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  1. Oh no, I know what you mean. But I'm going to step up for what needs to be said. Just because someone contributes to the Community, doesn't mean their a good moderator, nor deserve to be it. And when there's a year + of constant reports, and harassment and bias. I'd think something would be done. I'm very content posting here every week if I have to, to get the GM team to publicly acknowledge the problem, and I know people like Boz and Az are aware of this, however as all things, we do not know what happens behind the scene, but a public statement and actual change definitely needs to happen. The people in question are literally using their position to bully people and empower themselves, xd.
  2. Psh, I've dealt with worse. In the end does this/will this change anything. My doubts are high, based on previous topics. However, I will; and shall continue to bring it up here. I won't say I'm the longest existing person on Epsilion, but I've been here enough. Community isn't getting better when the toxic image is planted into it constantly. Christ, people barely even know that 26000 exist despite all the changes. This goes back to why I went into a point (One of my actual warnings ironically) about how despite RPH being undermoderated, they still always looked into severe cases, Epsilion is overmoderated-and It's not a good thing. There is no attempt to make balance, and so people sit on a pedestal treating other's with self bias. Hell, I've talked to like 10 people the last two days about it, everyone even brings up the bias and favortism, someone who logs on JUST to build and spends maybe 2-3 hours a week in start, even says it. I feel like that has to say something, when it's the same consistent story from very very different people. And yes I know it's a target. But that's why you just screenshot everything.
  3. My phone condones me to not use black 😞 changed to Grey. Hopefully less of a eye sore. Edit: Nope. Will fix this when on a laptop again soon. Sorry for your eyesights folks.
  4. Hey Epsilion, before I begin, what many will consider and very well is a rant, I do not condone witch hunting, harassment, or anything related to drama. I merely want to speak about the Elephant in the room. I've been on Epsilion for a decent amount of time, and yes I am an absolute Clown, so I've had my fair share of smacks by the staff above. With that being said. Theres a ton of issues that have existed and continue and will continue to exist with the Moderation Team. There are two really relevant topics beforehand I'm going to link, but the one I would be focusing in as a reference to is Mithaniel's. Moderators in theory are meant to work and create a toxic-free environment, they are a volunteer based force (so I assume as most) here to assist and keep moderation well. However when the line isn't drawn between professional representation and acting in one self, there becomes a large amount of issues. Let's get the elephant out of the room. The Moderators here are not all apart of the problem, but there are a select few who show they hold grudges, biases, and quite literally 'over moderate' and I am fairly certain when I say this is not a case by case basis, it's a toxic rather close to daily occurrence when most moderators are on. There is no set in stone rules, and the near personal level of harassment created by these moderators to many people has made it start to feel more like "twitter" and an unwelcoming toxic sphere of influence. I have spent a long time talking to people about it, it's always the same names and same stuff. It needs to stop, there either needs to be rules set in stone or proper management of the moderation team's actions, as a lot of people who I've talked to have stated-nothing has changed. The inconsistent and abusive bias, the grudge holding, the hypocritical and condescending talk downs. We're all mainly adults here, yet many of us are treated like lesser children below the boot of certain moderators. It's there, nothing has changed, and someone needs to just step in and stop it. Because the moderators who do this, are the literal definition of toxic leadership, their bad representatives, and I know a lot of people who feel uncomfortable by their personality based on their actions and don't enjoy the server. I am not a professional speaker, this isn't a professional post, this is just incredibly irritating that its a year later and the still abusive people are committing the same acts, despite seeing people before me complain about it. A moderator should be HERE TO HELP the community, not be the bad mouthed name that causes more drama and problems because their toxic. I don't think I am wrong either saying that they cause more drama than problems, because half the community doesn't even know the moderators, and normally if they do. It's a story of them being treated poorly or talked down to. Please resolve this issue. That's all from me https://forums.epsilonwow.net/topic/2912-public-discussion-rules-moderation/?tab=comments#comment-14149 https://forums.epsilonwow.net/topic/3002-mods-and-their-moderation/?tab=comments#comment-14370
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    Enlighten me

    Hello lovely and I don’t want to be loved folks of this community, be it wretched to say it or forsaken, I’m a avid RPHER, now I enjoy RPH but it’s become over the last year pretty dead to me, and even though I’ve donated and have literally every perk one could dream of to set up roleplay, it’s just..well boring. The most you’ll see is erp now a days or shitty remakes of the same phases or owners, as such to reach out to another station of either private or public roleplay I come here to seek what has offered, I noticed some questionablely well looking mobs, and I suspect similar systems on the note of making items, but truly I’d like to hear it. So please, can someone enlighten me what RPH shares/does not have/unique features, etc of here? I have a laptop and while now a recluse to most games besides a few, I do value my space, and interaction, so anything else such as population, and what for I’d like to hear. RPH May be better in some terms of cotnent, and such but with corona, I couldn’t care less to hear it. Please correct me if this location is wrong and keep any drama out of here. Least be said some people I know have a thing for RPH and vice versa here even on these post, thank you! -Tali’s/August/Elydrian