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  1. kagatsuo

    Shadowlands Skins

    mom i dont understand how you have the patience to make all of these amazing things, mega kudos to you
  2. it would require be to replace one of the existing faces, which isnt something i want to do, since we cant just add faces. so, unfortunately, i cant add these faces for now.
  3. that's probably what i'm gonna do, since nothing happened with coat patch.
  4. i want to know what other people think on this claim first, but thankyou for the heads up. I've seen people claim this before on another patch (I cant quite remember which one, but i believe it was one of the older coat patch posts) where this was both said and denied by some users in the comments.
  5. Howdy, Epsilon. I made a patch. All it does is replace the fourth skin on male worgen with the full white skin found in Shadowlands datamining, since the current "white" skin isn't great. Here's the download. Hope you enjoy this patch. To anyone who's unsure on how to download, extract the files with something such as winrar and put the 'character' folder into your Epsi directory. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to tell me.
  6. do you plan on updating or fixing this?
  7. i am giving you a license to sell these things
  8. cant find the download button. uh either that or it doesnt worK?
  9. ok thats actually pretty fuckin cool
  10. fantastic addon man, very useful