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  1. When blueprinting a massive build (might happen on smaller builds, I haven't tried to reproduce the bug) it seems that any object that was spawned, and then rotated using .gob turn, will spawn with its original orientation when spawned. I discovered this when I tried to copy Easthold over from 792 into 251 -- just about anything you'd expect to be turned with a command was spawned in the wrong orientation. This also happened with a house build that I made back in 2018, that I copied to a different phase -- anything turned with .gob turn reset to its original spawn position.
  2. Hey everyone! So just under a year ago I wrote a guide on the RPH forums where I created a server template for phase owners to create their own Discord server with relative ease. Discord created the ability for users to have a Discord server that would act as a 'template'. When you use the link, this template copies all channels/roles/permissions and makes them into your own server. Below, I'll write a guide for how you can get this functioning for you. It’s fairly easy to set up. All you’ll need is to copy the link below, and then add a bot to your server. Clicking this link should tell you what channels are added, as well as the roles - obviously, once the server is made, you’re free to make changes as you see fit. A template is just a template! https://discord.new/N6wr5ydyMkPx Once you visit that link you’ll be presented with the basic details as such: this You can change the name and icon before making the server. Now, the bot: You’ll want to add Dyno to your server; Here is a link to Dyno's webpage Once he’s in, you’ll be presented with a dash that looks a bit like this. At the lefthand side, go to Modules. NOTE: Please be sure once you’ve added Dyno to your server that his role is ABOVE at LEAST the Guest rank. Otherwise, the feature below will not work! Once there, look for a panel labeled as “Autoroles” and click on “Settings” Almost done - now on this page you’ll want to go and select the role “Guest” under “Select Role”, and then set the delay timer to 0 - now press ‘Add’. And you’re done! You now have a fully operational server with private entry. New users will be given the Guest role automatically, in which the only channel they can view is the “welcome-channel”. They can request a role there. This is to prevent trolls/evaders/whatever from just entering your server and mucking around. Both the NSFW and 'nsfw access' roles can be deleted if you don't care for those. This will not cause problems for the rest of the server. However the nsfw channel cannot be seen by users without the nsfw access role -- unless they have admin privileges. OPTIONAL STEPS - This is for users that want a bit more of an advanced system in place for their server-logs channel. If there turn out to be any problems with the template, let me know here or on Discord. Adjustments are not hard to make and I can update the template link any time. (also if anyone knows how I can better format this thread let me know, I don't do forum posts frequently)
  3. The recent update for Epsilon is by all accounts, phenomenal. Be it customizations or features - and while I am hesitant to write this because I don't want to ask the developers to overwork themselves, there are some ideas that maybe would be cool to be placed on the board for the future? - Anyway, firstly is the idea of Phase Ranks; As it stands now, Epsilon has a total of three phase ranks. Guest, Member, and Officer - of course, excluding Owner. It doesn't add a lot of variety. When you're handling a phase, those aren't the only few ranks you would have available - typically for moderation purposes you would want your higher-up administration to have their own rank, moderators their own, DMs, builders, etc. That's how I and a few other phase handlers from RPH typically like to have ranks set up. So a phase rank forge where you could customize various permissions would be nice to have for those moving over. This is obviously a lot of work, and I understand that, and I imagine it takes a lot just because you'd have to rewrite the current permissions system - but I feel it'd be worth it in the end. Edit; command examples - Next, is an idea for customization which I am sure has been thought about before but I feel I should state it anyway - Eye Colors; With this update we've seen the addition of several new categories in character customization that come with plenty of downported and completely new features from the dev team - I'm no DBC editor, I tried it, confused the hell out of me, so I can't begin to imagine how complicated it might be to add in another new category for select races, but it would add in plenty of new customizability both downported and new. This, also, obviously implies model editing which I'm not even sure if it's possible to have multiple different glowing eyecolors outside of what Blizzard has specified. But if it all is possible, that'd be neat. - The addition of Item Forge and Phase Texture shifting/general shifting to the Epsilon Forge addon; This is one I thought of randomly. Shifting textures (and phase shifting in general) can be a bit jarring to anyone who doesn't understand Epsilon's typical command structure (the same would be said about NPC forge and we got that added into the addon) - and as well, the item forge. An ability to see like, a 'preview' tooltip and whatnot for your item while you're making it. It's a completely fake tooltip for obvious reasons but it could be neat. Anyway, that's all I really have. I'll probably end up thinking of more things down the road. In any case, developers, you're beautiful, and everything looks amazing and I am frankly happy to be back on the server. 🙂 Edited Suggestions: Change both .app and .summon to have a form of verification; For .app - If the player is in another phase, bring up that phase ID first (unless their .app is disabled) or allow the player to have a toggle switch of whether or not they want to accept the .app. It can be really awkward when someone just wordlessly .apps you, but you don't want to constantly disable/enable the feature. For .summon, a simple check with a "click me to accept" in the chat would be nice.
  4. • Race: Blood Elf • Sex (Male/Female?): Female • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): Texture • Description: The UV mapping for hairstyle 43 is mis-mapped. • Evidence (Screenshot): https://prnt.sc/10pzqsx - https://prnt.sc/10pzrah