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  1. Might come off mean but the Bronze one's look a little Green for some
  2. Granted but then the forums get changed and your post count resets. I wish I wouldn't be sick from allergies anymore.
  3. Granted but you can't use any of the commands, ever I wish this thread would die off
  4. much redownload much lag

  5. Rosebane

    GMT availability

    C A N A D I A N WEWWWWWW On-Topic: In my opinion there is a handful of Americans, Five (GAY) Canadians, and then the rest would be EU. If you are fearful of not getting any RP since there is a lot more players (in my opinion) on EU times theres no need to worry in my mind since you can just ask in spawn or look to one of the possible phases that are on at that current time. Dont judge me how i'm barely using any punctuation, have grammar mistakes, or something else I fell asleep at 6am and woke up at 7am never to sleep again and im DEAD
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    Welcome to the server. When or if Insomnia replies to the thread don’t believe what ever he says
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    Welcome to the Forums
  8. If only there wasn’t that one extra 6 in phase number... Anyways I may take a peek at the phase and see how it’s going sometime
  9. This is a ROLEPLAY server not a PvP / PvE server. If you want to fight someone or find this server boring since it doesn’t have the ability to let you do some silly childish fight then just change servers to something that does.
  10. When building accounts sometimes get suspended by the Warden that was placed on the server. Why you may get banned for building you may wonder well (I maybe wrong) its due to the fact that it’s to prevent some players from building a little to much and crashing the server. PM @Azarchius or @Deramyr to have the ban lifted
  11. stupid dragon gurl

    1. Rosebane


      I have no dragon characters /).(\ I swear...

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    3. Romeo
  12. Gay forest boi