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  1. Would it be at all possible to introduce a command that, when used on a targeted NPC, applies the requested waypoint modification to all waypoints associated with that NPC? For instance, I use waypoints as a way to simulate NPC wandering, but it only effectively works if you apply delays to each waypoint. If I could target the NPC and type .waypoint all mod delay 15000, thus applying a 15 second delay to all waypoints associated with that NPC, life would be so much better! <3
  2. Would it be at all possible for a forged NPC to be set to spawn with a randomized weapon set between four options, in a similar way to how NPCs spawn with randomized displays using .ph forge npc displays ##### ##### ##### #####? Say for instance, I could type .ph forge npc multiweapon 312401 0 315434 0 153653 0 on a forged NPC, and when said NPC is spawned in, one of those three random weapons could be set to spawn in with them?
  3. So the .npc set weapon has a finicky bug I've noticed. Both with NPC entries spawned in from the mainphase and forged NPCs, changing an individual NPC's weapon using .npc set weapon will save only if said NPC is wielding a weapon to begin with by default (such as if you set a weapon to a forged npc using .ph forge npc weapon). If said NPC is not wielding a weapon by default, setting one using .npc set weapon will cause the attached weapon to vanish upon the phase next being loaded up. There's a few work arounds to this, I know, so it's not a massively pressing issue but Raz asked me to post this here so... there you go!
  4. it'd be super cool if there was a system that created a visual thread between different waypoints on a route, possibly by having each waypoint cast a visual beam/chain spell on the next waypoint npc in the sequence. Would make tracking waypoint routes over long distances or through 3D areas such as the sky or underwater SO much easier.
  5. The weapons patch is a good stop gap, for sure. Following that though, I'm sure we can expect a downport of these weapons (given their massive popularity) in the near future.
  6. As a simple command idea (in principle), for those of us who create NPCs who have only slight variations of another NPCs appearance, or even just a change of name. After highlighting an NPC forged in your phase, typing .ph forge npc duplicate will create an exact duplicate of the npc selected, including all gear and weapons equipped, name and subname, skin/face/hair/etc. options, and even all auras attached to said template, with a new entryID. That way, you can simply spawn in the new NPC and make the minor alterations needed to the new NPC at your leisure, rather than having to completely recreate a whole new NPC with the exact options previously employed on a prior NPC from scratch. Not a necessity by any means, but just a simple QOL suggestion I wanted to pitch.
  7. I personally can't see this happening since I expect this to be a near-impossible task to achieve in terms of modifying a core system like that. The devs will likely have more input on this but personally, I can't see this being worth the likely effort it'll take to achieve.
  8. I mean pulling TRP3 data for characters is unlikely to happen BUT it would be cool if we could do it with NPCs using their GUID. If an addon needs to be made for this, I'm all for it.
  9. As someone who makes large quantities of NPCs in batches for a lot of my phases, I second this notion. HOWEVER There are some hurdles to jump with this one, namely the 'invalid type' issue that occurs and can break an NPC should you try and pick a feature with a number that goes beyond what a particular race's options are.
  10. Artifact weapons already have their own unique skinned .m2 objects. Blizzard needed to make them for the purposes of the floating objects prior to collecting your artifact and the artifact as you see it in your particular artifact modification interface. I can agree with you on the armor front here, but as far as weapons go, practically every object set in the game has its own unique weapon rack models which are loaded with weapons already perfectly displayed for grabbing. They extend from the shoddy old Vanilla wow sets a la generalweaponrack01.m2 all the way up to the most recent 8ng_nazjatar_weaponrack02.m2 model. I'm not say they're at all ideal, and that this wouldn't be a freaking great addition, but there are work-arounds.
  11. Provided reskins are at all possible of those objects effectively, this could really work. ❤️
  12. Aelle

    .NPC set Helm

    ANOTHER SUGGESTION It'd be nice if we could somehow enter a command such as .npc set helm off/on that hides the head layer of an NPC without having to alter the default npc in any way. Hope this is possible.
  13. Having new classic maps be there own adts akin to the Flatlands would be baller. This would be an absolute game-changer for me.
  14. I expect this has been suggested before many times, but I didn't see any posts pertaining to it in the archive. Is it at all possible to add a command that allows npcs to wander within a fixed radius of their spawning location? Something that basically causes the NPC to go on a randomized move-here-stop-here path somewhat akin to waypoints? Sort of like .npc set wander 20 Where the 20 represents a 20 yard radius from the NPCs spawning location where they can wander at random? Would give a whole lot of life to a phase without having to set fixed waypoints for NPCs you just want to see wandering about. Here's hoping! ❤️