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  1. Not a list of phase members. Not a list of currently active players within the phase as that could be used for harassment. Just a simple player count of people currently online on the phase would do. As of writing this there are currently thirteen phases being advertised with no easy way to determine whether there is someone actively roleplaying there or not. Loading into each one takes time. Furthermore with a good number of phases being populated by NPCs, Track Humanoid does not help with finding people as much as one would hope. As a result the only recourse is to load into and move through each individual phase and search for players that way. This also takes time and is very discouraging, especially after having dug through a number of other phases that are apparently empty. The vanity of drudging through these ghost towns dies off pretty quickly when one is there solely in search of role, and or play. I understand some might be worried that this encourages a type of mob mentality of people only visiting one phase, however I would like to remind those people that having said people there engaging in roleplay instead of standing around start is a net positive for the RP community as a whole. Please implement this function. If people really want to go to other phases, the option to do so is still very much open.
  2. I had a discussion with one of the moderators about a public channel through which to find RP that is faster moving than the forums, a sort of PUG announcement channel for RP since that doesn't seem to exist. A main phase where people can go to freely RP would also be nice but failing that this should be the next best thing. The issue with the topic seems to be moderation, which I understand. Therefore I believe the server requires more willing moderators to make such a thing feasible. Thanks.
  3. As a roleplayer, I would like to be able to look for roleplay. Unfortunately there only appears to be a channel dedicated to advertising already existing roleplay as opposed to get something going. Thanks.