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  1. Hi! I'm new. I'm an old and crusty RPer that was once on Argent Dawn, then moved to GW2, and am now here. Don't take experience as skill, though. I drink the dumb bitch juice every day. Uhhhh. IRL, I'm a grumpy arsehole. Name's Tea. 26. UK. That's..... Pretty much it. I've been sitting chatting to the people in the starting area all day and I'm liking it here so far, but I'm hoping to find a place to RP my Arakkoa, Akkis, or, well, I guess a night elf, otherwise. I guess I should ask a question, huh? Get people to yell at me or something? Is there some sort of general list of .auras/.mods/whatever around? I've seen people in 'exotic' races doing some cool things, and I want to do cool things too.