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  1. .ph set skybox default command isn't working scarlet halls [01:28:22] No default Skybox found. This is strange. Report to Azarchius. got this message when trying to use the command .ph set skybox default 2022 in scarlet halls. it happens with seemingly every skybox i try to use, and my friend got it in his phase too.
  2. the emtpywmo patch took out it's windows and sails. i know there's objects for it, but they have to be placed inside the boat, which makes them appear shadowed and also disappear at most angles. fix when possible thanks i don't like the other gobs it has
  3. I totally agree that it feels like stuff was taken away with no substitute for no reason, namely custom patches. from what I remember it was said that they were removed from 7.2 to "get us used to how it'll be in 7.3" when clearly they weren't anywhere near ready to update to 7.3? I don't see the point in removing patches especially when there's been this much time since they were removed and nothing like mordred's cloaks has been added. Take your time with it, as much as you need to make the server as best as it can be, I'm not even asking for a timeframe because that's basically impossible with stuff like this and just risks people bitching about how you went past the promised date. just.. don't remove useful things for no reason I guess? Feel free to correct me on why exactly patches were removed, that's just what I remember was said about it and I don't understand the bare basics of modding or anything like that. I just know you download the file and drop it in the other file and I can see cool armour now.
  4. So. There's only one good looking, not buggy blood object (that I know of) Why not make a few more using g_blanket's system thingy? Maybe a few of different colors? Blue for Draenei, purple for Nightelves, green for demons etc. Just an idea I had! Thought I'd throw it out and see if anything comes of it!
  5. Hey, thanks for these patches, the coats are amazing! I found a bug with them on female night elves. Not sure if you know about it so I'll post it. Not the biggest issue for me, I'm usually using the long hairstyle that hides it, but thought I'd bring it to your attention if you didn't know about it already!
  6. This addon is amazing, thank you so much for making it! However the down button has stopped working for me. It just says this when I click it: Syntax: .gobject move downwards %f Moves the object downwards %float units and nothing happens. I tried reinstalling the mod but the problem was still there.