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    HD Elf Children

    Download Link https://mega.nz/folder/VQtGlSpS#rqHBEmCkesEBhk5xDUOytg Info Replaces two of the Nightborne child textures to make them appear as generic Night Elf, and Blood Elf/High Elf children instead. The Blood Elf/High Elf children don't have green eyes mainly so that they can be used interchangeably for Alliance and Horde elves, I guess. Before you ask why I would make this go ahead and look at the existing Blood Elf kid models, they're grotesque and I hate them. Known Issues/Bugs: There's an odd reddish glow on the male Blood Elf children's eyes, leftover from whatever makes the Nightborne eyes glow. I don't know how to remove this, but if you do and it pisses you off feel free to contact me. ID List: Blood Elf Boy - 69605 Blood Elf Girl - 69608 Night Elf Boy - 69606 Night Elf Girl - 69609 Screenshots: