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  1. Myomeme

    [Patch] Foxtail

    Exodia is coming closer to completion
  2. In time I would assume, though right now they're probably waiting on committing on making a Shadowlands update till they can 1, safely update the server with all the custom content currently employed and 2, make it run smoothly thereafter. In other words, if they're working on it it's probably a long ways off. However in the past we've downported bfa objects to Legion, so I assume we can at least get the objects from Shadowlands and DF sooner rather than later
  3. Honestly this exact instance is why I stopped RPing on Epsilon entirely. Why would I waste time trying to get into roleplay on a server that doesn't cater to it? Not going to name any phases specifically as it's common fact they all happen to just be that, but every time I have came back it's always the same deal. New phases 'everyone' in quotations is apart of until you realize it's usually the phase owner and their select groupies that tend to hover around. Or in some shy cases I've seen that the owner themselves is trying to be inclusive to every individual involved, but usually gets weighed down by another group that is acting in place of the phase's 'clique'. I can name a few groups of people who tend to do that. Regardless, it's why I left, and I can safely assume others did or will if it doesn't change. Why push against a clique that doesn't want outside RP in a 'public' phase when you can go to other MMOs, discord servers or where-ever else you get roleplay? I speak this not as a 'lmao get fucked' moment but rather a way of stating the issue. However I can't really say exactly what would be good to fix this. Perhaps the simplest answer is just trying to make a phase 'non-clique friendly', whatever that would mean. I'm sure though regardless, if the pompous attitude of groups of rpers who sit on high horses were disallowed to really act that way would probably make a better state for the server. Less toxicity stemming from a few individuals who hold grudges, blacklist RPers over their writing styles or concepts, or just overall stuck up natures where its always a 'im better than you', it'd do the server a LOT of justice. (I know I am suspect of making fun of people and holding grudges in the past, but I've changed guys I swear I'll even write a poem).
  4. I think the build looks absolutely beautiful, to no end. I'm willingly ignoring the rather steep FPS drop I get within the zone, as I usually do for beautiful phases. I think though that how beautiful it is, the lore specifically feels really inconsistent with how I designed the original zone? Although we've moved on from it, it feels really, really awkward and weird to have some place that we designed as a Nagrand valley to something relative to dreams and Kul Tirans. No issue there again with the building, I still think its phenomenal. But the lore? I feel like 'dreamwalking' which is a term given to druids specifically (I think it's dreamweavers more-so but) is a bit too niche for something where 'everyone' turns up. Custom lore or regardless, that alone provides very little room for most of my characters to theoretically be, if we're considering it's a step towards main-phase RP and the potential aspect of that. But that alone doesn't settle with the implications that this place is in fact an update of the previous rendition. The previous rendition, that being said, wasn't on Azeroth at all, but Draenor. I could say that if it were to work a slight bit better, taking from what I had envisioned with the place along with Derpy three-four years ago, we could slide and say it's within one of the great many islands of Azeroth, and become a bustling locale after the rather nomadic orcs made further westward. It could also theoretically work in a case of being within Kalimdor too, changed drastically due to the Cataclysm. There wasn't a set time of -when- this place existed, after all. Just a bit of thought on my own part. I love it, but there's somethings as the 'original pappy' I have to take a look at and inquire about.
  5. Now that there is a fix to my problem with Wyvern's Rest, my talk with Gardener made me realize how the phase-shift works. It essentially changes out the map that the ph is on with a doodadless zone as a map ID in the game. What if we just cleaned the doodads of entire continents and had them as separate entities, like instead of normal Draenor, it's called "DoodadlessDraenor". I mostly thought on it with a cool interest of making large-scaled projects in doodadless areas, without being barriered by the 5 limit of doodadless zones. I can see it as something similar to InfiniteFlatlands and Infinite Oceans in that regard.
  6. Myomeme

    HD goblin models

    Along with the worgen models that (might) see itself in the update, the goblin models are pretty much finished now. Think those could be added in too?
  7. Myomeme

    Old WoW Zones

    So, we have Infinite Oceans and Infinite Flatlands as their own separate maps...why not have separate maps for Vanilla Kalimdor and Vanilla Eastern Kingdoms as well? At least, seeing we have a nigh infinite space to work on in those two regions, I see no reason it would be out of the realm of possibility to shove in the pre cata maps too.
  8. Myomeme

    Doodads Remain

    I am also getting this problem. If I do not load into Gorgrond first before entering my phase, the supposed to be shifted doodads remain, and you have to relog back to the char screen to fix it.
  9. this mammal needs their credit
  10. Did someone say a guild where I can breathe life back into my OG character and dig up useless things for H I S T O R Y ?
  11. I know this is a very niche thing, but a pre-5.4.x vale of eternal blossoms would be nice. I like my water and completely erect mogu statues k?????????????????????
  12. Prepare to be punched in the cunt, you being of questionable gender and sexuality.

    1. Highlander


      >Questionable Gender and Sexuality.
      >Punched in the cunt.
      >Questionable Gender.


      PICK ONE.

  13. Myomeme

    Tales Of Faragen

    Give me noble title daddy matt