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  1. Name: Caimlin Stouthammer Nickname(s): Caim. Birthdate: Before the First War. Title(s): 'The Anvil of Clan Stouthammer', 'The Anvil', Thane of Clan Stouthammer. Age: 200 Gender: Male Birthplace: Aerie Peak Race: Dwarf Class: Berserker / Warrior / Gryphon Rider / Mountain King Occupation/hobbies: Enjoys drinking, vulgarity, and hitting things. Alignment: Neutral good. Affiliation: The Wildhammer Clan Loyalty: Loyal to Aerie Peak, Falstad, and the dwarven race. Status: Currently in Aerie peak, serving as the city drunk. Sexual orientation: Heterosexual Relationship status: Widower Languages: Dwarven / Common Personality: Joking, drunken, and moderately perverted. PHYSIOGNOMY Facial appearance: Hardened, and stoic, with a full beard and mustache braided to his belly button. Eye color: Black. Hair style: Balding. Hair color: Grey. Jewellery: None. Scars/Facial tattoos: The blue runes of the wildhammer clans sprawl about his skull. BODY STRUCTURE Tattoos: Chest is covered in dwarvish runes, and sigils for various aspects of his life, no magical aspects are involved in these runes. Scars: A moderate scar begins from the top of his head, and down to his forehead from a war wound. Armor: Black steel full-plate, with boiled leather and chainmail and a horned helm. Weapons: One and Two handed axes, and one and two handed maxes, as well as mounted combat from atop his gryphon, and especially adept with a musket. MISCELLANEOUS Relatives: Mother: Sigrid Stouthammer (Deceased) Father: Belen Stouthammer (Deceased) Wife: Kolena Stouthammer (Deceased, presumed.) Gyphon: Sophia Goal(s): To lead his clan to glory, and survival. Religion/beliefs: Shamanism Home/Dwelling place: Aerie Peak Magic: None' Fighting Ability: Magic; None exsistant / Melee Combat; Adept / Marksmanship; Expert. Strengths: His battle-rage is nearly unmatched, and he is well known for his ability in tactics and strategy. Weakness: As a Berserker, his anger gets the best of him, and often leads to severe injury after battles. State of wellbeing: Stout and hardy as stone, but mildly out of shape and cannot traverse long distances, very quickly Fears: Fears few things, except for open air, running out of alcohol, commitment, children, and anything that can step on him and kill him. Quotes: "Would ye at all mind it if we exchanged the water in the fountain fer ale? Fer Science, o'course...Askin' fer a friend." Additional info(optional): •Allies: The Dwarves of Ironforge / The Alliance / The Wildhammer Clan / House Caderyn / Clan Stouthammer •Nemesis: N /A Image: Character voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nSGxxPegfM Backstory: Birth: Caimlin Stouthammer was born into the Stouthammer clan sometime before the First War upon the great mountain side refuge of the Aerie Peaks. Born stubborn, fierce, and persistent, a somewhat caring nature was also bestowed upon him, leaving behind a slight Jeckle and Hyde scenario, with one reveling in war, women, and ale, while the other preferred to spend time with his close knit family, being only his mother, Sigrid, and his father, Belen. Childhood: The two warring personalities placed bid after bid for the forefront of his personality, and the fierce confrontations with other children of his birth year brought, even at the innocent age of 3, was rather worrisome for the two parents of the fledgling Wildhammer. Upon the day Caimlin as taken in his fathers arms, however, the softer side won through, and set the course for the rest of Caimlin's life as he fell happily in love with the hatchling gryphon later to be named Sophia. From the point of him finding her all alone in a corner, he knew his path. He cared for her the best he could, and every night he sat upon his mother's lap, listening to the elders' stories of war, and their tips and instructions on gryphon handling. With such inspired hope, and a natural affinity for caring for one, Caimlin accelerated to the path of the Gryphon Riders of the Aerie Peaks. However, despite such a calmed demeanor compared to the angry little baby before, the violent side still claimed him in fits of anger, causing severe fights amongst other dwarves of his age. At the age of ten, Caimlin was taken by his father to his smithy, and was taught the ways of the forge, hammering out nails, and bolts, and smelting ore into bars for the other smithies to forge into weapons for hunting and protection. It was here that Caimlin, with the help of his father, forged his first hammer, and for only the second time in his life, Caimlin felt accomplished...even though the hammer was horribly made, and didn't even almost resemble a hammer, and shattered upon impact with the first swing. The anger grew within him when other boys laughed at his failure, and with nothing but the broken haft his anger exploded, and he claimed his first life, beating one of the other boys to death with the hammer haft, before the guards could drag him off, kicking, flailing, and shouting in the fierce spirit renowned of the Wildhammers. He was taken before the Guard Captain, and several soldiers, to decide his fate, although a very outspoken Hellion stepped up to request Caimlin in the Aviary, and there, alone with this man who he knew nothing about, Caimlin put his smithing work to the test once more. Deep within the heart of the Aviary, he forged his Stormhammer, completing his path to his one soul desire, to be a Gryphon Rider. The Hellion made Caimlin a deep offer...He could pay for his crime of murder, or he could train of his debt to become a berserker, to harness his rage and anger into one, terror-inspiring being, and he gladly accepted. Teen Age Years: Caimlin began his training with the Hellions the next day, and for the next eight years, he went through the grueling process of harnessing his rage, and using it to his advantage, and many times, he failed. Time after time he broke his practice weapons and sent them flying through the training yard, howling in a feral anger that shook him deeply, the death of the boy he killed from his same age year embroidered in his head, and his back, for even though he accepted the offer, the crime could not go unpunished, and he was brutally whipped for the murder, leaving many scars upon his back for the terrifying act he had done. His fallen friend, of his own age, became his strongest peer. Although he was gone, the memory that he could honor this friend, by succeeding, helped him to master his anger, so that he would not repeat the same crime again without just cause. On his 18th Birth Year, his father fell ill, and he missed the celebration with the 7 remaining children of his birth year, and it was then that the first trickles of the Kingdom of Azeroth came through, bound for Lordaeron, regaling the dwarves with tales of the Orcs and their ferocity. When his father died, his final words passed the mantel of Thane down to his son, giving him command of Clan Stouthammer, even though the numbers of the clan were small, only 34 members now remained with his father's death. Caimlin, with his scars and his training, began to prepare, training with his Clan solely, and spending more and more time with a friend of his Birth Year, named Kolena, who had proven to be a talented rider herself. They flew together, alone, throughout the Highlands, and the Clan quickly accepted her as one of their own. It was with her, that Caimlin came to enjoy the feel of different weapons, as they trained with more than just their hammers, but other various axes, and war hammers the Clan had prepared. Upon the next Clan ritual day, the Wedding Day, Caimlin asked Kolena's father for his blessing, and there, with many others from their Birth Year, and from other Birth Years, they were all married. Adulthood: The news of the Orcish Horde marching into Khaz Modan spread like wildfire through the Aerie Peaks, as messages came through from Lordaeron calling for the aid of the Wildhammer Clans. During a meeting of the Stouthammer Clan, Caimlin's mother fell from the stairway leading to the meeting chamber, brutally injuring her, and ultimately lead to her death. The Second War: With the death of his mother, and the drums of war sounding, the Stouthammer clan looked to Caimlin to lead them, and he took them to Tyr's Hand, just in time to meet the Commander to quell the uprising, and lend a hand in driving the orcs away from the city when they finally arrived. Uther Lightbringer appeared shortly after, with a tail of Silver Hand Knights in tow, it was here that Caimlin met the first, and one of the only, humans he could trust, in a man named Vandere Redpath. Kolena and Caimlin sat with this young and outwardly Paladin for long hours at night, sharing stories of home, and when the time came, they followed him, and Uther, to Darrowmere, where they assisted the transport ships from astride their majestic gryphons, lending aid where they could, but otherwise gave no real battle-swaying effort. Vandere, Kolena, and Caimlin would go on to fight many more battles together, including Crestfall, Blackrock, and the Dark Portal, where Caimlin had his first real taste of war. With victory on the line, Kolena and Caimlin were both knocked from their gryphons, and back to back, they fought together, orcs piling up beside them as they struggled fiercly to hold their ground. A viscious foe from an Orc Lieutenant glanced hard off of Caimlin's helmet, slicing into it and leaving a deep gash in his head, though it was Kolena behind him who suffered, being thrown to the ground by the impact of Caimlin being knocked back into her. In his rage he cut down the orc, only to see Kolena crushed beneath rubble from the orcish encampment, before he passed out from the blood leaking from his head, and his rage coming to a climax. Aftermath and the Third War: Caimlin found himself staying close to Vandere after the battle, and once they had recovered from their wounds they went out to check for Kolena's body, though it was never found from beneath the rubble. Vandere and Caimlin fought side by side once more in the Third War, waging many fights acrossed Lordaeron, and even accompanying him on the journey to slay his corrupt father, and later traveled to Hyjal with him. It was on Mount Hyjal, where he gained his fascination with rifles, a strange thing for a Wildhammer dwarf, though he quickly took his musket as an extension of his arm, becoming even better with it than his stormhammer. After the battle of Hyjal, Caimlin followed Vandere south a ways, into Ashenvale, though he refused to make the journey south with him into the barrens, and instead returned to his home after many years, to find his clan had nearly tripled in size, and with his new found time, he took on the mantle of Thane full time, pausing only to mourn the loss of his departed wife once a year, during the Death Day ritual of the Wildhammer. Present day: Caimlin eagerly seeks to raise his Clan in standing, moreso through number, and closeness, than in gold and wealth. They keep close, and maintain nightly meetings for storytelling, and revelry. He travels now, from place to place, striving desperately to contain his xenophobia enough to gather news and knowledge for his clan, hoping to one day better their standing and their livelihood even further.
  2. It seems most phase forge created NPCs do not retain their weapons when there is no one near them in a phase (IE. Nobody is around to have them loaded like being in a different zone, etc) and when the server disconnects, or resets. There is also a slight issue where re-adding the weapons to the NPCs does not show up, and you have to add a different weapon, and then replace it with the first weapon to have it show up in their hands.
  3. Thank ya, Romeo! I've seen you around a few times, you're hilarious, haha.
  4. Hey all! I'm me. I hail from a variety of servers, but most recently RPH...kinda. I was on and off, not really doing much! My friend told me a lot of praise about this server so I came by to say hi, and bring my own expanse of knowledge and lore to the place! I can most notably be found on my elf, Aedan, feel free to say hello! I am well versed in the Third War, The Scourge, Lordaeron, and the High Elves mostly, with a dash of a lot of other things mixed in. I am always willing to learn more and help others learn more about the topics I know! I look forward to chilling, and roleplaying with the lot of you! See ya in game! Aedan,
  5. Every restart, objects made into teleporters have their tele range reset to 0, and it renders them unusable, so they have to be reset after every crash.