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  1. Either of the tauren models (both female and male) seem to be bugged in a way that they don't work correctly with any of the mesh collections and helmets. Only BFA stuff works somewhat. Also this item doesn't display https://www.wowhead.com/item=162592/hood-of-the-tidesages?bonus=3467
  2. I have upscaled a number of Northrend (Wotlk leveling) weapons from 128x64 to 256x128. Not really a HD patch, more of one that makes these weapons not look horribly low res. Enjoy. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/352849495563698180/626530721271513088/Northrend_Weapons_128x64_to_256x128.rar No screenshots, because it is the same weapons just with slightly better resolution. If anyone need some other textures fixed that I missed, you can post suggestions here.
  3. i couldnt think of a better name so dont troll me STOP
  4. according to rpers gigantism is as common in wow as autism is in irl
  5. i found the issue but i wont be updating it for a while u can fix it before me if u wanna
  6. various video game music that fit the setting of wow or some instrumentals like like like like NO WORLD OF WARCRAFT™ SOUNDTRACK ALLOWED IT RUINS MY IMMERSION
  7. rifle is supposed to be under draenorguard and sword is under draenorcraft but here is the catch admins didnt add weapons yet
  8. I wasn't responsible for the custom items in the game.
  9. Not made by me and I have no clue who was the original creator of this (so I do not take any credit), but put this folder into your addon folder and your TRP will suddenly start showing more profiles. http://puu.sh/wWnLm/a9c81054f2.zip