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  1. With the recent addition of the new Dranosh Valley: An Adventurer's Dream start zone remodel, players will have the opportunity to explore a previously-dull zone full of new life and potential. In the words of Azarchius, the new start zone is "intended to be a foundation for server events and possibly even main phase roleplay", which is a positive change, especially in the midst of player discussions about lame roleplay experiences with 'same-old' scenery and old content. I'd like to offer a nice suggestion that I believe would prolong the playability, life, and potential of the start zone, so it doesn't become as dull as some of the old zones veteran players are used to (by now) roleplaying or building upon. Similar to the 'mainphase creatures/objects' idea, the change would allow players to roleplay and build upon/modify the new start zone in their own phases, changes made to the new start zone in their own phases will NOT affect the 169/Mainphase and would let players milk the vast potential of the new (beautifully created) start zone. Would anyone else like to see this addition made? Bael