkish Dad#6579 Thank you for reading! ♥
  13. Good day, people. My suggestion topic is about the .npc follow command. Would it be possible to have a command that allows you to have multiple NPC's following you, but you can place them in different positions. So one NPC's on your left, the other on your right, one in the back, and so forth. As of now you can have more than one NPC follow you but they all move to the same area and it just looks like one NPCs following you that's clipping with the second one who's standing on the exact same spot. I'm not sure if there is already a command in game that lets you do this, but I have tried to explore through the .npc commands though I haven't been able to find anything. If the command to have NPC follow you in different positions could be implimented, that would be really cool and an amazing feature to have as a DM Thank you for your services, and have a... †Blessed† Sunday ♥
  14. Welcome! If you need any help on the server, or have any questions don't hesitate to put them in here or ask them in the discord!
  15. It would be amazing if you could do that, but I think that if the option for auto selecting NPC's upon spawn is instead implemented within the server it would be better for everyone.
  16. After doing a it of testing with .NPC set aura I've come to realize that there are (to my knowledge) two commands that let you cast spells on NPC's in your phase. 1: Target an npc and type .aura -> disappears after server restart 2: Target an NPC and type .npc set aura -> stays after server restart So the bug report on NPC set aura can be ignored as I've used .aura instead of the full command. ______________________________________________________________________________ :WAYPOINTS: Although what I still have doubts about is the .waypoint modify (chat say) command. I've used this on four NPC's in my phase, all modified to say certain lines while waking down their waypoints. But after the restart these lines were no longer spoken by the NPC's and I had to re-write them, which wasn't that big of a deal... But after yesterdays restart the lines I re-wrote were vanished too. I'm not sure if this is also an issue on the other options the .waypoint modify; offers us. But to my knowledge it is for the .waypoint modify chat say option. I hope I've been able to address the issue clearly. Please poke me via the forums or Discord @Turkish Dad#6579 if more information about the report is necessary. Thank you for your service, and have a wonderful day! Yours sincerely,Northman
  17. Good day Epsilon Staff, I wanted to suggest the following: When you spawn an NPC you auto select it, so you can immediately start to work with it. This is already a reality when it comes to objects and it's an amazing feature! It saves up time and makes working more efficiently. Would it be possible to have this on NPC's as well? Thank you for your attendance! Yours sincerely, Northman
  18. DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Epsilon addon despite using the server name in its title. Therefore any problems should be directed at myself, Erebos or the Support Channel on the Epsi Discord. Hello, and good day to you all! I'm sure a majority here knows the helper addon (Officially created by Michael on Epsilon Discord). If not, it's pretty much an addon that contains shortcuts to frequently used commands. Such as flying, mod speed, scale, ect.... Next to that it has a wide vority of morphs you can browse through, a fun additional tool to pass the time if you're looking for a epic or silly morph. Anyhow, Erebos and I have changed a few things of this addon and made it adjustable to work for Epsilon! "Epsilon Tool" - All props still go to Michael since he's the creator of this addon. | v Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XqgEki-LJK2qLxPbZ8gE29axXD5qnKru Put it in your addon folder (Interface -> Addons) -> THE ADDON IS OPENED BY TYPING /EPSI INGAME!
  19. Aye, I've seen the Youtube Channel of Epsilon, and they covered some really interesting topics back in the day. Though, I'd gladly help the staff out with making these video's, but all I'm really good for is writing the script or speaking the lines, really. I don't know much about video editing sadly, neither am I all too familair with the commands and actions on Epsilon, compared to the staff. I'll still help out with anything I can, though! Thanks for the reply!
  20. The Command Guide is great and all, and not only myself but many others appriciate the work put on it. Although, introduction video's would not only be able to transfer information to people faster, compared to reading through the command guide, but it will also give an actual 'introduction' to a certain subject. For example, NPC scripting. I sadly can't find any forum post at the moment that covers NPC scripting. So next to informing people about the many possibilities on the server, and providing them with helpful tips and tricks via a video, it will both help the server with upholding its quality, and differentiate itself from all the other RP-servers out there. Because let's be honest, every RP server has done the same thing with making a pages long forum post or a PDF/Google Docs, that is supposed to cover every bit of information. Not that it's a bad thing, but it can be done in a much better, easier way that will also be more appriciated by the community. I know for a fact that people on RP-servers would rather see a short information video that explains the basics of building than read a long forum post about it. In short, the command guide is a helpful, of course. But I believe that introduction video's will do a much better job for the majority of people who are confused about the commands/possibilities. And on top of that it will differentiate the server quality wise compared what the competitors offer. And Epsilon is all about the quality as many people like to say, including myself. P.S. Sorry for the late response!
  21. Good day, everyone! I'll get straight on to the point here with my suggestion. It would be amazing to see these Epsilon Tutorial Video's being made that cover the basics of what you can do on Epsilon. Specifically pointing out on: How to build (Basics, tips & tricks), Creating NPC's, NPC-Scripting, and overal more possibilities / options with the commands on the server. Since the end of August I've been more active on the server, and just like everyone else I've met, I found it tricky to use the commands. Lucky for me, I had a couple of friends that showed me what they know. I'm grateful to that, but at the same time I know that there are many more possibilities on the server, and the knowledge of the players it limited, compared to the knowledge of the staff/admins. Recently I've been able to suggest the RP server to a few of my friends from both other servers and retail, and they encounter the same obstacles when it comes to working with the commands. I believe it would be a valueable asset if the server had (short) introduction video's on how to work with the commands on Epsilon. The official Youtube Channel of Epsilon can be used to share the video's on, for example. It would differentiate the server from its competitors, and also represent the helpful attitude that the server is known for. For some people that are completely new to the server and don't exactly know anyone that plays on it, an introduction video would be a helpful option to get them started. And for those who are familiar with the server, yet aren't working as efficient as possible, it would too be a very helpful option to learn some tips and tricks. Thank you for reading! I hope I was able to get my point across. And I understand that there are a couple of holes in this suggestion that need to be covered, such as what to do when updating the commands. But I hope that the amazing staff team will be able to atleast take this idea in to concideration. Have a nice day ♥
  22. Good day, people ♥ I haven't been active on the server for too long but while working on NPC's and some building tiles a few issues occurred that most people have also been struggling with I believe. Equiping NPC's with weapons isn't working out properly, and it really bugs with trying to create DM'd events if the NPC's can't hold any weapons. I don't know how to fix it, and neither does the reset really do anything. The tiles on the other hand also keep bugging the NPC's out, I've recently spawned some wooden planks underneath the tiles so that NPC's can stand on them without falling through. Next to that, I spawn the NPC's while being a few feet off the ground, as it was advised to me, and often I find the NPC's floating despite having wooden planks under them. I don't know if there are more of these petty 'bugs' out there, not do I know if they are hard to fix, but can some of the admins or other staff take a look at it? Check out the phase if you need to 2627 (Pinesgrove) Have a nice day