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  1. • Description: A spell appears to be casting on loop within Dun Morogh, it's called "Howling Fjord - Quest - Predator Dummy - LAB" with spellID 44365. The spell itself doesn't seem to really do anything beyond slowing the character's movement down on land (flight seems fine), it lasts for 7 seconds, then fades and returns a second after that. It's happening in both the overworld as in my own private phases when I'm in the area. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/FS3hyF8 -- Marked the location, it seems to be within the radius of roughly the red circle. Doesn't seem to happen closer to Ironforge, Kharanos or the gate near the road that leads to Gnomeregan the starting zone. • Steps to reproduce: Be in the area within the above radius. Wait ~30 seconds. It'll pop up. • Expected result: For it to not happen obviously! • Observed result: Spell is cast on a constant loop, every 7 seconds. • Reproduction rate: 100% in the area. • Additional information: Hopped onto two other characters of mine to ensure it wasn't some weird aura leftover they had on them, and while it took 30 or so seconds to pop up initially while standing completely still (not sure if that matters), the same started happening to them in the area, after which the spell began to loop again. The command .unaura all or relogging didn't seem to change anything so I'm thinking it's area-bound.
  2. I too would like this! Just a list of all the commonly hosted public phases would be great to see on Discord and might encourage more folks to hop into them, given they'll be more visible.
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    Much appreciated!
  4. No idea if possible but this would certainly be neat!
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    command ideas

    I very much would like this, I'd find .gobj face and .gobj copy here particularly useful, I'm sure.