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  1. hi owo this is harngad uwu~ ❤️ he's my Blacksmith-turned Sellsword. hehe :3 Bamalam#0001
  2. Yup! I would have very much loved to have /only/ replaced the vanilla stuff, but unfortunately, with how WoW handles models and textures, it would have been excruciatingly tedious to do. You might've seen this before-- how, say, sword_2h_claymore has a texture like this: And then another sword, like sword_2h_broadsword_a_01-claymoreblack has a texture like this: And then ANOTHER sword, like sword_2h_long_a_03-2h_claymore_01black, has a texture like this: Though it may look slightly different for each model, each of these swords /do/ use the same exact texture-- just mapped to better fit the individual models. If I had replaced, say, sword_2h_claymore, and with it its textures, I would have had fucked-up textures for those swords as well, which means because one texture/weapon got replaced, /every/ weapon with that texture would have to be replaced, or else it'd look something like this. That's not even taking into account how many actual recolors these models have-- I only had 3 recolors to work for for each weapon, with the exception of one of the swords and shields-- so I sort-of limited myself purely to models that were probably unused / not used by the majority of people, and had around 3-4 recolors to replace. So, while I would have absolutely loved to have replaced just the vanilla weapons with this stuff (as it should tbh) doing that would've broken a lot of other weapons, and I'd rather avoid that.
  3. This patch adds in all of the new Exile's Reach weapons from the latest Shadowlands build. Note: one of the swords /was/ edited by me to look more in line with the older, more low-res models. I will happily release a version of the patch with the regular sword model. Download Gallery!
  4. Hey, there. This patch adds in pretty much all of the Shadowlands weapons we've seen so far through datamining-- with a few exceptions, as there's only a finite amount of replaceable weapons in the game. Everything from hammers (even Bolvar's) to swords to staves to those sweet, sweet harps are in this patch. To install the patch, simply download the patch, and extract the Item folder inside into your root WoW folder (where the .exe is and all that jazz). If there's any weapons you think should be added to the patch, don't hesitate to PM me. If you come across any bugs or glitches with the weapons, please inform me! Provide an explanation and a picture and I'll address it ASAP. Download (item names are in the galleries below) Shadowlands Weapons - Swords Shadowlands Weapons - Fist Weapons Shadowlands Weapons - Staves Shadowlands Weapons - Polearms Shadowlands Weapons - Daggers Shadowlands Weapons - Ranged Shadowlands Weapons - Maces Shadowlands Weapons - Shields Shadowlands Weapons - Axes Shadowlands Weapons - Miscellaneous
  5. I've also been snooping around the suggestions, and it appears people have also made several complaints that could easily be repaired with an item forge. Like, for example, the incorrect sheaths for weapons like warglaives. An item forge would be useful, in that people could have the ability to recreate these items, but with their proper sheaths - instead of, once again, relying upon the developers to do this for us.
  6. So, earlier today, I was trying to make a set. I had a really cool idea in mind - a monk set, maybe, - and I wanted to use this item: But, when I went to look up the tabard, I could only find one version - a recolor. Then, later on, I wanted to make a set, using the tabard version of this: But, unfortunately, this item didn't have any tabard versions - not even recolors. For awhile now, I've been a strong supporter of making an item forge - I generally believed it was a good idea to have items with normal-er names, instead of those you'd find in the database. However, with the lack of certain items being in existence, I think the ability for players to make these items, instead of it being solely in the developers' control, would help fill in the holes that developers may have yet to fix, and perhaps make looking for custom items easier, as well. If a big fear is that people may abuse this feature, perhaps by making troll items, then maybe you could introduce an ability on your end to delete certain items - this might help clear up that worry, at least a tad-- or, better yet, maybe let people report an item on the forums or ingame, and if enough people report the item, it could be deleted.