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  1. Yeah, it's really not that hard. It's more on you for not reading them since it literally took me less than thirty seconds to find that. No need to be passive aggressive towards the staff either when they have a lot more than you on their plate.
  2. Hark, children of the Sun! The reclamation is at hand! The High Home beckons all those who would offer themselves to the revitalization of our beloved land. Starting with the last scars of Arthas’ treachery, we will rebuild what was once beautiful and proud. Introduction: The reformation of the jeweled Silvermoon City’s ruined district has now begun! The very same war wrought by Arthas Menethil, the former Lich King himself, still pervades to this day. While Quel’thalas’ population may be on the mend and flourishing once more, the ruins mired by conflicts past and ruin are not. Fueled by the desire to see their beloved city and kingdom bloom once again like in the past, a couple of powerful noble families have gathered to discuss the reformation of the ruins. Armed to the teeth with gold and manpower, the project has been ongoing for the past year - the children of the High Home work tirelessly day and night to undo the damage. OOC Information: A project that seeks to fully repair what Blizzard should've expansions ago -- the damage caused to the elven kingdom of Quel'thalas by the Third War. With Horde public phases being rather scarce and practically nonexistent, we are looking to change that as well! Whilst we've come very far with a limited team of talented builders, we are searching for anybody willing to help. We are in need of dungeon masters, administrators and, most importantly, talented builders that are willing to honor us with their skill. The phase will, upon public launch, ensure quality roleplay under the leadership of the admins, respecting the lore laid out by Blizzard to the T (or the E in this case). Join our discord to find out more information regarding this ambitious project! Everybody is welcomed with open arms! Our current timeline is after the end of BFA with certain flexibilities. Recruitment: All horde races and allies are welcome into the phase– barring of course certain exotics. Any that would be considered exotics (i.e. Death Knights, neutral/non-Horde-aligned races) are asked to contact staff upon entry into the discord! Contact Us through: Our Discord Any questions can be directed to the owners and admins in the discord!
  3. As many have said, people have a right to app to people in their phase because it's their phase-- you are a guest and they have every right to have the tools they need to in order to moderate such. If you don't like it? Well, then I recommend just staying clear of public phases. Probably better that way. Either way, all of these additions are looking really solid and exciting-- especially the inclusion of a HUGE new wave of GObjects and the new overlay function. It's definitely got me excited for what's to come.
  4. • Race: Human • Sex (Male/Female?): Male • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): UV Mapping (Mesh/Texture) • Description: The UV wrapping/mapping on Human Male hairstyle 31 is having a bad hair day. • Evidence (Screenshot):
  5. AFAIK, no, as it simply doesn't replace it or the patches will conflict and not work together if you try and use them together. However, if you want to remove the planet Argus from your HW patch, you can simply delete the Sky folder from the Patch. Along with that, completely remove the following lines from your Patch.JSON file. " {"file": "sky/argus/8hw_argus1.blp", "id": 1777856}, {"file": "sky/argus/8hw_argus2.blp", "id": 1777858}, {"file": "sky/argus/8hw_argus3.blp", "id": 1777859}, " They should be right at the top of your file so it shouldn't be too hard to nab off. You can also easily access said file opening it up with Notepad. ^^ Hope that helps.