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  1. Could we please have a discord pet channel where we can share our most precious pictures of our four legged, winged and/or reptilian friends. Please and thank you
  2. Love love love 10/10
  3. Wow, really impressive. Seems like a really well developed character
  4. The server does go down sometimes, probably best to join the discord server so you can see updates from the admin team.
  5. I agree on pets for hunters and just pets in general, but all the other bits make no sense, if you want those things play on retail?
  6. Why didn't the toilet paper cross the road?

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    2. alexandra
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      why didn't the wheelchaired guy cross the road?


      he was disabled.

  7. Knock knock.. Who is? the cake you ow me KATIE, WWHERE IS MY CAKE?!

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      You better be making me  an epic cake

  8. alexandra

    Gobject rescaling

    I've never had this issue, but I'd guess that it's something to do with the new phases getting deleted or something.