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  1. • Race: Undead • Sex (Male/Female?): Male • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): Texture/Mesh(?) • Description: When wearing head items that often normally set facial features to hide, the entire jaw of the Undead Male model disappears up to the cheek. See for yourselves, guys • Evidence (Screenshot): In the screenshot, I'm the one in the background wearing a mask that doesn't hide facial features. I'm fine. The guy in the foreground is wearing a version that does, so his cheeks are hollow and you can see the bushes through it.
  2. • Type of Bug: Weapon Range • Description: ItemForge-crafted items with the Ranged subtype do not have range, and instead only fire in melee range. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): In the first screenshot, you may notice that my [S.A.F.E. Multi-Purpose Disinfector] (14000254) is an ItemForged weapon (given the custom name and the ID). Please note that the Fake Shot spell in the first (1) slot of my action bar is marked red with the weapon equipped while having an NPC targetted. As you can also see from the combat log, I've tried Fake Shot twice and it's failed because I'm out of range. In this second screenshot, I've relocated closer to the Training Boss NPC and used Fake Shot at melee range. As you can see, the animation and effect fire off (pun intended), and Fake Shot is no longer marked in red. In this third screenshot, you can see that I've switched to the Blizzard item that I took my own forged item's parameters from, the Rifle of the Platinum Guard. As you can see, I returned to my original position and it works just fine across the board. I've even tried using Fake Shot repeatedly and it fires off every time. • Steps to reproduce: Create an ItemForged weapon whether through copying or manually-inputting the parameters and it should still produce a Ranged subtype weapon that only fires off in melee range. • Expected result: The expected result is that the custom Ranged-subtype weapon would fire off even--and especially--at range, as well as firing in melee range. • Observed result: The observed result is that said custom Ranged-subtype weapons only fire off at melee range. Outside of that, the (Out of Range) error displays itself. • Reproduction rate: Doing some quick maths and the evidence so far, I'd say it's close to a 100% reproduction rate. • Additional information: I am Frey and I love custom items, macros, and spell/visual effects. Thank you
  3. • Race: Dwarf • Sex (Male/Female?): Female • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): Texture/Mesh(?) • Description: All of the accessories like earrings, feathers, nose-rings and the like have no textures. It's just grayscale. See for yourselves, guys • Evidence (Screenshot):
  4. • Race: Orc • Sex (Male/Female?): Female • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): Texture/Mesh(?) • Description: The female orc's model has a hollow mouth. There are teeth but there is no tongue or it's as if the lower half of the model's mouth doesn't exist. Usually shown when talking. Not entirely sure what causes this, whether it's tusk style or something else entirely unrelated. But yeah, see for yourself, guys • Evidence (Screenshot):