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  1. "I have learned much since my wrongdoings, and I will continue to change myself for the future of Brightflame, and of Azeroth itself." -Zetharion Name: Zetharion Alias: Zelan Featherflame (Quel'dorei Pyromancer, main guise) and Ansley Sherwood (Human..also pyromancer.) Age: 195 Class: Pyromancer, Earthbender Birthplace: His cave Eye Color: Orange Body Shape: Semi-muscular Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Titles: The Flamemaster, Prince of Moodswings, Pyromancer of the Kirin Tor Backstory: Roughly 195 years ago, Zetharion was born to two parents; Nelzia, and Jutharion. He has a few siblings, but does not know their current whereabouts. Zetharion's parents were killed when he was a Drake. About 4 years prior to Legion, he joined a Draconic collective known as the Isles of Dragons. During this time, the whispers of the Old Gods got into his head, and he was driven temporarily mad. He made an attempt on the life of his leader, being exiled from the Isles. During the time of his exile, he learned to control the whispers, and was cleansed by a Green Dragon. Zetharion then went under his High Elven guise; Zelan Featherflame, and managed to indoctrinate himself into the Kirin Tor. Zetharion was also in the Armies of Legionfall, during the ending events of Legion. As of recently, after Sargeras' sword was plunged into Azeroth, he joined a new collective called the Brightflame Union. This union of Dragonkin and Mortal alike is made of new faces, and a few of his old comrades. Personality: Zetharion can tend to be hot tempered, but he has learned to be more kind after his time in the Kirin Tor. Affiliations: The Kirin Tor, Brightflame Union, The Black Dragonflight, Armies of Legionfall, Isles of Dragons (Formerly)