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  1. Yeeeee boiiiiiiii, Night Elves aka #1 PREWoW
  2. Malax


    I definitely agree with you on this, so I've gone and created one.
  3. I'm not going to highlight the initial post, as I believe Grimm has already covered this. Yet we are on Discord and the forums frequent; I am anyway, if you feel the need to raise an issue, be it regarding anything. Please PM me what it's regarding and I'm more than happy to discuss. Somethings have to be handled at both ends and not led by a single person. I look forward to hearing any concerns and helping iron them out.
  4. I haven't read the Tomb of Sargeras book, yet you control a Water Elemental in one of the world quests on the Broken Shore and you put out fel fire with his water abilities, no?
  5. Malax

    Boney M

    This is awesome. Well played.
  6. Technically, there's no "offical" based timeline as we're supporting all Roleplaying to be done within the user's phases; this allows the owner, if they want to specify any particular timeline that they want, be it First War based all the way to retail timeline of the invasion of Argus. If I bring back Malax; and if I do it'll be a completely refresh of the character with just the same name. He'll no doubt be alongside the Armies of the Legionfall assisting in clearing Azeroth of all remnant Legion forces, I doubt he'd bother going to Argus and helping the army of the light.
  7. Hey guys, little post thing to maybe occupy yourselves with and perhaps get those creative brain cells going! What kind of Character/Characters are you intending to play? Let's make it so you provide a sentence or two about what the Character is, it'll be cool to see what some ideas people are having.
  8. I hate Mondays.

  9. Malax

    Meet The Staff

    Name: Malax Age: 23 Interests: Gaming, music, football (Proper one), IT, Tia. Role: Game Master Bio: Hey, I'm Malax. Hopefully many of you already know me, if not then feel free to pop me a PM anytime. I've been involved and roleplaying on GM Servers since Echeloned, so I've been around this style of community for some time. Currently, In my career, I'm working as a Systems Engineer, providing tech support and maintenance for internal users of a decently sized company. I love spending time going out and listening to live music as well as spending countless hours playing games. I'm here to make all of your experiences here at Epsilon to be as the best as it can be, through the means of being involved within the community itself and that of your Roleplaying adventures, please feel free to get in touch with me regarding any of these and I'll be more than happy to spend my time assisting you.