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  1. So the recent wmo shifting that allows for music and naming and the like in wmo objects is absolutely amazing, but when trying to do manual control of these wmos, such as with custom-spawned ones, things can get rather difficult and convoluted as far as finding exactly which WMO you want to edit goes. So my suggestion is, why not tie a wmo's RootId, NameId, and GroupID to the .gob select command, so that said information is listed when you select the object? Doing this would make finding the information necessary for manual shifting infinitely easier.
  2. I noticed, while hopping between Azuremyst Isle and Durotar, that doing so seemed to regularly cause all of the original objects in that zone to reappear after it had been phase-shifted and the doodads had been spawned in. The 'respawned' objects are unselectable and game returns a message saying that the zone you're in has already been shifted if you try to phase-shift again. Relogging corrects this issue though it should be noted that the collision data for all respawned objects is present until you relog. Just a weird bug that can be an annoyance if you're hopping between maps.
  3. .doodad mass import -1 will spawn in all missing doodads for every single Burning Crusade zone when used in any TBC zone, including all of Outland, Azuremyst, Bloodmyst, Eversong, Ghostlands, and Quel'danas, which as you can imagine is incredibly frustrating if you've already been working on a TBC zone and find everything's been respawned.
  4. Aelle

    Missing Gear

    The item shoulder_cloth_draenei_c_01 is missing in all colors, save for one single-sided white pauldron.
  5. Having buff HD Forest and Ice Trolls would certainly be a joy.
  6. So with the new phase-forge command, NPCs are created with the default display ID 49. The problem is is that this becomes an actual display ID associated with the NPC, so if you were to set say a creature model to your NPC, you'd still have to remove the default Human display 49 model. now this would be... fine if it weren't for the fact that your NPC template just completely disappears when you remove the default display ID and you have to either quickly delete and respawn it while you still have the NPC selected, or just hope it doesn't randomly reappear on the next relog. There are 3 ways I can think of to fix this issue: 1. Have it so that the first Display ID you add using .ph forge npc displays add automatically overwrites the default displayID 49, becoming the NPCs new first display ID. 2. Have the NPC immediately cycle to the next available displayID as soon as the current active one is removered. 3. Restore the .ph forge npc create ##### command wherein we can enter our first default display ID.
  7. These are in the Orcish Clan style though and are comparatively primitive compared to the modern New Horde style seen in the garrisons. I'm assuming that my fellow OrcsOrcsOrcsOrcsOrcsOrcsOrcs, like myself, are wanting to adopt more clan heritage visually in to the New Horde. I'd imagine all of us likely would be building with .m2's specific to those clans, to further represent the clan identities. However, the glaring red rooves of the garrison buildings do somewhat stick out if you're going for that vibe, particularly as each clan very much does have a strong color scheme associated with each. I think, overall, we'd probably want to see as color options: Sky Blue Black Orange Grey Purple
  8. Any chance we could implement a .doodad go, similar to a .gob go, command that relocates your character to the exact position of the selected doodad?
  9. We need a grey option for the Shattered Hand, and an orange option for the Burning Blade too.
  10. In this guide, I'll teach you a super fast and easy method to set up a ranged NPC to fire their weapon in intervals that seem organic. First, spawn in the NPC you want to be your ranger. Next, you're going to want to do is select your ranged NPC and create 5 waypoints using the command '.waypoint add' Specifically, you're going to walk backwards as you do so, creating 5 separate waypoints in a line. Once this is done, you're going to want to see those waypoints so we can modify them using '.waypoint show'. You should now see a line of 6 tiny replica NPCs of your select NPC idly walking on the spot. These are your waypoints, which you can now select and modify. We're now going to go over these waypoints and what we'll need to do to edit each one by selecting them. Waypoint 0 = This waypoint will appear as a ?? boss under your NPCs feet. On this waypoint, we're going to want to set our ready state. As these are riflemen, I'm going to use the STATE_READYRIFLE (214) emote and set it by clicking on waypoint 0 and typing '.waypoint mod emote 214' You can use '.lo emote' followed by a keyphrase to find any emote in the game you're looking for this way. Waypoint 1, 2 & 3 = On these waypoints, we're going to set our delays between each shot. For waypoint 1, we're going to want to set a nice base integer for a delay between firing. 3 seconds should do, so we're going to select waypoint 1 and type '.waypoint mod delay 3000.' Every 1000 is a second. Next, we're going to be adding possible randomized delays between shots, thus potentially delaying the time between your character firing further. To do this, we'll be selecting waypoints 2 and 3 and adding far shorter delays for each of these waypoints. I'll be adding 2 seconds for waypoint 2 and 1 second for waypoint 3. To randomize these values, we're going to select waypoints 2 and 3 and type '.waypoint mod chance 1-100' on each, with the value between 1 and 100 setting the likelihood of the events of that particular waypoint (in this case, the additional delay) occurring. We want to set these values fairly high so I'll be setting 75 on both. Using this method, we now have a randomized delay between our character firing. The NPC can either fire in bursts of 3 seconds, 6 seconds, 5 seconds, or 4 seconds. Waypoint 4 = On this waypoint, we're going to set our character to take aim before firing. To do this, we first want to apply the STATE_HOLD_RIFLE (385) emote using the same method as on waypoint 0. This'll cause the NPC to change their emote to this one once they reach this waypoint. We're also going to want to set another delay as in waypoint 1 after that, so as to give the character time to aim. About 3 seconds should do. Waypoint 5 = On this waypoint, our NPC is going to open fire. To do this, I'll be using spell ID 65977, which plays the animation and also provides the sound effect. To do this, we select the third waypoint and type '.waypoint mod cast 65977'. Now that we're done editing these waypoints, we're going to consolidate them to ensure our NPC plays this sequence of events whilst remaining rooted to the spot. To do this, select the actual NPC. Before you do anything else, you're going to want to apply either [Always Unsheathed] or [Always Unsheathed, Just Right Hand] as the hold animations cause your character to sheath their weapon otherwise. To do this, look up the spell using '.lo spell' and a keyphrase, select the NPC you want to apply this effect to, and type '.npc mod aura' followed by either by the entry ID of the spell, or simply by shift-clicking it to link it in the command. Now that the aura is applied, type '.npc go' to transport to the exact location of the NPC. Next, select each of your five waypoints and type '.waypoint mod pos'. This'll move the waypoint from it's original location to your current location which, thanks to .npc go, is the exact location of the NPC. Once you've done this, type '.waypoint show' again to hide the waypoints and then type '.waypoint start' to begin the sequence. And you're good to go. DON'T YOU SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT THAT THING AT ME!
  11. I was thinking the exact same thing. For all intents and purposes, this is fairly easy to do, as you just need to find the roof tile's .blp file, boot it in photoshop with the proper plugin, and change the hue, saturation, and contrast and that is literally it as far as modding goes. I'm not sure exactly how to actually implement new models though.
  12. Would it be at all possible to introduce a command that, when used on a targeted NPC, applies the requested waypoint modification to all waypoints associated with that NPC? For instance, I use waypoints as a way to simulate NPC wandering, but it only effectively works if you apply delays to each waypoint. If I could target the NPC and type .waypoint all mod delay 15000, thus applying a 15 second delay to all waypoints associated with that NPC, life would be so much better! <3
  13. Would it be at all possible for a forged NPC to be set to spawn with a randomized weapon set between four options, in a similar way to how NPCs spawn with randomized displays using .ph forge npc displays ##### ##### ##### #####? Say for instance, I could type .ph forge npc multiweapon 312401 0 315434 0 153653 0 on a forged NPC, and when said NPC is spawned in, one of those three random weapons could be set to spawn in with them?
  14. Aelle

    .npc set Weapon

    So the .npc set weapon has a finicky bug I've noticed. Both with NPC entries spawned in from the mainphase and forged NPCs, changing an individual NPC's weapon using .npc set weapon will save only if said NPC is wielding a weapon to begin with by default (such as if you set a weapon to a forged npc using .ph forge npc weapon). If said NPC is not wielding a weapon by default, setting one using .npc set weapon will cause the attached weapon to vanish upon the phase next being loaded up. There's a few work arounds to this, I know, so it's not a massively pressing issue but Raz asked me to post this here so... there you go!
  15. it'd be super cool if there was a system that created a visual thread between different waypoints on a route, possibly by having each waypoint cast a visual beam/chain spell on the next waypoint npc in the sequence. Would make tracking waypoint routes over long distances or through 3D areas such as the sky or underwater SO much easier.