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  1. Kori

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    Sorry for the late reply - This seems to be a problem for your client only. Did you install the new TRP after you installed the icon patch? Could be a reason. Thanks for the heads up with the macros though - I think I need to re-upload the macro lua so it supports the custom icons. I'll get a fix for that by the end of next week. Going Forward; - I will be removing all passwords for previous Patches, but going forward for texture, model and personal customisation patches that remain unofficial to Epsilon. - I will password lock them for a short period of time; then eventually lift them consecutively; if you are a registered Epsilon member, this should be no concern :).
  2. I've already done this; all it would take is some serverside trickery to make .phase shift viable. These are the ADTs from vanilla, as well, not classic.
  3. Kori

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    Check the Zones section; enter that phase and use the .phase tele to get there.
  4. Kori

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    Some of the patches are password-locked; Search 'Kompendium Password' in #main in the Epsilon Discord for the passwords. Icons Update All missing icons should now be available. Filetype fixes; no more green boxes. Shaders Update V2 Version - Visually tweaked and optimised for better performance for every preset. V3 Version - Gave Cinematic a facelift with colour tonemapping and ambient / bloom lighting intensity. V3 Version - Included a seperate SSR/Ray-Tracing Beta Version. Far from finished! Zone Patch Old Azeroth zones have returned! These do not replace the existing Cataclysm zones; they have their seperate maps! If you choose to uninstall the Zone Patch while in one of the zones; you will get a streaming error when logging in. If somebody .apps you without the Zone Patch; they will get a streaming error.
  5. Forums currently aren't letting you edit a forum thread if a time limit is reached; it also seems to have trouble dealing with the spoiler tag; the first spoiler tag can't be assigned an endpoint - though the rest can.
  6. I'll have a go at this tomorrow. I wish I could edit their UV to fit them better but WotLK+ WMOs really dont like blender; so it might not be pitch perfect, but the best I can do. I've wanted to sort the vanilla humie blacksmith out for so long.
  7. Kori

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    Woeful unintentional bump. Until I can edit my original post, updated links are here; Due to another server gaining these; I've had to encrypt them. PM on Discord for password. Custom UI Custom Icons
  8. Kori

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    Updated with missing/buggy icons. Unfortunately due to Mallery leeching to give them to another server - I've had to encrypt the files. PM me on Discord for the password.
  9. Kori

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    I cant assure ive ported all of the BFA icons; if you find any missing - let me know here. EDIT: Added 420 blazeit missing icons; fixed some HD_ variants. Link updated.
  10. Drop the 'world' folder into your directory (where your EpsilonWoW.exe is located)
  11. Complete credit goes to Ghaster, from ModelChanging, for the MPQ files; the last Cataclysm build version supporting the old zones. All I did was make the files no longer replace the Retail Cataclysm zones. As a result; there is no worldmap or minimap (yet) for the old zones.