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  1. THROMGAR HOWLSTEEL THE SCION 𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅯 BRONZEBEARD DWARFWandering ScionDesired Class: - THE DEXTEROUS MARKSMAN Brief Character Backstory: Let nay any father, brother or uncle tell thee of the Story of Thromgar. Shame has come to his Clan, his Thegn-and-Father, since his birth. Eighty years have passed since the day the old Thegn of the Howlsteel Clan in the far reaches of Dun Morogh would father his first and only son, with the young and boisterous Brida, Clan-less and wandering maiden of dun Morogh. Sadly, her life was restless, and the old Thegn did not interest her as he did once. Indeed, Thromgar is a creation of one of her illustrious adventures out into the fields of merriment and debauchery. Quickly, the Thegn sought to legitimize his bastard, still needing, and wanting, a song. However, the hot blood of his mother seeped through Thromgar, and those that saw him as Bastard would also see him as scoundrel and fool. He preferred the flute and lute, over the song of the hammer. he preferred to use his voice and guile, rather than that of his power, even as a Son of a Thegn. And he never preferred to cross short distances, seeking to take his enemies on with bow and arrow- and from the back. Despite this, the Scion of Howlsteel Clan would become popular, not only to other hot-blooded and Young Dwarven men and boys, but also to many a woman. Finally, the Thegn sought to teach him of life, and has now sent out the young Dwarf into the wider world, that which he does not know of as much as he'd want to. Besides, how bad can it be...? Brief Character Personality Synopsis: Thromgar is hot-headed, arrogant, playful and quite charming. The Dwarven features are there, but his beauty compliments his voice and demeanor. Preferring parley and speech over blood and steel, he will always seek the route of the bloodless. Though this may ostracize him from other Dwarves, he does not care for such barbarities and prefers to go with the teachings of his mother: Peace before War.How much time can you commit to the campaign? Though I have my own projects and different things I work on, you can expect me most of the time, or at least try to get into the RP any time I can. What time zone are you based in? EU, GMT +2Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?Yes. Kill me. (Discord: Thiccroy#8129)
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  4. ♫ Long ago, our World knew peace... After decades of War, the Fourth War of our distant ancestors came to an end. Our people went their separate ways. The ancient Horde and Alliance withered away. However, all was to come to an end. The armies of chivalry and knights of the Human Kingdoms united under the High King, Anduin II, of House Wrynn, and destroyed what was left of the Horde. Some were spared under this new, Azeroth-spanning regime. However, our people went into servitude. Slaves, they call us. Forcing us to pull their carts, mine their gold, work their fields. However, there is hope. Long have I heard of the Men of the Old Lion. Groups. Slaves and Freemen alike, fighting overthrow this yoke of slavery and tyranny, that has been over us for a hundred years. Our people must look to these desperate men for their salvation... Or risk falling into the nothingness of blank pages of history books... An Alternate Universe/Timeline RP Set 200 Years into the Future *** FULL LORE DOCUMENT, DETAILING 200 YEARS OF HISTORY *** Age of Insurrection was first created almost two years ago by me and an old friend of mine on the server Roleplay heaven. There, our restrictions on building and various commands, as well as my plans of where to go with the story, made us lose hope and shut the project down. However, after joining Epsilon, I have found the chains that I was under lifted. With a more mature and wiser mind, I seek to rebirth the story I once told and tell it not in Westfall, in 230 ADP, but in Stonetalon Mountains, 206 ADP, one year into the Elven Civil War, a conflict that is wreaking havoc upon Azeroth and the frontier. The world of Age of Insurrection is deeply rooted in race politics, mature themes, war, death, slavery and a world in the midst of an industrialisation. If you are not ready to grasp these kinds of events fully and are easily """offended""" by them, this is not the rp for you. This advertisemen, mostly, is to welcome two more players to the four players I have gathered for the six-man group that will experience all of the quests, storylines and world of the current iteration of Age of Insurrection, exclusively. It is also to look for one more person: an Assistant GM, to help moderate players during hosts of rp, and help put on a good, fun show. To note, however, that the Phase is not yet done. Around 1/4ths of it is, and that is excluding the interiors of various buildings and caves, and NPCs. If ANYONE wishes to help me in this, please, feel free to. WHAT AGE OF INSURRECTION OFFERS: - A unique rolling and stat system, with various levels, abilities and ways to grow. - A diverse plotline, with various endings to each quest and the whole storyline as a whole. - Completely redone Stonetalon Mountains, with new buildings and locations to explore and gain experience from. - A challenging array of enemies and quests to beat. - A patch of custom music, for immersion while travelling, battles and exploration of dank caves. Come and Join the Insurrection!