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  1. Along with the worgen models that (might) see itself in the update, the goblin models are pretty much finished now. Think those could be added in too?
  2. So, we have Infinite Oceans and Infinite Flatlands as their own separate maps...why not have separate maps for Vanilla Kalimdor and Vanilla Eastern Kingdoms as well? At least, seeing we have a nigh infinite space to work on in those two regions, I see no reason it would be out of the realm of possibility to shove in the pre cata maps too.
  3. Myomeme

    Doodads Remain

    I am also getting this problem. If I do not load into Gorgrond first before entering my phase, the supposed to be shifted doodads remain, and you have to relog back to the char screen to fix it.
  4. this mammal needs their credit
  5. Did someone say a guild where I can breathe life back into my OG character and dig up useless things for H I S T O R Y ?
  6. I know this is a very niche thing, but a pre-5.4.x vale of eternal blossoms would be nice. I like my water and completely erect mogu statues k?????????????????????
  7. Prepare to be punched in the cunt, you being of questionable gender and sexuality.

    1. Highlander


      >Questionable Gender and Sexuality.
      >Punched in the cunt.
      >Questionable Gender.


      PICK ONE.

  8. Myomeme

    Tales Of Faragen

    Give me noble title daddy matt
  9. Myomeme

    Epsilon Janitor

    Now I can finally remove all those pesky action bars with a click of a button...
  10. 10/10 I got to carry a kink.