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  1. Cool story bro. Would be great to get more custom armor in future CDN releases. I always love having the option but yeah, I'm not really a fan of texture replacement unless it's a clear visual upgrade of the previous item.
  2. Having reinstalled Epsilon, the issue appears to have been resolved. My machine is working just fine running it currently. Perhaps my particular client had somehow become corrupted in some way. Either way, thank you for your help Graydon! 😃
  3. Very nice. But: Some of the gear you're replacing I actually do use on a semi-regular basis. Why not have these models and textures replace old-ass Vanilla content or duplicates thereof?
  4. Hey Graydon. Thanks for the speedy reply! ❤️ My machine's about 4 years old or so. It was fairly mid-range when I built it and has since seen a few alterations. I'm running with a AMD FX-6300 six-core CPU, a Radeon RX-480 GPU, and 24GB of memory. Admittedly it was a while ago since I updated my drivers. After seeing your reply here, I went in to my device manager and found that my display adapter drivers were indeed out-of-date so they should be up-to-date now. Everything else was fine. I don't think I've reapplied heat sink paste to my CPU since I built the machine nearly 4 years ago. As I said above though, this is really the first overheating issue with my machine that I've ever really had. I clean out my computer on a pretty regular basis, including opening it up and cleaning the interior fans on the CPU/GPU/power supply/case. Regarding Epsilon: I tried lowering the graphics settings once before when I noticed how audibly hard my machine was working to run Epsilon and although it did seem to alleviate some of the system stress a touch, the difference was honestly negligible. According to my Task Manager, the strain on my system with regards to my CPU and memory due to Epsilon doesn't quite match up to how hot my system is running, or at least it didn't the last time I checked. The next time I run Epsilon, it'll be with a new client since I already uninstalled and deleted the old one. I can certainly give running Epsilone alone a go, though I was not exactly running anything taxing at all besides Epsilon when my crashes occurred.
  5. Booting up Epsilon recently started to cause my computer to run exceptionally hot. I don't have the exact feedback of temps and clockspeeds from my machine, but suffice to say the thing sounded like it was about ready to take off in to outer space. This first occurred in a phase I was working on that... didn't exactly have an outrageous number of objects but it did have a few big .wmos and a fair number of particle emitters such as the cavelight objects and so I chalked it up to just having to scale back on build sizes. However, the second time this happened was immediately after that was when I simply booted the client up, created a character, and logged in to the lobby/mall area. In both situations, my machine was worked so far in to overtime that it shut down due to overheating and had to be left a good 10 minutes or so before I could even try to power it on. I also run Paragon (another private WoW server) on this machine and have had no such issues, even in huge build areas that make extensive use of custom objects in the hundreds, if not thousands. I also run considerably more taxing games and programs on my computer and do not have the issues Epsilon seems to give me. Even before my machine shut down due to overheating, I noticed my fans always run considerably faster and louder when playing Epsilon versus any other game or program, including Cubase 6 with like 30 different software synths and effects running, and it typically took them about 5 minutes or so after I shut down Epsilon to return to usual running speeds/volume. I have uninstalled Epsilon for now as it's clearly a danger to my computer but before I consider reinstalling it and running it again, I want to know if anybody else has had this issue or if anyone has any idea what could be causing this problem? Unfortunately, I am reluctant to reinstall and run Epsilon again to give readout data from my machine as, as I said, Epsilon's WoW client is actually causing my machine to shut off from overheating very quickly.
  6. As I understand it, the .phase shift doodads command basically replaces the current map's .adt with a different, blank canvas version. This is fine until excessive shifting starts to cause lag and until you hit the 6 map limit for shifting phases (or at least that was what was yelled at me by the system message when I tried to phase shift all of Outland.) So my question is... Is there a way to introduce a command that basically phase shifts all maps for your phase, replacing them all with a single blank .adt or at least like... a blank .adt of all of Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms or Northrend, etc? For nerds like me who want to do a total world overhaul, this'd make such a dream possible to at least try to do.
  7. Lore is bendy. =3 All Mok'Nathal NPCs that appear ingame are 1.6 scale. =)
  8. Yes. Also, I would throw some Dalaran recolors in to that mix too, since the Nightborne stuff fits quite well with Dalaran's aesthetic, it's just all the wrong color.
  9. Annual reminder that the standard scale for a Mok'Nathal is 1.6. Thank you.
  10. It'd be really great if we could find a way to move objects between phases using their GUID and a simple command. For example .gob phase move #GUIDnum #Phasenum Or even .gob phase move select #phasenum This would allow people who are combining phases to quickly merge their phases together, which would be particularly handy for massive builds, or allow players to essentially 'backline' objects in another phase and quickly move them over during/after a storyline. Can it be done, eggheads?
  11. So today's patch introduced an awesome new feature that allows us to cut away at terrain via an object called EPS_terrain_cut.wmo When I tried this object out in Goldshire, it worked splendidly and hacked away a bunch of terrain at my will. However, the object doesn't seem to work on the Infinite Flatlands terrain, which is a problem. Anyone else experienced this issue today?
  12. So recently, I posted in the #development section of Epsilon's Discord channel, asking about custom items in the NPC phase forge not working, only to find out that the system was functioning again in the upcoming (tm) 735-2 update for Epsilon. Knowing this alleviated a whole bunch of my concerns and fears regarding my future here on Epsilon. Thus, I'd like to suggest some kind of blog-type patch-notes thread in the Development section outlying most updates to be added in the new Epsilon build. While the dev team doesn't have to spill their guts about everything, and can still keep a few handy, gorgeous little surprises up their sleeves for the release, knowing that some of the current client's major bugs and issues have been addressed, as well as knowing at least some of the upcoming content (similar to what was posted in the dev blog), might help with not only attracting new players (who see that the server is still undergoing development and improvements) but also retaining current players, who might choose to stick with Epsilon knowing some of the bugs in the game that are, for them, game-breaking are being addressed. The thread itself could be formatted more like Blizzard patch notes... for example: 7.3.5-2 Upcoming Changes, Fixes, etc. Custom items will now work with the NPC forge once more, allowing you to equip your NPCs with custom gear found in Mogit. The Skybox commands now work as intended, correctly replacing default skyboxes for phases with a priority system. Read more about it here. Epsilon Overcoats are back in the game! You can read more about them here! This is no longer possible due to changes in the way Blizzard create character models. Read more about it here.
  13. Signs? You can make signs?
  14. Not entirely sure what one would call these but hopefully my idea gets across in this suggestion. So one of the current features of Epsilon's Teleportation system is a pop-up message that appears on your screen to the effect of: Entering [Azarchius' ERP Dungeon] As well as the option of adding an icon too. Now, this is a fantastic feature for the teleportation system, but many of us also work on large, open-world builds or huge setpieces that are broken down into different thematic and functional chunks, all within one area or phase. Would it at all be possible to create a command for a future Epsilon build that allows us to create invisible objects that display a similar message once the player's character 'collides' with it, essentially acting as little hidden switches in doorways or gateways or whatever have you that, when collided with, displays the above message? For example, say you were making a huge town or something with a big keep. You'd do all your building around the town and summon in the building for the keep. You'd stand at the door and type: .ph AreaName Aelle's Big-ass Keep of Cool And an invisible object that you can .gob sel or .gob del or whatever have you would appear there. Then when another player comes to your phase and walks through the door, the following message would appear in the middle: Entering [Aelle's Big-ass Keep of Cool] Is this at all within the realms of possibility?
  15. This is fantastic Ross, thank you! <3