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  1. This is intentional, as DK eyes use a new mesh so I left them out for Non-DK races (for variation). If you want to use the DK eyes introduced in 8.3 - Pick a Death Knight! Also thanks for the continual issues, I'll be finishing my break soon and getting back to these.
  2. MeshID changes to the original Troll Tusks - which is why they no longer show. The tiny tusk is an old reference for texture data. This issue will be addressed and normalised - when Zandalari Trolls get new customisation.
  3. I've spent more hours than I wished trying to figure this out. Eye flags changed a boatload with 8.3.0, the original DK eyeglow got updated to the new variant and the HE glow variant seems to have been gutted; all the HE glow does now is remove the glow entirely, thus giving no pupils. As such, I can't use the old DK eyeglow as a compromise, now. The best I can do is offer the pale velf eyeglow on top of the DK faces; otherwise you'll need to use the HElf skin. Cheers!
  4. This has been adressed in the first post and the 8.3.0 changelog; this is a temporary compromise for the new customisation until we can lift the 16 slot limit. Cheers!
  5. This was a known issue and has already been fixed for the next rebuild, cheers.
  6. This is fixed, cheers! Drawback of seperating horn styles from hairstyles and something I'd missed, this is fixed for the next rebuild. Cheers! Known issue that's always going to be troublesome with a compromise, of sorts. I forgot to flag the hornless variant - it exists but isn't being utilized! Fixed in the next rebuild. Forgot to log this issue, but this should be fixed for the next rebuild. I opened up eyeglow options for Blood Elves through face options; half show eyeglow; half don't - if this isn't already live, then it's ready for the next rebuild. This is a drawback having Lightforged Horn availability with the Eredar Skin; I'll see if I can worm my way around this. Thanks! This is intentional, for now. TLDR; every ID change, bug fixes included, requires me to manually rebuild the BarberShop DB2 files. A compromise, for now, until we're at a comfortable situation with the bugs. Thanks!
  7. Known issues already fixed for next rebuild. Cheers
  8. Straight Back Orc issue has been fixed already, but thanks. This is a temporary intention, the changelog stated that, temporarily, new features will share the same sections as the pre-existing DH options until the index limit can be bypassed. The white chin hair tuft is there, though no options at all is a known issue (along with goblins) that I forgot to log. Thanks!
  9. With 8.3.0 comes the release of additional character customisation! Though it isn't without its' issues. To avoid duplicate reports and/or keep things concise, any issues regarding character models and its' customisation should be posted here. Known Issues When reporting; please try and avoid from making duplicate reports, so I can keep a concise track on everything! Cheers! Ross' format is a good example to follow when reporting a bug. • Race: • Sex (Male/Female?): • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): • Description: • Evidence (Screenshot):
  10. After you hit apply, then ok, the little black square usually persists. Ensure you have admin permissions to do it - the little square should be visible, however.
  11. I'll have a look into them; see if the spell mesh is different from the item itself. If it is - I personally see no reason for this not to be included, regardless of replacement ideology.
  12. Kori

    Upright Orc.

    Correct, I think this is a leftover change from when we were on 7.3.5, thanks
  13. Do you have an antivirus? Add to the list of exceptions, if so. Also make sure your folder is not set to read only; you can do when right clicking the main folder's properties.
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    Oddities - Removed - Needs restructuring for Epsilon 8.3.0 Zones - Removed - Needs restructuring for Epsilon 8.3.0 Icons - Removed - Included in Epsilon 8.3.0 AddOns - New - RPG UI ( 21:9 Widescreen Support Only, Right Now ) - Spell List for Epsilon 8.3.0
  15. - Applications are open.