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  1. ward

    Shadowlands Weapons

    GOOD LAD i'm hoping lots of ppl use this so we can all enjoy it in public rps
  2. not to say this isnt cool as fuck and u did a rlly good job tho
  3. casual reminder that u shouldnt enforce accurate scaling on people and if they have a height listed in their trp which they don't represent and they dont want to portray it ingame, you should treat it as if they're accurately scaled.
  4. ward


    for those of u who dont know me, im ward. i broke all ur favourite BFA creature models. i like ice-skating, candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach and getting overly attached to people who i really don't mean a lot to. im a 29 y/o guitar enthusiast, part-time bartender and im currently re-learning graphic design after 3 years of no practice. im also working on a little idea for you guys that may or may not be coming to the server db2, and im looking for graphic designers and artists to work with me so please dm me at homelander#8578. in addition im also working on 3 public phase concepts.
  5. interesting concept, dm me on discord (homelander#8578). i have a little tattoo project in the works
  6. ward

    .ch dur

    sets duration / cast time of spells to 7 days or something so you can keep 'casting' a spell for ages, i.e. permanent casting animation for lava burst or power word: radiance for that sweet visual effect.
  7. Update: Although Scourge models (playable undead) will be re-boned this weekend all remaining chinese censored models will remain as they are for the time being (likely until BFA hits this server) so I'm going to leave this patch up for download. a rudimentary patch with no database shit required which will replace the chinese models of some ingame undead with corresponding models from retail 8.2.5. the following models will be affected: drustvarbeastman <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/Z0vqS9K" ><a href="//imgur.com/a/Z0vqS9K">Undead Uncensored - Drustvar Beast Men</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> skeletaltrollwarrior character\northrendskeleton character\skeleton currently this patch also causes Night Elf Male Face 14 to be warped as one of the files references nightelfmaleeyeglow.blp and other similar files for reasons i'm not sure of. if you have a suggested fix please DM me on discord gutter#8578. as per Epsilon's policies with unofficial patches the staff is not responsible for fixing problems you have with this patch. also i will probably not respond to anything regarding incompatibilities etc i just did this for my own usage. anyway please enjoy, file is attached. undead uncensored.7z
  8. ward

    .ph forge npc aura

    Sets auras entryid-wide as name suggests, would be very useful as a command for shit like quivers or shadowforms or vertexes.
  9. ward


    Theres 1483 entries in the item enchantment dbc file. I'd argue a lot of these NPC exclusive enchantment displayIDs could be accessible with a command. This also means things like Chronos and Nightmare illusions can be used seeing as transmogrification is broken.