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    Hi! My name's Millie, I'm a 23 year old trans woman, and I'm really excited to get to know people and start roleplaying! My pronouns are she/her. I've been roleplaying for some years now, and I roleplayed a lot back on retail and on FFXIV. Aside from roleplaying, I like fighting games, arena shooters, reading, and writing. I also play a variety of tabletop RPGs. I like to roleplay somewhat unusual characters with long, serious arcs, and I like both serious and light-hearted/comedic roleplay. My two main characters are Maggie - a very awkward elven necromancer - and Patricia, a brave and strong gnome paladin (Played completely serious, I promise! Well, mostly.) While I'm here, I should ask - Is there anywhere on the server to go for walkup roleplay or to meet people, or is it mostly just guild-based or private roleplay? Are there any large public phases for this? Thanks in advance!