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  1. I'm not sure where I'd put this otherwise, but could we get something like these objects fixed in the next update? I'm hoping that the textures for these are attached to another WMO, or something, maybe one of the Kultiras roof parts. Would this be possible in a future update?
  2. Pretty much agree with what Nyte is saying here. I was on both RPH and Divinity-X while these suggested changes were running, and at the very least it was much easier to find RP on those servers whatever you think of the quality. I would much rather have a server with any level of quality public RP open than one without, because at the very least RP would be happening where I could see it, and where I could join it easily. Divinity-X has a phase list system that ranked phases based on population, that's how you knew where all the RP was. RPH (I believe) had a similar system to Epsilon, but both showed the population and removed inactive phases from the list. As far as I'm aware, once you toggle the advert on, it doesn't leave until the server restarts, which is a problem. Literally how would this change the current situation for people who didn't like large scale public RP because of a percieved low quality? Just don't go to these phases. We already don't, because they're all empty, because it's so hard to find people RPing, we spend most of our time looking. The problem with this is that you guys are coming at this through the perceptions of smaller time phase owners alone without considering how the lack of this effects people who are just looking for RP. The phase overview system is currently a bit of a mess, with phases on the list that currently have no one advertising for them, all while including things like object malls, and spell malls which I'm never going to RP in. These building phases shouldn't be advertising in the same places as RP phases for a start, and empty phases that haven't advertised in the past [X] Minutes (Ten half an hour, your milage varies) should be removed from that overview list automatically. The fact that we can't see the population of any given phase is only one thing that's a kink in the works right now, but I think it's still a valid one. Even if this doesn't have the outcome people are hoping for, with the current state of public RP, it's not gonna do any harm.
  3. We wish you a warm welcome to... (Pronounced 'Key'-side) Quayside Harbour is a phase and town designed to be a nice little hangout spot for both resident players and visitors, and will work perfectly as a backdrop or a hub for the downtime inbetween your characters adventures and shenanigans. Quayside itself is a neutral-aligned harbour just past the southern tip of the Eastern Kingdoms beyond the Blasted Lands with it's own unique history and associated story. Made with a mixture of Gilnean, Kul Tiran and Goblin aesthetics, all split into well-defined sections and districts that have their own distinct character seperate from one another, but mixing together well enough to make sense! Current Plan: At the current beginning stage, my plan is to simply get the word out there recruit a group of builders, DM's and players who would like to take part in some roleplay revolving around this little town. I also hope to soon get it into a state where I'm comfortable hosting it alongside a good group of officers. The bones of the build are currently done, and it's ready for me and anyone who wishes to help to begin adding detail. For anyone who wishes to see, it's able to be viewed by entering phase number 36543 for absolutely anyone who wants to check on the current progress! For the builders among you who wish to help, I have a plan of what I want, but of course you're free to put you're own flair to it and I encourage you to do so! For DM's and Storytellers, the town, the people and factions within are ripe for oppertunity to let any story you want to tell shine through! If any of that strikes your fancy, hit up our Discord and we can have a chat! You'll find us here, at this link. If you want to see some of my current progress on the build without logging in, go here! Thank you in advance, anyone interested! Construction started on the town not long after the Cataclysm when the people of Surwich, in the Southern tip of the Blasted Lands, realised that they would soon need more room to exist and thrive as a community outside of the boundaries of the once proud Gilnean Kingdom. Work was soon started and along the way investors and other groups pitched in and helped create the town that Quayside is today, groups such as previous Theramore residents that were left with no home after the disaster that destroyed the harbour, High Elven, Night Elven and Nightborn refugees looking for homes alongside the Gilneans who have had no permanent residence of their own since the wall fell. Other key contributors would be the Arkanford, an illustrious guild of neutral magi and the Togglespark Cartel of Goblins alongside other smaller merchants guilds looking for a piece of the pie. It was decided amongst the leadership of these groups that each of these fiercely independent communities would come together and forge their own home outside of the politics and conflict surrounding both the Horde and Alliance, though of course, they would still be willing to trade with either faction provided that they aren't dragged into their wars. And thus, Quayside was born! The Whitewharf District is the first place that most travellers will see when they arrive! It's a place with white walls, light stonework, bright blue roof tops and bustling street stalls as far as the eye can see. This district is akin to a living, breathing market place with residents and merchants travelling in and out of buildings, stepping off of boats and hopping around corner stalls with all the energy and pep of a Murloc simmering upon a stovetop. Why not take a moment to kick back and relax at the best colour coded tavern this side of the Blue Recluse and stop for a drink at the 'Bluebell By the Sea'! Maybe pick up a few fruity delicacies from cities far and wide on the markets, do a spot of deep sea fishing or even take a ride on one of the aethentic suramar gondolas! The Whitewharf has anything and everything for the hearty traveler looking to have a good time or simply rest his head! --- The Gothic Quarter, named after the atmosphere it tries to encapsulate, is a place sure to feel like home to your average Gilnean. This district was built with nostalgia in mind, nostalgia for home, for a slice of the county behind the wall and it's as close as you can get with the gnarled oaks overlooking the drystone walls and the homely cobblestones littering the streets. It's where most of the Gilnean residents have chosen to make their home. While the Gothic quarter houses some smaller businesses and civil services it doesn't see nearly as much open trade as the Whitewharf, so the Gothic Quarter tends to be mostly used as a residential area. There are rumours on the streets of this quarter, whispers telling of a way a man can make money if he's smart and savvy enough. Rumours of crowded fights in darker corners of the district and high paying jobs given to men who can swing a blade properly! Well paying work can sometimes be a little harder to find here but someone who knows how to navigate the streets will go far in the Gothic Quarter! --- The Togglespark Cartel owns this third of the town, and the prince has turned it into his personal shipping yard, making his moolah off of trading goods here and there with little regard for the naunce and care required in transporting the kinds of items they carry. What items, you say? Well, ask around, I'm sure you'll find a Goblin willing to give you the low-down for a copper coin or two. In terms most people in Quayside will tell you, the Togglespark Cartel are good for business. good for having a stable town, but bad for living and bad for the smell. You can even smell the smog bellowing from some areas of the Whitewharf and it ain't pleasant! Not many people would call their shipyard bunks hospitable but it seems Goblins and their mercenary muscle tend to have a different definition of 'living conditons', of course, this means that most of their workers don't actually have their homes in Quayside and travel to and from the various lands of the lesser Cartel. They tend to keep to themselves and protect the interests of their Prince first and foremost. All in all, they're not the best neighbours, be we make do! The People of Quayside are made up of several groups, these include, but aren't limited to... Gilnean citizens both human and Worgen, previously making their home in Surwich. Merchants and Artisans previously making their home in Theramore. Night Elven Refugees who lack a home after Teldrassil was burned. The Arkanford, a Guild of illustrious Magi with scholarly interests at heart. and a Cartel of Goblins looking to make a profit using the harbour. Spoilers contains further details on the peoples and businesses. For information on the people... These two following businesses make up a good chunk of the traffic to and from Quayside whether it be magical or nautical. For information on the businesses... --- As said before, I'm setting up a little discord where I'll be co-ordinating any helpers I get, and giving updated on my progress with this! Feel free to hop in, you'll find us here, at this link. And don't forget, for thos who wanna check the phase itself at any point the phase number is 36543, But if you dont wanna log on, you can always check here!
  4. This addition can only be a good thing given the state of public RP. Sindbad hits the nail on the head here. If anything, a lack of this feature makes finding populated areas for RP more tiresome and arduous for players and doesn't actually seem to be helping smaller phases find a footing, as currently no one is really finding a footing because players just join phases to look for players, find barely any players and then proceed to leave. I've recently helped introduce a few old friends who were into WoWRP back in the day onto epsilon and they haven't all stuck around for one reason or another, but the thing I think stopped them from getting the best experience, and they thing that they all seemed to agree on that the server needed was this. It makes it much easier to actually engage with the server on a public level when you know where the players are and when they can engage with people rather than hit a brick wall. As it stands the only real way to find RP is to somehow find your way into an established, active group of roleplayers either by simply asking around or checking ads on the Discord which is great, those definitely have a place but currently public RP with randoms doesn't seem to, unfortunately. There is really no easy way to engage with people in a public space In-character. Adding a Player Counter to phases could help fix that problem.
  5. Hey there! I was looking through some objects to build with and just randomly flying around on a flying mount when I discovered that some of the WMO's I was using had some very strange collisions. This is likely because they're from the updated Arathi basin battlegrounds and were never properly designed to be landed on, but if the epsilon development team has a chance and the tools (I have no idea what you guys use to develop these objects and don't presume to know what you can and can't do!) I think it would be cool to make it so people can land, run, move and such properly on the roof of these buildings! The effected WMO's are as follows! [[bfa 810-820] 8hu_pvp_arathibasinbg_farm01.wmo - 881883] [[bfa 810-820] 8hu_pvp_arathibasinbg_lumbermill01.wmo - 881882] [[bfa 801-820] emptywmo_8hu_pvp_arathibasinbg_silo01.wmo - 887129] [[bfa 801-820] emptywmo_8hu_pvp_arathibasinbg_blacksmith01.wmo - 886687] [[bfa 810-820] 8hu_pvp_arathibasinbg_windmillbase01.wmo - 881908] [[bfa 801-820] emptywmo_8hu_pvp_arathibasinbg_townhall01.wmo - 886683] Thanks for taking the time to read this! • Type of Bug: Collision Issue • Description: There is an invisible collision stopping the user from landing on top of the listed buildings • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): 02:57:37 886685 - [[bfa 801-820] emptywmo_8hu_pvp_arathibasinbg_farm01.wmo] 02:57:37 881883 - [[bfa 810-820] 8hu_pvp_arathibasinbg_farm01.wmo] 02:57:37 You have reached the end of your lookup. • Steps to reproduce: 1. Spawn one of the listed buildings 2. Turn cheat flyi on 3. Attempt to fly onto the roof of the WMO • Expected result: The user should be able to land and walk on the building • Observed result: The user was unable to land on the building because there are invisible collisions surrounding the WMOs listen above. • Reproduction rate: 100% • Additional information:More info given in the larger post above this including a list of the effected objects.
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    The Arkanford

    I was just informed that the link in the main post has stopped working! I should've fixed it now, but if not... Here!
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    The Arkanford

    Knowledge, for its own sake. Imagine. Such a simple, yet powerful word... To create a fantasy as vast as our world is, one only needs to imagine. Then, I ask you, dear reader... To imagine. Imagine a society where one can come to share their mystical exploits and discoveries, without the bindings of misplaced bigotry or the chary progress made by archmages gripped by a fear of repetition. Indeed, wanton misuse and overuse of the arcane once nearly lead to this world's destruction. But, for a moment, allow your mind to soar freely over the land of endless possibility, the land where you've imagined magic could've progressed to, had we not been held back by this overwhelming fear. Imagine a society, held together by a long chain of trustees and confidants, where the research and development of the arcane isn't held back by fear. Imagine a place, where you can freely study countless fields of the mystical nature, without fear of mockery or defamation-- Where all, whether they be runemaster, warlock or magus are treated equally, when regarding their research. Where no one thing, save for the truly monstrous, lies beyond the grasp of your researching needs. If such a place is what one would desire, then your imagination mustn't run too far. The Arkanford Society opens it's arms wide, welcoming those who would become part of it's community. A group of scholar-adventurers, like-minded in their zealous thirst for knowledge. The Arkanford seeks, uncovers and thoroughly studies both ancient mysteries and new techniques, hoping to achieve enormous breakthroughs. Ultimately, the Arkanford's truest, ultimate goal is to make Azeroth a safer place, for knowledge and power go hand in hand-- In all things. Guild Founder: Aevelm Embrysian Current Guild Leader: Ainsley Harrington Guild Motto: Knowledge, for its own sake. Guild Goals: The endless pursuit of knowledge and with it, the furthering of the protection of our very way of life With the defeat on N’zoth the Akranford lies in tattered shambles, a ruin of what it once was. I, Ainsley Harrington vow to raise the guild up to it’s previous heights once again, alongside those who will still stand with me. I will make it my aim to guide the Arkanford on a path that teaches future generations the value of knowledge, the value of experimentation and of magic itself, magic of all manners, not just the Arcane. Magic exists for the betterment of everyone, so let us capitalise on that. Direct Guild Goals may be altered in the future. Guild Description: The Arkanford Society is a primarily mage-focused group created by Aevelm Embrysian and is currently led as Thearch by Ainsley Harrington. Despite it's focus in the arcane, the Society isn't wholly limited to such. All classes save for Necromancers and the otherwise unforgivably evil are permitted and although the society will not teach Warlocks of Necromancers, some degree of study is to be expected and permitted as to understand the very nature of these magics, and to allow us to properly combat them. The Arkanford's primary goal is research and development of the mystical persuasion, however, the Society can easily become embroiled in other tasks unrelated to such a thing. The Arkanford Society prides itself in the fact that it allows much more freedom than the Archmages of the Kirin Tor; in fact, in recent times, some members of the Arkanford have been going out of their way to decry the Kirin Tor as an order of old fools-- Though not all of the Arkanians share this sentiment, fortunately. Recruitment: Throughout the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, two groups have recently been recruiting. The Arkanford Research Society on the Alliance and the Arkanford Research Group on the Horde. To join either of these (totally unrelated) groups, all one would need to do is address a recruiter. A list of recruiters is available below. These recruiters will run the prospective member through an interview, upon which the recruiter may deliberate on how to proceed. On the Alliance side, you can speak with Mr. Ainsley Harrington, Tate or Akirie Starfall On the Horde side, you can speak with So'themar Entoras. The interview can go one of three ways, depending on how the Arkanian feels about the Prospect: They can be outright accepted, on the spot. This is the ideal situation. They can be taken into brief consideration, the Arkanian takes it back to other members of the society and describes the interview, hoping to iron out any discrepancies as well as get second opinions(this can end up going either way). They can also be outright denied, this should be the least common... This would happen on the occasion that the Prospect is perceived as a threat of some sort to the Society of one of it’s members, should they join. Locations: The Arkanford's primary base of operations is currently a cart of Aevelm’s design, a magnificent gothic mansion contained within a cart via transdimensional manipulation and magic, despite this however, the Arkanford may temporarily take control of any location belonging to one of its members for the purposes of holding Assemblies, permission permitting, of course. Allegiances: The Arkanford Society is currently without official allies. However, the Arkanford is in good terms with numerous other organizations-- Though, the nature of this relationship is distant, due to the Society's decision to remain neutral in lieu of the coming war. The Arkanford isn't organized in a manner where a single person holds an overwhelming amount of responsibilities. All guild-wide decisions must be made during an Assembly. This means that every single guild member has a right to make his own, educated decision and cast a vote. Assemblies are explained further below. The highest echelon of rankings, the Thearch and Strategos can be considered the leadership of the Arkanford Society. However, even as leaders, they possess limited power over other arkanians. The Thearch has all the privileges of a Demiarch, in addition to having the capability to call for and preside over votes to instate new Demiarchs aswell as the Strategos. The Thearch's greatest responsibility is to recognize active threats to the Society and decide whether or not a Strategos is necessary to manage the situation. On the other side of the coin, the Strategos is a temporary rank given to a respected member of the Arkanford during a War-Assembly. The Strategos is the absolute leader of the secondary organization known as The Arkan Host, a military branch of the Arkanford erectedto combat threats against Azeroth. A Strategos can only be brought into power by an executive decision made by the Thearch, whose responsibility it is to recognize when a Strategos is entirely necessary. The Strategos, then, possesses active command over The Arkan Host, which comprises the entirety of the guild's active service Minutemen and Censors. As the military leader of the Arkanford, the Strategos possesses the sole capacity of calling a War-Assembly, a meeting in which strategies for war are discussed by them and their fellow minutemen. During the heat of battle, Strategoi may opt to overrule decisions made during War-Assemblies due to tactical shifts in the battlefield. However, like all the ranks beneath them, if their actions taken during a battle are morally questionable, they can be summoned to an Assembly with the sole purpose of investigating their choices and reasons; if they are found to be guilty of committing a heinous act, they are turned over to the appropriate authorities for such. The following echelon is headed by the Demiarchs, Arkanians elected by other Arkanians to call Assemblies, serve as living information booths and keep everyone informed on the decisions made during Assemblies. The Demiarch is perhaps the most important rank in terms of guild organization. It is the Demiarch's task to make sure everything is in place, to make sure everything is running as it should be and everyone is doing their part for the Society. The Demiarch also selects Syndics whenever an Assembly is called and may preside over Assemblies if such a thing is necessary. Syndics are the speakers of the Arkanford. When Assemblies are called, Syndics are the ones chosen to debate in favour of a stance. It is their job to convince the Arkanians to vote for their particular school of thought-- To this end, Syndics must debate with other Syndics during Assemblies. Syndic is not a permanent rank, however it lasts for as long as an Assembly is called, in which case, they are treated to the Society's equivalent of a politician. The Syndic rank may be retained if the decision involves outside elements, in which case the Syndic leads the efforts himself. If a vote is made to take an expedition somewhere, the Syndic who championed said cause shall lead the expedition. The Thearch, Strategos and the Demiarchs cannot be Syndics, however may champion their own causes-- In which case, they merely gain an extension to their rank(Syndic-Thearch, etc.) A new rank voted into the structure during Assembly, a Censor is the military reflection of a Demiarch. As one of the component ranks of the secondary organization known as the Arkan Host, the Censor acts as a sort of connective tissue between the Minutemen on the front and the Strategos at the back. They are the eyes and ears of the Strategos on the battlefield and report to them whenever possible. Their job is to function as small unit leaders when the Arkanford is called to military action. They are allowed to make heat-of-the-moment decisions that go against the wishes of the Strategos, though must remember to document every moment of their engagements. If a decision made by a Censor is brought into question, an Assembly will be held to investigate the claim. The lowest, but at the same time highest, echelon of ranking among the Arkanford Society includes the backbone of the entire group. Arkanians are in-charge of casting votes, ultimately it is this collective of likeminded individuals that possesses the ultimate power over which direction the Arkanford is taken. During times of Peril, Arkanians are asked to become Minutemen-- An equivalent rank that may freely vote in War-Assemblies. Minutemen are regarded with great respect and rewarded at the end of their service, doubly so if they suffer injuries whilst fighting to ensure the Society's survival. Technically, the Strategos may call all Arkanians to service, but none are actually forced to become Minutemen and fight. Covenanter is another new rank voted into existence during an Assembly. They operate independent of the rest of the ranking structure, functioning as a shieldwall against corruption and internal damage caused by the same. If they believe a member within the Arkanford is corrupted, they are allowed to summon forth an Inquest-- A sort of Syndication that follows a different structure. The subject of an Inquest may or may not be informed of their status, though they will be extensively investigated until it is determined, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are entirely uncorrupted. Additionally, the rank of Covenanter is granted to sub-organizations that decide to join under the umbrella of the Arkanford, such organizations are given the title of Covenant and their members known as Covenanters. These organizations are, also, entirely independent from the remainder of the ranking structure, though their leader possesses the rank of Demiarch and their organization may weigh in during Assemblies, though are not necessarily fully considered. The Arkanford Society is primarily run in the same manner that a democracy would be-- Any decisions that affect the entire guild or a small portion of the guild should call for an Assembly. Whilst everyone has the right to vote at the end of an Assembly, only Demiarchs and the Thearch have the right to initiate an Assembly. However, most arkanians possess the right to request an Assembly over a particular matter- Which the Demiarchs or Thearch may grant or deny. The Strategos is the only member of the group that can overrule a decision made in an Assembly and only if he has the consent of the Thearch, the Demiarchs and the Syndics who participated in the Assembly Debate. Assemblies are a fairly simplistic process that -can- become complicated if too many options present themselves during the process. When an Assembly is called, a facility must be chosen where the debate is to take place. During this process, an Arkan Host is selected whom will prevent the parties from straying too far from the subject aswell as maintaining everything within the bounds of civility. All arkanians that can attend the Assembly, should. Once the Assembly begins, a minimum of two Syndics are chosen. The task of these Syndics is to inform other arkanians of the decisions that will be available in the ballot. Prior to the vote, the Syndics have a civil debate over the pros and cons of the decisions to be made. There can be any number of Syndics. Once the Assembly Debate begins there are a number of steps behind. Firstly: All participants present their subject, give a brief speech of it without including the others' subjects. Next, the Host asks a number of questions to the participants-- Then the Participants are allowed to freely debate. Finally, the arkanians present are allowed to ask their own questions to the hosts. The final step of an Assembly is for all present, save for the Syndics and the Host to vote. The votes are tallied on the spot. When the Arkanford Society is under an immediate threat or involving itself directly with some sort of conflict, Assemblies become War-Assemblies. The process is more or less the same, except the debate is eschewed for a simple presentation by the Strategos to available Minutemen. The Strategos and Thearch may present numerous options to the Minutemen and, when the War-Assembly comes to an end, the Minutemen vote. Their vote is merely considered, in the end, the decision falls on the shoulders of the Strategos. When a Syndic is elected for the purpose of carrying out a task within the Arkanford, they activate the concept of a Syndication. A Syndication is representative of a concerted effort by the assets within the Arkanford. Once successfully voted into action, a Sydication can last anywhere between hours to months or even years. During a Syndication, the leading Syndic possesses absolute authority over the integrated members beneath them, lest the Syndication find itself engaging a military enemy, in which case the Strategoi will always have precedence of command. Syndications are the main vehicle through which the Arkanford exerts itself upon the world at large. A modified version of a Syndication, an Inquest was a recently voted-in function of the Arkanford. As explained above, Inquests are the domain of Covenanters. They are called when one or more arkanians are under suspicion of being a servant of evil masquerading as one of their rank. When called, an Inquest can be summoned on any individual within the Arkanford-- Or even beyond it, if voted upon by a host of arkanians. Calling a vote for an Inquest requires no Demiarch and could be called on the entirety of the Demiarchs, on a strategos or even the Thearch. The Inquest is tasked with investigating the suspect. If necessary, they are allowed to capture and interrogate the suspect, though must provide ample reason and some measure of evidence as to their actions before doing so. Wild allegations are not accepted as valid criteria for an Inquest and, eventually, the individual who called for the Inquest unfairly will be punished for such actions. An Inquest is finalized when the suspect is neutralized or absolved of all suspicions.  OOC Section What to expect: Mage shenanigans and magical adventures, though despite this focus we happily accept many other characters from all walks of life, whether they be Mages, Soldiers, Artisans or simple civilians looking to learn magic! Who is welcome: The guild is open to all on an OOC basis but some restrictions apply in terms of class and race, though for the most part this discretion only applies to Demon Hunters, Deathknights and other exotic classes and and races. These will be allowed in on an individual basis given previous IC interaction or something similar. If you fall into either of these classes, or something that isn't on the traditional class list (such as a Necromancer, or a custom lore class) please inquire with one of our officers! How do we function when it comes to DMing events: That's a good question! We haven't discussed this much so far, but I've got previous work with a Dicemaster system that I intend to use for my own events, though participating and running these kinds of events are completely optional! More information on that will be found at this link! What timeline are we currently basing this RP in: The current time is the same as the current server patch. Post N'zoth and pre Shadowlands, this should allow most characters to easily fit into the world, even if we don't intend to focus on the retail story too close. Who do I contact to join: The easiest way to join the guild would be to go into the Discord and ask around for an invite, or for some RP! The link is right here, you're more than welcome! But most of us would be happy to invite you to the guild if you catch us in-game, we don't bite! Thank you for reading, I look forward to seeing you in the guild!
  8. A savage wildman wearing Ironwood and pelt, dedicated to the Old Ways! My Discord is Jordy#1996
  9. The Northreach Companions " Life is either a grand Adventure, or not worth living at all " Rumours abound of the fabled Northreach Sanctuary, a keep in the Arathi Highlands left to rot in the wake of the Old Horde, but one that refuses to stay down. The valley that the fabled keep sits within thrives with flora and flowers, a true grove of wonders that promises adventure in spades for anyone willing to step into the halls, and this Age of Chaos is filled with oppertunities for adventure! Ranks and Recruitment " Ya’ know you’re truly alive when you’re living among lions like these " These Adventurers are as much a family as they are a group of ragtag layabouts led by a council of like minded journeymen. Otherwise, members all have the same authority, being allowed to come and go as they please and more than welcome to take any job they wish from the board. Anyone who finds the keep will be offered a chance to stay within the home and join the Companions on their adventures, otherwise, you only have to find one of the members, either on the road, living in the Adventure, or during a fated encounter destined to change your life and send you on a journey you won’t soon forget. One day, when you least expect it, the grand adventure finds you and you better be ready! Rumoured Histories " The Hills have stories to tell, care to sit a while and listen? " The storied keep sits on the edge of the Highlands, having lived through the second and third war, only to resurface in service to the spirit of Adventure! Stories of old soldiers fending off hordes of demons, tales of warriors resisting the tides of darkness and evil and even songs sung about trees that breath life back into dead men, all of this and more surrounds the air of mystery that this keep resides in and those that find their way here are sure to be in for an adventure or two! In reality, the keep was a bastion that held fast against the Old Horde during the second war, built on the site that was precious to those who practiced the ‘Old Ways’, the keep was built in the boughs of a grove with a powerful tree of restoration in its centre. During the last major battle at the Old Northreach, a council of Orcish Warlocks and powerful demons sundered the earth surrounding the battlements, and caused a chasm to form around the keep. As stubborn as ever, the keep remained beaten, but not destroyed and thus it was set to rise once again to fend off the invasion of evil that grips the world. In the wake of the fourth war, the Adventurers who make their home in this keep have resolved to help the surrounding settlements adjust to life after such a devestating battle gripped the Highlands so tightly, from Stromgarde, to Hammerfall, to the local Farmsteads and everywhere inbetween and beyond, the Companions will be lending their aid! OOC Info We’re going on some good old Adventures my dudes, creating stories without faction boundaries and opening our doors to all, as long as you’re a Good Boy, everyone is invited, Horde or Alliance, and once we get off our feet, players are free to contribute their own stories, goals and event ideas to the guild. A lot of the events run by this guild will be using a very WIP, but completely usable Dicemaster system designed by yours truly. For those who aren't aware, Dicemaster is an addon that allows deeper engagement with Dice-based Roleplay, like that of your average Tabletop Roleplaying Game! It's not required that you be familiar with this system or addon immediatly as there are always people willing to help you get to grip with it, but incase you wish to delve into it, here is the system! There will be a guide on addon installation in the guild's Discord! If interested in the guild, come check out our Discord here! Feel free to PM if you have any questions or requests, I’m always on Discord at Jordy#3000 
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