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  1. I wrote a Vulpera RP Guide for those who like Vulpera and may want to RP one, but don't know much about them! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IehTNMAyJDDAsvykcTL4wxXZaMaCu3uC9I7MypnXwzs/edit?usp=sharing
  2. oh i didnt realize there was a guide. this was made recently, not before the launcher came out, i just kinda winged it and it worked for me and a few others and ive only had an issue with one friend. idk what the issue precisely is, i edited the blp, threw it in character, and clicked "add" in the patch creator, and selected with specific file it was and uh,, it worked. thanks!
  3. i made a patch a while ago and im unsure if it still works but i decided id not only remake it but make the colour a little better install like you would any other patch before: after: TrollBlackHair.rar
  4. just a simple downport from retail extract the character folder and install as you would any patch 🙂 before: after: SLBelfBlackHair.rar
  5. no, this patch was discontinued about a year and a half ago due to multiple reasons but one of the big ones being technical reasons. i should add that as a disclaimer
  6. I made a patch that replaces the blue black hair for Darkspear Trolls with actual black hair. Previews: Download: To download, extract this file into your Epsilon directory, where the EpsilonWoW.exe is. BlackTrollHair.rar
  7. I downported 3 of the new male Orc skins from the Alpha, they replace 3 of the Mag'har skins for regular Orcs. I decided to replace these because we have playable Mag'har, so the ones on the regular Orcs are easy choices to replace. To install simply extract the Character folder into your Epsilon directory (where the EpsilonWoW.exe is). I plan to do females as well, maybe the Worgen ones, and DEFINITELY the black Blood Elves when I find their files. Note: This does not include the tattoos, JUST the skin colours. OrcMaleShadowlandsSkins.rar
  8. What Gardener said. I dont have to type a name, just "delete".
  9. Welcome to Epsilon! <3 If you need help the people on this server are very friendly and helpful.