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  1. I was hopping between two of my characters while building, and ended up finding that the phase shifting reappeared after I joined on the other character. In addition to this, when another player entered the phase, it didn't show the shifting for them.
  2. I'm going to kill you and I'm going to kill Romeo. Think about what you've done.
  3. Whatever the server version is. So, right now, 7.2.5.
  4. Sorry, well, that increases your odds of getting in, if you have more.
  5. I'll reduce the requirement, I realized that's way too much now that you say that - It'll be 1-2 now.
  6. Equinox

    Kul Tiras coat

    Almost like it was copied over to RPH :thinking:
  7. I chose it because nobody else did - and, honestly, the main reason is because it helps tie the beginnings of the story together.
  8. It's technically on the coast of Redridge, should have specified. A few people have gotten confused about this, I'll fix it.
  9. I mean, we might do a sea-themed event. We'll be doing a wide range of things, starting in Southern EK, working our way up to Northern EK, then Northrend, and then we go back to Southern EK.
  10. "We're not a band of heroes, a band of outlaws, even a band of anything. We're a family for those who don't have one to go back to." -Demitri Valgarde, Founder of The Wanderer's Guild, to James Venn Azeroth as a whole has suffered greatly. From encounter to encounter, its denizens grow more and more restless, more endangered. In the midst of the chaos, a band of three friends formed the Wanderer's Guild, a home for Adventurers, Outlaws, Misfits, Outcasts, Treasure Hunters, and those seeking a new life. The three were Demitri Valgarde, Aron Ryans, and Jackson Bouhett. The three saw potential in the world, potential for greatness. Not a world without harm, without danger, but one with decency and order. There, the three formed the Wanderer's Guild, built on a unique system. The Council of Three, consisting of the Humanitarian Councillor, who takes in the people's consideration, the Military Councillor, who takes in the martial side of every situation, and the Finance Councillor, who manages the spending and earnings of the guild, create the laws, and based on the remainder of the guild's intent, act. The guild is currently couped up in a quaint town on the coast of Redridge Mountains - Valaroche. The prime city in Redridge, aside from Lakeshire, manages the affairs in their area, making sure everything stays in order. The guild consists of the members of the Alliance, Forsaken (who were a part of the guild before death), and a number of Neutral races, such as Steamwheedle Goblins. Together, they defend the land they call home, using various means, whether the outside world considers them apt or destructive. They, in the end, plan to do various things to strengthen the wills of themselves, and anyone they can recruit. The guild's event system is simple. Anyone who wishes to participate at the allotted times is allowed to come as long as they aren't prohibited for IC reasons. Some examples of events are: Attacks on Lakeshire and Valaroche; Adventures across the EK; The eventual WINTERMOORE Storyline. In order to get into the guild, you have to fill out the form at the bottom of the page unless otherwise specified. The lore follows that of standard WoW, with exceptions being very rare. Occasionally, events will also allow for outsiders to enter the phase, whether it be a day-long or week-long event, like the Founding Ceremony/Anniversary of the Guild. There are various rules in the guild, such as the fact you have to allow Character Death or Injury to partake in most events. However, the guild is still fairly open, and when breaking rules, you are first given warnings. We will also give the chance for the community of the guild to step in and suggest various features and aspects of the guild to add or change. When RPing, people are allowed to do practically anything that abides by lore, and of course, logic. Want to blow up the Guild Hall? Go right ahead! Want to kill my character, James Venn? Don't see why not! The guild is HIGHLY progressive, and every action has its consequences, good or bad, IC or OOC. So, come on! What are you waiting for? Join the Discord if you'd like, or even sign up for some awesome builds, events, roleplay, and more! https://discord.gg/sEtKG3p https://goo.gl/forms/aTDYMrscHcAx8xni2
  11. Equinox

    Zandalari Trolls

    No, hopefully they WON'T.
  12. Going to add a story tab once we have the lore sorted out more.
  13. he gonna die in the pre-event, but his phylactery isnt gonna be broken, so, he'll likely come back eventually