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  1. Boris

    please enable npc

    You know..You can just spawn everything, we do all have gm commands here. Mounts are spells too which you can learn via commands as well.
  2. Granted, you miraculously create a half elf and pull it off properly, but everyone meme's you and you are doomed forever. I wish I could find a good horror phase.
  3. Granted, but now every Death knight looks exactly the same and they are all like the clone troopers from star wars series. I wish I could have kids.
  4. Granted, but now you have no meat at all and nobody notices you, you find an old man that dies before you and you get widowed in your thirties. The cycle repeats till you die with 10 ex husbands in their graves. I wish I could find proper rp in a phase thats not hillsBREAD.
  5. And I thought I was the only one with the issue. So much DnS flushing for nothing.
  6. Boris

    Mounted Casting

    If this were wotlk I'd explain you in detail how to handle it, alas I am unfamiliar with how spell flags work on any expansion past cataclysm as I didn't work with it. In wrath mounts were auras, which counted as spell buffs, setting them to "usable in combat" and "usable while mounting" produces desirable results. Then you need to modify every spell you want to use whilst mounted to have the exact same spell flags. On certain cores its a favorable solution as it creates exactly what you want. How ever there is a catch. If the spell gets you into combat after casting, it becomes unusable till you leave combat. It just grays out and when you press it you get a warning "You cannot do that yet". So It has to be a spell visual at most that doesn't get you into combat. On arc emu tho, you can cast on a mount normally after the above mentioned tweak on spells. An ideal solution how ever for you is to just use the .mount command and apply a creature to you, that way spells will work if flagged with the methods above.
  7. I'l think about it when I get my log in fixed, but for now I got 2 concepts of characters in mind. Styx the goblin mage,thief, whom is basically a klepto whom just randomly steals precious items that have sentimental value rather than an actual phisical one. Vaneera - an elf (blood/high not sure yet) a mage adventurer which just looks for a place to settle and open her very own inn that would be a hiding place for those that would be willing to join the "Blue rose" a company of spies that sells information and performs sneaky demolitions, spying and alike for the right price. The rest is....details unnecessary for this thread!