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  1. This is very based.
  2. Finally, another cigarette patch.
  3. Bump, this patch is no longer required as all the Kul Tiras coat items are now usable in game without the patch. Only downside is that they only work for humans.
  4. as long as you dont replace the grizzly hills music we'll be straight
  5. RIP Wyther County. Was fun for the two weeks it was around.
  6. Sounds like a good idea, might have to see what the team says. I think it can be done, might just take a little while.
  7. Sounds like a fun idea. I'm interested to see the complete reconstruction of Lordaeron with updated objects.
  8. Not sure why, but this started happening after I installed your patch. DK eyes and eyeglow are basically white now. Unsure why this is.
  9. Salutations. Found a bug with the normal orcs and Mag'har. When selecting the straight back posture, it won't show up in the character create screen, which is more than likely a minor inconvenience. But, it happens in the chararcter select screen, too. He'll show up hunched over, but will have the skin, hair, and face that I had picked. When logging into start, the character will first pop in hunched over, too, but will quickly switch to a straight back orc, but he will be permanently green, and will not have the face, skin, and hair options that I had picked, but will have the posture. Thank you for reading.
  10. Bogo

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    dOeS thIS woRk oN rpH? ? ? ? just kidding ily kori
  11. Granted, but the suit is 15 sizes larger than you. I wish I had billions of dollars.
  12. Bogo


    'Tis fixed. Praise the lord.
  13. Bogo


    @Aurarius No problem, bud. Edit: Still got the same problem. I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe I'm missing something in my directory that's supposed to allow this to work. Edit #2: Okay, I launched Epsi with the dev .exe and without the dev .exe and it appears that when i do use the dev .exe it shows the texture, but not the model, but when I don't, there's no texture, only the original model of the hood replacing it. so i have no fucking clue whats going on. this is all fucky.