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  1. It's not possible to edit animations at this time. Replace them with another skeleton that already exists? Sure, but not by hand.
  2. Voyager

    Incubi Patch

    The day has come. Some of you may not have wanted it to. 9.2 is on the horizon, and with it is a brand new Incubus model along with a whip. I've decided to downport it for funsies. By default there is only one available color, however being that the model I replaced (shadow illidan) has 2 variations, I've included the default Incubi skin as well as a re-textured purple version that is a small homage to the succubi models. You may download it here: https://mega.nz/file/ma4lyABT#I2iDJqVCDHwWZQipbbd12PyvsNLFyabWfB-nE5q76G0 The morph IDs are: 71592, 71593 The whip item ID is: 116624 And you may install it by dragging the Incubi folder within the zip to your epsilon directory/_retail_/patches, then enable it on the launcher. Enjoy, my fellow demon enthusiasts.
  3. Nice. Always liked the Felblood appearances.
  4. • Race: Human • Sex (Male/Female?): Male • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): Texture, Mesh • Description: Hairstyle 58 (Dreadlocks) will appear with correct UV maps for hair colors during character creation but will revert to a mess on character select. This persists with any hair color for this style. • Evidence (Screenshot):