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  1. hoi to those who dont know me or know me im back i been away from a long time from the server now i want to come back make a amazing place for people to enjoy in rp so yeah here im time to work 😄 i hope make a team or bring some friend to do so heh
  2. idk if there any tech support or people that make addon but here my suggestion make a addon that we can browse .wmo or .m2 for building item etc that would be easy for people that dont know where to go or are lazy but i think that would be more useful since you can see what is not broken or what broken i suggest also add a preview for it idk if that a good suggestion but here we go
  3. Hoi folk im currently trying to recruit or find people to make a team for the Ektar Project (we maybe going to change name if not good or idk) i want to make a unique rp for everyone and anyone that love rp so yeah i plan also to make a medium or big city so if anyone is interessed hit me up in both discord or here my name is Mortez in discord and ingame
  4. thx 😄 im happy to see a warm welcome
  5. Hoi folk it me Mihoru im new around and i hope make a great world or meet new people so see ya soon ingame 😄 lets make the game cool and more cool or idk
  6. Time to get the Imagination Done Soon 😄