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    Warlord's Hand

    Introduction Four weeks have passed since the fall of the Sunwell to the fallen prince of Lordaeron and his undead legions, who traveled southwards through the Dead Scar back to his homeland with his objective complete. With the High Elf population decimated and the remaining survivors scattered, few, and far between, an opportunity ripe for the taking had presented itself. Many warbands of younger Trolls had already begun their forays into the forests, returning with accounts of pockets of undead and necromancers strewn across the land, branding themselves as lords of small territories. The Atul'Amani, a council of self-styled protectors of the Amani Empire during the absence of Zul'jin after his disappearance following the Second War, had decided to first look within their own lands, and purge the dark whispers that even now cooed promises of power into the minds of the willing, that threatened the very fabric of their society. To accomplish this task, they created the Warlord's Hand, to act as their inquisition against the dark powers that sought to topple the old order. Messengers were sent to Trolls who had become known to the Atul'Amani through their actions in order for their skills to be put to use, as well as messengers giving a general call to action to the warriors of the Empire. The first task of the Warlord's Hand will be to investigate rumors of a heretical priest who has taken over a centuries-old catacomb as his own, performing shadowy rituals there. Nearby, the trolls of Zeb'Nowa fear the worst. The Atul'Amani have sent you to eliminate any possible presence of undead or Scourge agents before it gets out of hand. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Warlord's Hand is set to begin four weeks after the fall of the Sunwell, and explore the perspective of the Forest Trolls during the sudden power vacuum within a land both Elf and Troll called home. As time goes on, players will be able to affect major events, or create new ones. The direction the players go is up to them in what actions they decide to take, to follow the beaten road, or forge a new path entirely. Character progression is an integral part of any character and their story so characters will gradually grow in power as time goes on, but how fast you gain that power is up to you, and how much you would be willing to give in exchange for it. If you're interested in the concept, join the Discord: https://discord.gg/HkUjAqzMec _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Available Tribes Amani Tribe - By far the strongest tribe within Quel'thalas, the tribe boasts the greatest warlords and warriors known to the forest trolls, with the very empire and capital bearing their name. Shadowpine Tribe - A tribe that resides mostly on the outskirts of Zul'Aman in small villages, their ancestral ties to the Amani Tribe makes them valuable allies. Revantusk Tribe - The Atul'Amani sent a single messenger to the Revantusk tribe, promising a ceasefire in the conflict between kin, and a place within the Amani Empire if they joined the growing Troll host in Zul'Aman. Although the elders shrugged off such an offer, there were warriors and witch doctors within the tribe who considered the proposition. The current Revantusk population of Zul'Aman is very small, and they are often the targets of harassment and violence by the larger tribes, but this does not deter them. Vilebranch Tribe - After the fall of Lordaeron, travel between Jintha'alor and Zul'Aman was cut off entirely beyond travel by ship through the eastern seaboard of the continent. A small group of Vilebranch trolls have remained in Zul'Aman, for the most part stranded but eager to remain within the safety of both the city's walls and numbers. Witherbark Tribe - Like the Vilebranch, they only have a small population within Quel'thalas, separated from the rest of their tribe in the Arathi Highlands. For some, it's a death sentence. For the more ambitious, it's a chance to join their brothers in making history, and staining the land with the blood of their ancient enemies. Mossflayer Tribe - Despite the dangers of the now-burgeoning Plaguelands, many trolls of the Mossflayer tribe have fled north towards their ancient capital, with tales of groups of undead they once called family slaughtering them, and dragging off their bodies to serve a new master. Warlord Thresh'jin was sent to oversee the Mossflayer tribe, with their previous chieftain mysteriously dying, and look into the validity of these claims.
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