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  1. Granted, but it is modelled after famous persons like Rey from Star Wars or Karen. I wish for better robes for Human Males.
  2. Hey! Now, there was this thing I have encountered when building Galepoint, and I happen to have thought about a little feature that could maybe be implemented. .waypoints start with < ID > Why? I have a pair of children playing tag for example and it is incredibly hard to synchronize the waypoint's starts so they seem to be running after each other. The same could be applied to pairs that walk next to each other, patrolling, etc. Peace Out, Glenn
  3. Granted. It won't rain for the next two years, though. I wish WoW had a Naval System.
  4. Granted. But you will get no job, still. I wish we had more players.
  5. Hey. Since I think that the Left Orgrimmar Pauldron model is QUITE too big, it looks odd and ugly, I was wondering if one is able to "delete" the left one, so there is only the single right one. Like..
  6. Hey, I was wondering if someone was able to change the model of the "broken" horns which can be chosen in the Character-Editor. They are supposed to represent, that my character is still a very young Shu'halo. They have short horns up to the age of 80 ~ 90 I believe? I'm not sure since there are already shorter horns implemented, the females one I mean. Maybe those can be refined for the male Tauren head and added? <- These are the horns I mean.