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  1. Welcome, to the bustling trade city situated, very conveniently, between Kul Tiras and Zandalar! The city of Hordale is host to a gloomy, dark atmosphere, filled with unease and mysterious tension in the air. It has seen a long, struggling growth from being a small and lawless port to a now-thriving lawful metropolis! Hordale is a neutral city, doing trade with both Alliance and Horde factions and allowing their respective races entry into the city and society, so long as they have coin in their pockets. The city is governed by a Triumvirate of the three representatives from the three major guilds in the city: the Merchant's Guild, the Mage's Guild, and the Militia . Lore: Merchants found the small town of Hordale in their travels and began using it as a port for their trade goods. The location of the town provided a good flow of trade and so they invested money in the local economy and began to grow the town into a more prosperous city. The Mage's guild was founded by a single woman who landed in the city and stayed to help the citizens. The Militia was formed out of necessity, after one man decided the people deserved safety and stability. The city is dark and full of dangers, for even though the Militia can have a hard time, occasionally, people will be people. It is not unheard of to casually witness a stabbing now and again, or a rivalry escalate into a war between Guilds. Merchants enter trade wars, and vie for control of the docks, while trying to appear to be lawfully-good servants of the people. The city's underworld is a realm to not be disturbed. We welcome you to Hordale, may your path be bright. OOC Information: - Hordale is in Phase 3989. Come and join us! - We allow all Alliance and Horde races. Any Void affiliated characters are not permitted. - Timeline - 9.0 (Shadowlands) Exotic races will need Mod approval before they can join the roleplay. - Hordale is a neutral town, and the militia will maintain the peace. - Please read the rest of our Rules and more information like the city's full history on our Discord server! Join using the link below! https://discord.gg/qVTeW73EfY
  2. Welcome fellow newb!
  3. Perhaps if you smoke the pipe, a story will unfold before your mind, as if you yourself lived it. Perhaps not. If you chose to sit and smoke the pipe and have a little read, congratulations, you've unlocked a Timewalking Achievment, Ramblings of a Madwoman. ------ The pipe ignites as you put it to your lips, even if jokingly. There is a wrongness to it. There is nothing to burn within the pipe nor source for flame. And yet, smoke fills your lungs and you find yourself exhailing. The space around you begins to grow black, your ears begin to feel strange, as if air were heavy in them and becoming cotton. Darkness takes you, until you blink. You find yourself standing....where are you standing? It's cold. No, cool? Perhaps it's just the air? But there was no wind. Odd, you were standing right? But, if you think about it, can you really feel the ground anymore? Blackness, silken and soft seems to hum and quiver with anticipation. Something was coming. But how do you know that? How could anything here know that? But it was, it was coming, and fast. You open your mouth. You will scream, you will scream and you will wake up. As your mouth opens to pour forth sound you realize with horror, the sound if stiffled, and forced back the way it came. Blackness creeps over your tongue, tasting of oil and dead bile grown slick on fermineted waters. The putrid flavors threaten to overwhelm, scents of death and decay find your nose. Suddenly acrid smells sneak in. Light, what is this? The sound of warped laughter tickles your mind, like maddness it schreeks and you want to claw it from your mind; but you have no hands to do so. Where are your hands? What happened to your body? Who were you? The laughter grows louder. The smell of brimstone and smoke begins to waft in through some sense you were not aware you possessed. Something absolutly animalistic in you knows, flee. Through the maddness something touches you, wraps you in coldness, douses you like red iron meeting water. You've passed through the Nightmare, or but a shadow of it. Standing before you is a woman, unassuming and perhaps frail. The light hurts at first as your eyes adjust. "Where am I?" She turns, and you are given pause. Is she undead? Her voice relieves that question. "You stand within the Caverns of Time outsider, it seems someone has chosen you to join us." Silvie picked up the pipe and gave it a fond tap. She handled it with a familiarity that would leave no doubt of ownership. "Stand, please. There is much to explain." ----- Name: Silviahna Spellwind Rank/Alliegance: Former Age: Well of Eternity generation Highborne Sex: Female Skills: Temporal Magic, Fire Magic, Runes Less important skills: Dancing, Mounted Combat, Tailor Habitual Effects: Taste in jewelry runs toward silvers and white golds with gems set in cooler tones and colors. Prefers rich cloth blended to matching practical chainmail. She wears boos constantly, just in case. Refuses to use a focus device such as a staff or wand. There have been those who notice she always wear the same tri-piece set of jewelry though, and wonder if it may not be such a enhancment. Prefers sweets to sours, hates bitter alcohol or breads. Likes animals and small children. Short temper at times with adults, particularly men who seem keen to get things done their own way. Brief OOC History:
  4. Thanks everyone for all the help getting things set up. My apologies if I was stoned. We all get there eventually. <3
  5. Project terminated. Nothing to see here.
  6. It's been a couple of expansions since I have done the private server scene. Went to Second Life, then back to PvP on blizz. Felt the itch to come back to private and fiddle about. 15+ year in RP. Lots in WoW. Look forward to writing with you all