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  1. I always like making threads like this as a sort of time capsule to look back on as I improve and go on. So I figure I'd show you guys what I'm made of! I have absolutely no idea how to make a custom patch but I do be knowin' how to do 3D stuff at the very least. I'll start by dumping some 3D stuff down here and then add some recent art pieces
  2. It has been ten thousand years for my reply, and gosh your name is so familiar. I usually update my thread on another private server with art here and there, so I'll probably do the same here in a thread in Meredil or something. ?
  3. Sadly no Telstra, just Testra. When I was a kid and I was naming her, I went off of Grand Magistrix Telestra and shortened it \o
  4. I am an artist that primarily stations herself on retail WoW, but used to be well known within the Millennium/Paragon RP community and is trying to branch out! I indeed do commissions! I have a lot of examples that range from character artwork, to guild banners and logos, to Twitch graphical assets. I stream, so you can check me out anywhere at regalgorgon basically. Oh and I'm highly opinionated but respect others opinions as long as it isn't harmful. Self promotion aside, I do a lot of elf RP- primarily blood elves and night elves and nightborne but branched out with high elves. I also have like.. 4 dragon characters, but only one I actually care about nowadays. If anyone's from Milly/Eternium (I always forgot that darned server's name, but it was made right after Milly), Genesis/Solstice (I was the Loremaster that always upset the elitist admins hek) and uhhh forum lurking on Paragon-RP. So basically all of those since WotLK if you remember any of them. I went by Kaliekins/Testracles/Angel/Fancy Lotus and had c haracters like Testra, Kalieya, Asariel, Fiyastrasza, and Nymphala.