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    Thanks all for the welcoming 😁 Clarification: I do speak a little spanish, but I am not ! I come from a region very close to Spain, both culturally and geographically, in France. That's why I am able to speak and understand spanish, but just a little. If there are French RPers here, n'hésitez pas à me contacter par MP. Thanks again Spanish camaradas.
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    Yo me llamo Habanos, I'm new here and looking for RP. I had my first RP experience a few years ago, back in Wotlk, and have never succeed to get rid of this drug ever since. I made a few breaks, but the hunger is still coming back. Insatiable. That's why I'm here, and also because I'm not satisfied by the RP offer in my own country. YES. I'm a foreigner to you all, english speakers. Also that's why my english is so bad... I apologize to you in advance. About Warcraft, I'm more like a Horde guy. Trolls. I'm a big fan of Trolls, since WIII ! Vengeance for Zul'jin I don't really know what to play on Epsilon. For now I'll look up on the forum some useful informations about trends here (Ally ? Horde ? Neutral ? Evil ?), maybe guilds/projects/etc., and I hope to find something in which I can invest and integrate myself. It's a first time for me to roleplay in another language, but I think it can be a rewarding experience. Maybe I'll bring out an old character, named Zarkho'jin. A vicious Troll, even more vicious that he lived a large part of his life with Goblins merchants, and he learned a lot of scams and tricks. He is a merchant himself, so he has to travel a lot and build relationships with pretty much everyone valuable. I did his portrait. Any ressemblance with a former president of France is fortuitous. Thx for reading, and I hope to see you in game.😀