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  1. I was wondering if we could get a system like on RPH stating how many players currently inhabit a phase when advertised, and further the ".ph o" command to be translated over to get a list of players within the phase, it's a quality of life addition due to often wandering phases to not find anyone or know if there's even a soul there too.
  2. She looks like a well-preserved undead due to her unnatural green skin and unnatural green eyes while other healthy/natural kaldorei/highborne had blue/purple skin and amber/silver eyes.
  3. So good that princes and nobles chose them specifically above all else in a culture where they already have a caste of well-versed magic users, exceeding them to the point of having the best of nobility requesting them. I don't for the fact that voodoo is exclusive to trolls not to mention it's unknown what voodoo is comprised of in reference to your "mixes arcane and nature magic", there's been no confirmation other than it appearing to be a mix of various things, yet that simply credits it for being a very versatile form of magic. Also their culture didn't just change and nothing was left from old troll traditions. Yes they became much more civilized than their predecessors but they still kept their druidic/naturalist ways, the kaldorei remaining closer to their roots than the "ascended" highborne did. Their culture likewise to themselves simply changed in various other ways as would be expected. Their culture also had the lower caste who utilized this magic, Malfurion himself aided by Cenarius, Fandrall and other more renowned druids that could've been called upon or counselled with despite their very blunt regard for nature magic being primitive and inferior with very little presence in the highbornes plans or uses. As for not caring for the village thing, alright, you don't, it's still a position of authority given by some unnamed council of Ashenvale who decided a rather deplorable individual should represent their village + whatever clan they were put in charge of. As for your point of a ridiculously powerful character who uses such sparingly not being OP, that is by default, wrong. If they are ridiculously powerful then they are indeed OP, by that logic I could RP a god and aslong as I don't intervene, it's acceptable, even in regard to your character who's of lore character power levels which supposedly has never been complained against which I find hard to believe, I disagree with as the concept is too significant in power for it to never be mentioned in lore while also not even interesting to deal with as they can utilize this power and roflstomp near all foes, making conflict null and pointless.
  4. Prince Ceryeth is custom lore. @Vojtik. When it comes to a majority of the concept, it seems very Mary Sue/Special Snowflake with references to how skilled & powerful they are. They excel at everything they do, being chosen out of all by the nobles and prince, how they utilized some poorly adapted form of voodoo which since only trolls can use voodoo I assume it's just nature magic. How they use arcane and then also became a skilled priestess of the temple. How they were chosen by an unnamed council of Ashenvale to lead a clan as well as being put in charge of a village as if positions of command and rule are commonly given, least of all to what appears to be a primitive "witch" of darker origins than any exemplary figure. Also how their use of what I assume to be nature magic, somehow even though other kaldorei use this, her use of it paved entry to the upper echelons of highborne society despite nature magic adapted from voodoo/pagan traditions would be viewed as primitive and inferior to the highbornes "superior" arcane magic. Even their origin was them serving the most powerful highborne houses, lots of references to greatness, power and even during the moments of struggle, they turn the situation around by unleashing some unstoppable power they've acquired through the years effortlessly, proving these moments of struggle to simply be an opportunity to further prove the Mary Sue trope. With less OP/Mary Sue/Special Snowflake qualities occuring, it could be a good concept with some details worked out & altered, though at the moment it's not well executed in comparison to the potential it has, just my opinion.
  5. Dodgy concept due to the special snowflake/mary sue/custom lore parts, could be made decent with some alterations.
  6. Forgot we were all so serious here and couldn't joke. Forgive us for our crimes.
  7. Beast


    an elemental furry..? dear god n-
  8. Pure-bloods are superior. As others are saying too, it's not so easily done. Ripperoni.
  9. Beast

    World Boss Map Icon

    Just something minor I noticed as one of the small bugs. The Tanaan Jungle map shows Kazzak.
  10. wrong server to roleplay on if you're gonna be a bitch about someones lore preference :^)
  11. It's pretty clear that it's not canon immediately off the bat when it's a manor house for some reason in the twisting nether all these beings are coming to who by previous accounts would be hostile and violent to each other and for whatever reason are able to or even chosing to come to this place but like, your phase, do what you will.