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  1. Is it possible to change the unlimited range Leap of Faith spell to not depend on line of sight? I use it to move around a lot and it's annoying to constantly get the "Target not in line of sight" notif spellid is 92832
  2. Of course, the student desired to become better at honing their abilities. They had plenty of time on their hands to hone them, but lacked understanding of the concepts. Perhaps Mobi had written on this... And, of course, she did. A booklet was handed to them by the librarian, and the familiar, bland cover greeted their hungry eyes. Heights of the Mind By Mobi the Wizard Page 1 Your brain is an instrument, its thousands of strings influencing your conscious thought with their unique pitches and frequencies. Harmonic energy can be utilized through intense concentration to call upon the various forces of our world just like your conscious thought. This discovery and direct link can be traced to the mages of my race thousands of years ago (in a mortal capacity, anyway; the titans were the first conscious entities to truly understand this force.) As a practitioner of magic, whatever it may be, you go through this process every day. To grasp the concept fully, however, is to fully utilize your potential. You cannot force this, you can only coax it, and the satisfaction of breaking that mental barrier that most apprentices find to be incredibly frustrating is well worth the time invested. Page 2 Begin with your breathing. Do not be afraid. Do not be disheartened. Time is on your side at all times. Let your mind relax like a muscle, let it settle. Close your eyes. Imagine a white expanse with no details to clear your mind... and then open your eyes. Like wiggling your fingers, try to move a small object as if it was part of you. This is a common practice that I recommend all potential students to do. Within a week, you will be able to move small objects, and within a month, twice that amount. Your progress will become exponential until you develop this skill to the greatest capacity you can without understanding the delicate procedures of concentration and focus needed with manipulating the arcane. Page 3 There is no limit. Aegwynn could raise grand fortresses from the ground, so the only cap is your imagination. Apply this process little by little to summon flames, clouds of icy mist, poison, acid... the more difficult it gets, the more complex it becomes, the more reagents and materials you will need. A weeklong spell complete with reagents and a ritual circle to create an ooze... you master it, you apply these concepts, and you can do it in mere minutes with nothing but your mana. Once you've come to understand these things, learning new spells can be as easy as snapping your fingers. The greater your experience, the greater your wisdom and ability. Page 4 Really, everyone should understand some level of magic. The homeworld of the ethereals was mage-dominant. The homeworld of the draenei was mage-dominant. Azeroth is different in the fact that every force of this universe is used to repel and even destroy anyone who dares to touch our world. If a wide-spread understanding of these forces was common, not only would things be easier, but our world would thrive in a way unimaginable even to myself. Using the practices I've explained here, you can improve your daily life and magical ability. More materials can be found in your local mage dwelling. Do not fall to the enticing pull of dangerous magicka. Page 5 As Antonidas said, "A student of mine asked me today, 'Why are there so many limitations on traditional portals, when Fel portals can be made twice as large and last ten times as long?' The student was not yet educated in the abstraction of what is practical versus what is achievable, yet the question held within me a certain duality: What future is there for the established practices of magic when so many wild variations threaten to overshadow them?"
  3. The librarian stared at the student, rather dumbfounded. Their texts on Titans were produced in a variety of languages, and required great scholarly-... oh, wait! She knew just the thing. Twisting away, she selected from a thin bookshelf with multiple little booklets, one of which she pulled from its confines and held it out to them. "Mobi wrote on this topic. She's simplified exploration of existing vaults. Maybe you could start here...?" Ugh, Mobi? The student could study without the help of Mobi's little booklets... though, it would probably help to take a gander. Nodding at the condition, they sat down, and began reading. Staying Safe in Titan Vaults By Mobi the Wizard Page 1 So, you've gained an interest in exploration! That could prove satisfying. Or you're a student, and want to understand the topic at hand better. Either way, welcome! Skim or absorb at your leisure. Titan vaults were typically used as hubs for Keepers, titanic minions of the higher Titans. These were the equivalent of sentient golems with capabilities rivaling the most esteemed magi this world has known. Prefering nature, the elements, the Light, and the arcane over everything else, the Titans and their Keepers were crafters of earth and seekers of life. They imprisoned the Old Gods, and from them, several races spawned which make up our population today. Page 2 The vaults themselves contained complex problem-solving devices called "com-peu-terhs" and numerous devices of devastating or highly beneficial effects. Did you know the desert in the lower regions of Kalimdor weren't always there? Through some panicked motive, a titan device sent out a pulse of anti-life, clearing the entire area of all life, titan or otherwise. The fortresses are highly regarded and sought out by explorers for their artifacts and secrets. They hold a legendary status for their danger, as their traps are so complex they typically have to be destroyed if they're even from a tangible source. Found a vault and want to explore it? -DON'T.- Not only could you die, but your spirit could be destroyed, preventing you from any meaningful life after death. In some cases, it might even be harvested. Page 3 The traps of a vault vary greatly, so attempting to explain them would be a vain effort. The Keepers are a simpler matter, however. Things of living stone, these creatures are typically found in stasus. If discovered while exploring an already-known vault, take great caution. Some keepers are aggressive or insane, and cannot be reasoned with. They will crush you, send you to another plane of existence, or turn you into a golem of their own. The safest method of escaping these Keepers is to run away dramatically, screaming all the while. Sprint as fast as you can, because they will chase you down for up to half a mile. What they will not do, however, is try to attack you while you run. Page 4 Another method is to stand perfectly still, as if you were to be attacked by an elemental giant. While staring at you, determining the speed at which your heart is beating, they will not perceive you as a threat. This method typically causes the Keeper to return to stasis. Obviously, this method is better than running away, as after a while of passive behavior, you will be allowed as if you are some unridden pest that they could care less for. A conclusion on this subject? Have fun exploring, stay still near the Keepers, do not attempt to explore a vault you discover, and watch out for traps. The Explorer's League and Dalaran's scholars welcome any new information or artifacts you can come up with.
  4. A simple text was handed to the student mage, their instructor nodding at them. "Necromancy may be banned here in Dalaran, but it's good to understand the topic and why you should even studying it for now. I expect a summarization by the weekend." The weekend?! It was Thursday already! The student frantically glanced over the cover page of the four-paged booklet... A Thesis on Necromancy Mobi the Wizard A PAPER ON THE ELEMENTS, HISTORY, PRACTICALITY, AND DANGERS OF NECROMANCY PAGE 1 Throughout the hiftory of Azeroth, we hath encountered numerouf threatf and enemief of variouf fourcef and forcef. Truly, thine reader may underftand fome of thefe topics, but thif if informative, fo anything one already underftandf can be fkipped over. THIF TEXT IF FTUDENT FRIENDLY! (The formal writing turns to shorthand, copied numerous times by magical pens directly from the original text. It is easily read, larger in size than the former neat paragraph.) Ages past, this world was attacked by a dangerous force which has faded with the widely celebrated passing of Sargeras's dark crusade. While particular reasons can be debated, the main and most obvious issue was my people's obvious recklessness with magic (and I'll happily debate with any other Highborne that thinks otherwise!) and Aszhara's foolish spigot of a palace, trickling attention and money to her people in short drops. PAGE 2 After this Sundering, ages passed before, in my opinion, anything genuinely interesting happened. Though with the start of human expansion, orcish invasion, and plots spawning from the darkest minds this world has known, more issues and problems began to crop up. What was this new life-draining energy? Why is my friend getting up after being decapitated? Is that the upright, charging skeleton of a horse? Truly a confusing time. While I could go on and on about the inferiority of the bastardization of the Great Dark that is Fel Magic, I only plan on focusing on Unlife. Necromancy is more manageable as a threat than ye average warlock, as it does not drain life from the land in any sense of usage. This does not discount the savaging of Northern Human kingdoms, but state that one has to actively attack the state of the land to genuinely cause harm to it with necromancy. PAGE 3 Death Knights in origination were accepted by Blackhand because their magic did not drain energy from the life of the land, but the life of their enemies. A truly honed arrow, instead of an explosive and collateral force. The orcs were obviously onto something, because the Lich King put its personal twist on the idea to do his bidding and command his army to some degree. Today, they serve us! I've seen these vicious warriors down countless enemies, and compassionately carry others out of battle, and with exception to the Ebon Blade's questionable actions recently, I actually vouch for their place in our ranks. How incredible that we command every force with the introduction of the void elves to -OUR- will and yet we look at the practitioners of this force like a bunch of devilish freaks! We limit ourselves by institutionalizingly disallowing their presence in a fuller capacity, don't we? PAGE 4 No, we don't. We keep ourselves from thinning maudlin and desperate powerquests by limiting these dark forces and trading the users in place of your countryside farmhand turned soldier. We progress our factions and beat down these magics and their users like the family's cranky cattle dog, flinching rarely at the nipping and groaning that comes on the regular. We keep the typical Dalaran student from turning into a profligate freak turning his grandmother's ashes into a deer-skulled wraith, because we know even an archmage could fool himself and betray his wisdom with but a slip into lonely mania in his study. I don't really think a conclusion is necessary, but I'll respect the formality of an educational paper: DO NOT STUDY NECROMANCY! DO NOT TRY TO SCHOLARIZE THIS FORCE! LEAVE IT TO YOUR OBVIOUS SUPERIORS! The arcane is rediculously safer than these forces, and you should NOT stray from your education for a short mindrush before an Ebon Knight impales you in a momentous burst of irony. Enjoy your studies, and keep your wits about you. Mobi the Wizard
  5. Every time I open up the guild tab, my wow process becomes unresponsive. Previously, when it didn't, my roles would not save their customization.
  6. xingshi


    The Windbeaten A band of wardens, anchors in their ranks, have been given a chance to redeem themselves through a series of risky assignments. If interested, inquire on discord at xingshi#2230. Expectations: -Scale limit of 1. No over or underscaling. -Similar ages (~3,700) -Similar ability level. -Weekly events with flexible scheduling. -Experienced DM. The only requirements are a passable knowledge of WoW lore and friendliness. Group is limited to six players.
  7. Leap of Faith (92832) and Jump Jets don't work. I'm sure other ones don't work, but those are the ones that I need. Also, a suggestion. Can you add .mod vis short/medium/long for view distance of gobjects and such?